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  1. I think the score stands now. I remember a game in the 70s when someone scored a couple of runs in the top of inning, then it started raining and was rained out and the runs were taken off the board to give the Orioles a win.
  2. Has anyone actually said outfield defense isn't important? Has anyone provided any reports that said Mountcastle can't be an average left fielder? I'd like a great defensive center fielder. I'm hoping Mountcastle can be average and maybe grow into a pretty good left fielder. Didn't he play shortstop in high school? Does anyone say he's not athletic enough to play there eventually? I'd like to see him in Baltimore working with major league instructors on learning the position.
  3. Mountcastle in left (at least by May, even though I agree they should start him there on opening day) Hays in center (and hope he can stay healthy) Santander in right (with Diaz challenging in another year or Hays eventually moving there if McKenna or some other prospect can take the job in center) Mancini at first base
  4. I believe he's at least earned a shot. It appears to me he has the highest ceiling of our outfielders.
  5. There is quite a bit of distance between elite level and Mancini. It's my hope he can be average. I don't know though and I don't know if anyone else in this debate does either.
  6. Have you seen something that says he can't play left field?
  7. Not sure why an Orioles' fan would be so negative with a promising player like Mountcastle. My only complaint was that Mountcastle didn't play left every day. I'd also like to see him in Baltimore now to get a month of work. I can see Rutschman being delayed a few weeks if he's ready in 2021, but not Mountcastle at this point.
  8. I've looked for reports on Mountcastle in left and haven't seen anything except a few notes on particular plays that Can of corn listed. I saw him play first base for two games in April and he was fine there, even though I admit there were no especially tough plays.
  9. I spent as much time following the Baysox as I did the Orioles after June.
  10. I hope Mullins gets another shot at Norfolk next year to see if he can make the offensive improvements needed to make it. Norfolk should be very good next year.
  11. Lowther with a solid outing in a big game to solidify his choice as the league's top pitcher. I hope he is a little more consistent than Akin in Norfolk.
  12. No way to know what the Giants expected, even though I admit it was probably a pleasant surprise. The result was clearly a loss for the Orioles, and I still don't believe pointing that out is a crime because the Orioles followed the stat geek gameplan and should be held blameless. I will always be an Oriole guy and have confidence in Elias. I think dealing Yaz was a mistake, just as I do in not bringing up Mountcastle this week. I understand the logic, but I would prefer we focus more on signing our guys, and having confidence we can, instead of playing games with service time for someone who played so well at every stop.
  13. True, but if you lose enough of those trades it makes the process of winning that much harder, if not impossible, and we definitely lose that one. I still trust Elias to make the right moves, but I think we can admit we were fleeced by the Giants, at least to this point.
  14. The arrogance of some of today's baseball fans amazes me, especially those who know enough to be dangerous. I didn't think it was a terrible trade at the time either. I was wrong. It's OK to admit you are wrong sometimes.
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