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  1. orioles22

    Drew Rom 2021

    Rom goes to 8-0. Peek with a four-inning save.
  2. orioles22

    Drew Rom 2021

    Always like to see them get through five innings. I was pleasantly surprised they let Rom throw 90 pitches.
  3. I would vote for Rodriguez. I don't want anyone moving up because of how old they are. I want to see them dominating. I'd like to see Baumann pitch well for at least a few weeks
  4. Glad to see Baumann have a good outing. I was really excited about his potential before covid. I don't get the concerns about his age though. He gets to Baltimore when he gets to Baltimore. I just want to see him back on track. In the big picture, does it matter if he gets to the majors at 26 or 28. How many pitchers have lasted a decade with the Orioles anyway.
  5. I'd like to know the percentage of relievers in MLB who would rate as "inconsistent." That's setting a high bar that is not practical for the current Orioles. The bottom line is if someone else released Scott, I'm sure we would scoop him up in minutes and everyone on here would be excited about his potential as far as helping the Orioles this year and beyond.
  6. Maybe he shouldn't pitch the 9th, but I would keep Scott for the 7th or 8th. I think it's a mistake to trade him.
  7. Exactly what I've tried to say. You don't bring up prospects until THEY are ready. It has nothing to do with what is going on in Baltimore and it shouldn't.
  8. I don't know if they plan to shut him down at some point, but if not it seems he should get another 9-10 starts with two months left.
  9. Game rained out Saturday. I assume he pitches Sunday in Game 2, but no pitcher is listed.
  10. I'm starting to wonder what's going on in Norfolk. Akin was great until he got there. I'm not sure if the same people are there, but it seems like it's been a while since we've had a good starting pitcher in AAA ball.
  11. I agree that all teams should be required to spend a certain amount. There is a massive disparity now, and no team should be able to go past a certain point. I can't grasp why baseball officials can't see how well it works in football with big market or small market not a factor.
  12. Not sure why they can't fix the problem with a salary cap and eliminate the big market and small market insanity.
  13. orioles22

    Drew Rom 2021

    Three outs away from a chance at 7-0 with a 5-3 lead and they take Rom out after four innings and 68 pitches. I just hate these pitch limits, or whatever it is. He can't throw 80-plus pitches in mid July?
  14. I'd rather see Wells have more sustained success at Norfolk before moving him up - maybe mid August.
  15. Yes, get signed and get to work. Bregman played at two levels after he was drafted.
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