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  1. And they still pretty much always maintain an elite farm system. Bringing up prospects like Bregman, Springer, Correa etc is nice but so is being able to trade them for someone like Verlander who carries you to a WS. A certain someone here is completely ignorant of just how important the Astros' drafting has been to their success.
  2. "High-level scouts from two different teams picking later in the first round were insistent that Baltimore is not planning on taking Rutschman." Names that appear as considerations are JJ Bleday, Andrew Vaughn and Bobby Witt Jr.
  3. Is there a more worthless rule in sports than this catcher interference rule? I don't think I've ever seen it enforced. I don't blame Hyde for challenging that, it looked like Sanchez was basically sitting on the plate.
  4. LTO's

    Adam Hall 2019

    Very active on the base paths as well. He's got 14 stolen bases. He can really enhance his value going forward if he's consistently a threat to steal bases. Could be a saving grace if the home run power never develops.
  5. Anybody hear of any radar readings? His velocity was down and then up the past two starts. Just wondering where it was at this time around.
  6. I was born in 92. I was so young that I have basically no memories of the 96 and 97 seasons. That means for the vast majority of my Orioles fandom, the team was an unmitigated disaster. Most of what I remember as a kid is going to games against the Yanks and Sox and booing as hard as I could as we were down 9-1 to drown out the opposing cheers. By the time the hype of 2011 came crashing down, I resigned myself to never watching a winning Orioles team in my life. Sure the 2012-2016 teams had a ton of flaws and the moves made over that time frame basically cratered the franchise and will lead to back to back sub 50 win seasons, but I've never had more fun watching sports than I did over that span.
  7. Austin Wynns has been brutal behind the plate and has practically no offensive ceiling. I see no reason why Sisco or Sucre should not be the backup instead of him.
  8. LTO's

    Austin Hays 2019

    He had a .960 OPS there as a 21 year old when he was healthy. That's domination. At any point he has been healthy in his O's career, he's hit for average and plus power. Unfortunately, he can't stay healthy and that's a very valid criticism.
  9. Oh cool I guess we're arbitrarily giving him an .800 OPS even though his batted ball profile is better this year and he had an OPS higher than .800 in his rookie season. You have a fundamental misunderstanding about WAR and how it's calculated. Please learn about it before you make wild speculations and debate others.
  10. Would love to make a bet that this doesn't happen. One of the dumbest things I've read on this board.
  11. I love Mancini but I'm not sure his career trajectory tracks well with the Orioles as they are currently constructed. Mountcastle has a very high ceiling with his bat and he's only barely 22. Mancini is 27, is pretty much forced to play in the OF for the next 3 years at least where unfortunately, he's never going to be even average out there. His arb years perfectly coincide with the end of Davis' contract but I think it would be unwise to give a 31 year old defensive liability a multi-year contract.
  12. I think people need to come to the harsh reality that no one on the roster is a "core" piece. Mountcastle, Akin, Diaz and Hays will all be up sometime in the semi-near future and then we can worry about who's a core piece. Stewart, DSJ, Ruiz and Means may end up being solid rotational pieces in the coming years but this roster is devoid of a "core" piece.
  13. Think this is the first time I agree with Atomic but there are a ton of great restaurants in the city and I don't find their prices to be any more or less than some of the nicer restaurants in the county.
  14. LTO's

    DJ Stewart 2019

    I don't really believe that Wilkerson is a viable CF in the first place. I think it's pretty obvious at this point that Rickard isn't a MLB caliber player. But it seems like we will never be able to escape him being on the roster so at worst he can platoon with Stewart. I would give it another couple weeks but if things persist the way they are, I'd DFA Nunez, DH Mancini and give Stewart a shot in left.
  15. Even Herb went 6, only gave up 2 ER and punched out 7. He's been strangely much better in AAA with the juiced balls than he was in Bowie. There was some kind of vex on that team up until recently. Stewart and Mountcastle both had 3 hits on the day. Was a good morning for sure.
  16. LTO's

    DJ Stewart 2019

    He should be up. I am a fan of the new FO approach of being deliberate with the prospects and making sure they get the proper amount of ABs at each level but Stewart earned a second look based on what he did last year and I don't think he had much more development in him. Plus his OBP skills will help a team that seems allergic to drawing walks recently.
  17. As always, this is more important than the box score (although he's still doing well there). Fastball velocity was down last start and was right back up this morning. We got ourselves a good one.
  18. I'm sure Atomic will give Elias the benefit of the doubt if Rutschman isn't a star. I think I've seen Appel and Aiken in about 100 of his posts but never once has he mentioned Correa, Bregman, McCuellers, Whitley, Martin or Tucker. Teams would kill to have the Astros' draft success under Elias. But Atomic hates him because he didn't sign barely above replacement level 31 year olds in the offseason.
  19. Nice slate of morning baseball for our affiliates today. Kremer starting for the Keys at 10:35 and Grayrod starting at 11. Alex Wells is also going for Bowie at 10:35 and I know he's still a favorite for some.
  20. He was mocked by a ton of people as the best prospect in the draft. What did the Astros do with the pick they got when Aiken didn't sign? Somehow you fail to mention the absolute stud they drafted who already has 14 fWAR and followed it up by drafting one of the best prospects in all of baseball and the best pitching prospect in baseball with the subsequent two first round picks. You obviously despise Elias to be a contrarian.
  21. Sigh....It makes sense to me and everyone else. It doesn't make sense to you and Atomic.
  22. Well if you're not even confident it would be prudent I don't even see the reason to bring it up besides just bickering with people. Other teams aren't throwing money around because they have effectively made in-roads in this market and are able to spread their allotment around in the most value efficient way to multiple prospects that they want. There's no need to keep costs down because the costs are already held down by the caps each team is given. Theoretically teams could trade away assets for $10 million in bonus slots money and blow it all on one player that a team may already have an agreement with. But as you said, you aren't even sure that's prudent. Teams know it isn't so they aren't worried about the possibility of it happening.
  23. How do you know this? Even if it were true that doesn't mean "brute force application of money" is prudent. That highly touted prospect that DD and co. were crucified for not just forking over $6 mil for the hell of it? He didn't even get assigned to AA and is floundering at A+ with a .509 OPS as an almost 23 year old. He'll probably be off every top 100 list by midseason. The Orioles cannot effectively compete in this market until they establish connections and relationships with the players at a young age. Period. It's been said by a million people who cover this area and by Elias himself.
  24. I'm not sure that i'd go as far as to say that chance is "enormously high". There have been more hits than misses with the number one pick recently and Rutschman is as close to a surefire number 1 as we've seen in some time.
  25. Certain people here remain ignorant of how this works no matter how obvious it is
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