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  1. Nice slate of morning baseball for our affiliates today. Kremer starting for the Keys at 10:35 and Grayrod starting at 11. Alex Wells is also going for Bowie at 10:35 and I know he's still a favorite for some.
  2. He was mocked by a ton of people as the best prospect in the draft. What did the Astros do with the pick they got when Aiken didn't sign? Somehow you fail to mention the absolute stud they drafted who already has 14 fWAR and followed it up by drafting one of the best prospects in all of baseball and the best pitching prospect in baseball with the subsequent two first round picks. You obviously despise Elias to be a contrarian.
  3. Sigh....It makes sense to me and everyone else. It doesn't make sense to you and Atomic.
  4. Well if you're not even confident it would be prudent I don't even see the reason to bring it up besides just bickering with people. Other teams aren't throwing money around because they have effectively made in-roads in this market and are able to spread their allotment around in the most value efficient way to multiple prospects that they want. There's no need to keep costs down because the costs are already held down by the caps each team is given. Theoretically teams could trade away assets for $10 million in bonus slots money and blow it all on one player that a team may already have an agreement with. But as you said, you aren't even sure that's prudent. Teams know it isn't so they aren't worried about the possibility of it happening.
  5. How do you know this? Even if it were true that doesn't mean "brute force application of money" is prudent. That highly touted prospect that DD and co. were crucified for not just forking over $6 mil for the hell of it? He didn't even get assigned to AA and is floundering at A+ with a .509 OPS as an almost 23 year old. He'll probably be off every top 100 list by midseason. The Orioles cannot effectively compete in this market until they establish connections and relationships with the players at a young age. Period. It's been said by a million people who cover this area and by Elias himself.
  6. I'm not sure that i'd go as far as to say that chance is "enormously high". There have been more hits than misses with the number one pick recently and Rutschman is as close to a surefire number 1 as we've seen in some time.
  7. Certain people here remain ignorant of how this works no matter how obvious it is
  8. I stand corrected. I was only looking at the IL as i know the PCL has inflated offensive numbers (especially relative to Norfolk) and I must have missed Riley. Regardless, he's a good prospect so that's great company to be in.
  9. He's mashing AAA pitching as a 22 year old. Something no one his age is doing better than him. His bat has drawn rave reviews from scouts. It's not like he's Steve Lombardozzi.
  10. No sense in worrying when Mountcastle will come up. It will happen. It's just so nice to have a prospect ascend levels in the manner Mountcastle has and hit at every stop. His bat is legit. What he's doing in AAA as a 22 year old is really impressive. Most of the players around his level of production at the level are 25+ and littered with older, former MLers. If he can provide positive value defensively at 1B he'll be a better prospect than most imagined he'd be.
  11. Manfred is a total scumbag but I really don't see how one could justify moving the Orioles to Vegas instead of the A's, Rays or Marlins. The O's lost an obscenely high number of games last year and had a 50 win difference between them and Oakland and STILL had better attendance and TV ratings. Letting Camden Yards rot would be the single biggest travesty in sports.
  12. Not exactly that bad of a pitch. Davis lost them the game......
  13. Mason McCoy maybe? Jomar Reyes? I think the regime will be very deliberate with the promotions which is good.
  14. You're insinuating that somehow Elias and co. have done a poor job with this rebuild before they've even had a draft or a full int'l signing period. Once the draft is over they will probably have 4 top 100 prospects (Hall, Grayrod, Mountcastle and Rutschman) with some people theorizing that Adley would immediately be a top 30-40 prospect.. That's still not close to where they need to be but it's something. The theme of all your posts is that Elias hasn't magically made everything better since basically December and you're unwilling to give him the time.
  15. 6 IP 3 H 1 ER 2 BB 6 SO today. The run came on a solo homer. Obviously for Sedlock, the velocity is the most important thing to keep an eye given his injury history. I saw tweets saying he touched 95 but I cannot confirm. From a results perspective, he's certainly doing great. ERA is down to 2.49.
  16. Villar has been more valuable than Schoop since the 2018 trade deadline. That's just a fact. I don't have to nitpick anything. I said as much in my post. You can look it up for yourself and see. As I said, I think they are roughly equal players and Schoop's value is inflated due to an outlier year I don't think he'll match again. He still walks less than 4% of the time while still striking out over 20% of the time. All while not playing great defense or adding value on the basepaths. His OPS went from .690 to .857 after our series was my larger point. Not that having a higher OPS makes you a more valuable player in the first place.
  17. Half of Schoop's homeruns came against us and one of them was against Davis. He's been extremely inconsistent. Villar is as solid a fielder and for sure a better baserunner. He also has a higher fWAR. I loved Schoop but at this point, 2017 looks like a huge outlier in his career and imo him and Villar are currently roughly equal in value. I agree with another poster that the Brewers lost the trade more than we won it but I still think we got more than Schoop was worth in Villar alone.
  18. Villar is better than Schoop so the rest is gravy imo. Especially if Villar can in turn snag us a better player at this year's deadline.
  19. I think all this shows is that current regime has their work cut out for them to replenish this farm. DD and co. always preached that their system was criminally underrated but looking objectively, I don't think that's the case. I will say that the lower minors have some really good young guys which is more helpful during a rebuild. I think at least one of Mountcastle, Hays and Diaz will be an above average regular but beyond that, the upper levels of our system is lacking. Bad.
  20. Straily deserves to stay in the rotation. He's been much better in that role than he has in the bullpen. Have Bundy take over Wright's role.
  21. You are really really really reaching if you think Severino isn't a good defensive catcher.
  22. I'm totally fine with us taking some lumps this year. I have to be since I advocated for the house cleaning to take place two years ago. But, I would really like it if we didn't have to use a position player to pitch every series. The 1 run loses where the team fights until the end are not bad. It's the watching the game two nights ago and the second game of the Twins DH that really wear on ya.
  23. Our schedule is brutal. The only bad teams we played (Toronto, Boston) we won the series/split. This team isn't good but we haven't gotten a break.
  24. 4-6 in today's doubleheader with another HR. He's hitting .306 and OPSing .919 now. An interesting tidbit (and I know this is a worthless stat) is that Mountcastle is leading the international league in RBI with 17 in 17 games. He just turned 22. Kid can rake.
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