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  1. Not really anything to do with LeBlanc's future with the Orioles, but I can't figure out how he could get a win for pitching two innings as a starter. Was there a rule change for spring games?
  2. I don't know and won't try to guess. I haven't thought about the Orioles that much since October. It is kind of discouraging.
  3. I meant Elias - trying to cover basketball and talk about the Orioles...
  4. I hope Hyde knows what is the best for the player. I think it will be at least a few starts at Norfolk. I've been wrong before though.
  5. I think Lowther will find a few challenges in AAA. If not, he'll be up soon enough.
  6. I think Machado qualifies in the "elite' level prospect I mentioned earlier in the discussion. I'm sure he would have been fine with any approach. Some turn out fine. Some don't. Some would have never made it no matter the approach. I don't see anything wrong with letting most of the players spend some time in AAA if we are going to have an AAA team.
  7. I've heard that word used my entire life - when someone is brought up too quickly and they aren't ready. I think we should use our four minor league teams.
  8. I've heard that "school of thought" for many years. I'm sure it has worked for many of the most elite prospects, but I think most could use that year of seasoning, even against the 4A types. I think the fact we aren't that good makes it even more reasonable to spend some time in AAA. If we aren't going to win anything, why would you take any chance on rushing a prospect when there is absolutely no reason to do so.
  9. So, the knock on AAA is he can retire hitters without using all his pitches but then you are against using all the pitches in AAA because it isn't "competing." You just want all the prospects to skip AAA?
  10. I'm sure they will promote when they think he's ready. They gave Akin plenty of work in AAA and it appeared he was working on all his pitches, even though it probably hurt his success some at that level. Nothing guarantees success at the major league level. I'd just like to see a steady progression to that level and hope for the best. Of course, if the Orioles aren't eventually going to spend some money it all seems meaningless to me and that's why I'm questioning my dedication to the sport after 50 years of following the Orioles.
  11. Two or three good starts in AAA and then they move up. Two or three bad starts and they go back down. I'd just like to see a consistent level of strong performance in AAA first. It doesn't guarantee anything, of course, but it's what I would like to see. I don't make those decisions, but it's been my preference for years.
  12. Yes, I hate to see them bounce back and forth. I'd like to see them prove they don't belong - kind of like they did in A and AA by the time they were finished that season.
  13. We'll never get back to normal then. I thought that was the point of the vaccines - moving ahead in life.
  14. I'd like to see them be among the top pitchers in the league for a few months, at least.
  15. Why would there be any restrictions on allowing people who have had the vaccine into the games starting now? They waited forever to release the schedules, then decide to delay after releasing them. Makes no sense.
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