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  1. Again, I don't have the numbers, but the talent should have been the same as it went through the system, other than this year when the top prospects, at least most of them, didn't make it to AAA. I always think of Akin, for one example, as he went from Eastern League pitcher of the year to very average at Norfolk. Perhaps I'm wrong for thinking so, but I started to question what was happening at AAA.
  2. I don't have any records in front of me, but it seemed like Norfolk was the least successful team in recent years. I know winning isn't supposed to be the primary focus. I was hoping Britton would move up though, even before this news.
  3. I was just reading about him and thought perhaps he could be the long-term answer at short, then there was some comment on perhaps he may need to be moved to second or third. Sounded similar to Westburg and Henderson. Can no one stick at short? I'd like to find another Belanger who could hit a little.
  4. Nothing is more discouraging to think we can't keep our best players long term. I love the idea of signing several of our top young players.
  5. Maybe he can hit .400 at Delmarva. I'd like to see him work his way through the next three levels next year if he continues to play like he has to this point.
  6. Could be true. It seems everyone these days carries a massive amount of pitchers and not much of a bench. I miss the days when the Orioles had a nine-man pitching staff with four starters.
  7. I expected it was something like that. I wanted to get on here and check the first chance I got. I think it's over the top, like the pitch count, but having him ready for opening day next year is the first priority. I was hoping he'd get 4-5 starts at Norfolk.
  8. I'm thinking Neustrom and Stowers will start the season on the corners with Rizer or Watson in center with the other the fourth outfielder. I don't think they can afford to spend another year waiting for Diaz. Maybe he drops to Bowie to see if he can get it together.
  9. Fun to see Delmarva pounding some teams lately and it gives me hope some of these guys - especially Cowser and Norby - can help eventually. I like to see our prospects check all the boxes on the way through the system. I don't see the point of rushing them and taking any chance on impeding their development.
  10. Looking at the schedule, he could pitch three more times on Wednesday or Thursday, then the following Tuesday and Sunday...
  11. I agree. I think Baumann and Wells could win jobs in the rotation. They need to pitch every fifth day when possible. Kremer has pitched himself out of the rotation. Sedlock and Peralta could easily pitch innings 6-9.
  12. orioles22

    Drew Rom 2021

    Just win, baby... Rom wasn't as impressive today with four runs allowed in five innings, but the offense rescued him and he got the win. Still perfect on the season in that category.
  13. He could be in line to pitch twice next week - Tuesday and Sunday. I hate rushing prospects but I would like to see him pitch a month in Norfolk. I'd also like to see him throw 100 pitches, but that's another story.
  14. A good start....I hope it continues. Our pitching at the AAA level hasn't been good in a while.
  15. Curious to see if he helps the pitching staff at that level. He's off to a great start.
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