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  1. If I did the math right, Kremer could have three starts left counting tonight. Two for everyone else.
  2. Stewart has had a couple of good weeks, but I'm a long way from thinking he's a long-term answer. Santander looked like an All Star before he was hurt. I think you have Mountcastle in left, Hays/Mullins in center and Santander/Stewart in right next year. I want to see Diaz have a big season in AAA next year before I count on him winning a job in Baltimore.
  3. I've thought a few times that he could end up being the mop-up guy in the bullpen to save an arm, especially given his success there a few years back.
  4. "It's not a save situation anymore." Gary Thorne never understood the save rule either, it seemed. Sulser still can get a save - even if we score 20 this inning.
  5. I like Scott a lot and have for years. I thought it was insane last year to even think about giving up on a lefty who throws that hard.
  6. It's after 5 innings. Game is over. Or it should be.
  7. I wonder if the game would have already been called if the Nationals were ahead. The ground crew's struggles should have ended it.
  8. He was past the plate by the time he was tagged.
  9. He was one of the better starters in the league last year overall, so I could have seen him in the Orioles' rotation to start the season, but I always wish these guys could force their way to the rotation by dominating at AAA. I hope Lowther and Kremer and company are a little better at Norfolk this year than Akin was last season.
  10. I doubt any of the Norfolk pitchers (other than Akin) will be ready before August. I'd love to see someone like Cashner added to the rotation. I just don't believe the storyline that paying Cashner for one season will mean less money for player development.
  11. I'm pleasantly surprised. I've been hoping we'd add a quality defensive shortstop. I don't see how adding a few short contracts like this could hurt anything in the Orioles' future.
  12. It feels like a reason to be extremely cheap to me. Are the Orioles spending more than everyone else on other areas than every other organization while we are spending the least on free agents?
  13. I remember when we were saving to pay Tex. I don't think spending some on one-year contracts would do anything to slow our rebuilding program
  14. I'd be more in favor of locking up some of our young pitchers when they get here.
  15. Happy to see that confirmed. The organization must have decided they would prefer to see him in left, if he can handle it.
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