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  1. What do we lose if that happens? Still sounds like a low-risk move.
  2. A former first-round pick and a great defensive catcher. Sounds like a good move to me.
  3. I don't get the constant attacks on his defense either. I'm not sure why he can't continue to grow into the position. I think that's our best option with Mancini at first and DH open for several others to get at bats.
  4. As a fan since 1971, it seems kind of hopeless if we can't afford a contract like the one Iglesias had. I am incredibly tired of hearing about money. I had accepted we were rebuilding, but this looks like it was about money. Sell the team to someone who can afford to compete.
  5. I've not seen a list yet of what each league will look like.
  6. It would be nice to see the new alignment for Minor League Baseball. I wonder when that will be finished and available.
  7. This kind of trade makes me wonder if it's time to give up on baseball. Baseball has major problems with such a disparity in payrolls. It's very discouraging that we can't keep a player with a very modest salary in baseball terms.
  8. I didn't think of it that way. Good point. He should be in high A and maybe make it to AA by midseason. I wonder if players will move more quickly if 2021 after the missed season.
  9. Hall was an all star at Delmarva. I can't see him going back.
  10. If I did the math right, Kremer could have three starts left counting tonight. Two for everyone else.
  11. Stewart has had a couple of good weeks, but I'm a long way from thinking he's a long-term answer. Santander looked like an All Star before he was hurt. I think you have Mountcastle in left, Hays/Mullins in center and Santander/Stewart in right next year. I want to see Diaz have a big season in AAA next year before I count on him winning a job in Baltimore.
  12. I've thought a few times that he could end up being the mop-up guy in the bullpen to save an arm, especially given his success there a few years back.
  13. "It's not a save situation anymore." Gary Thorne never understood the save rule either, it seemed. Sulser still can get a save - even if we score 20 this inning.
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