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  1. Happy to see that confirmed. The organization must have decided they would prefer to see him in left, if he can handle it.
  2. I think the hint might come from the fact he played most of those games in left in August - or at least it seemed that way.
  3. I can understand that, but a month of baseball there should give the organization an idea of if he can play there. He was playing first base when I saw Norfolk early and he seemed at least average there.
  4. Are there no scouting reports on Mountcastle in left late in the season? To answer the question, I hope/expect Hays to play center and Mountcastle to play left (at least most of the season). I don't expect much from Stewart, but I never mind to be wrong if it benefits the Orioles.
  5. Best non-pitcher then... I hope Means can continue to dominate. I'd be happy if he can be.a No. 3-4 type for the next five years or more.
  6. Then extend him when it's time. I don't think he will cost as much as Manny. I'd like to see Mountcastle in left, Mancini at first and Nunez at DH with Stewart in Norfolk or somewhere else.
  7. I hate the idea of trading our best player and I'm not a fan of Stewart. I'd much rather see Mountcastle in left and Mancini at first and let Stewart fight for the DH job.
  8. So, is Hays considered a rookie in 2020? How could he lose eligibility after the season ends?
  9. To me, it was. I was a big Arrieta fan. He was one of the best in the International League in 2010, won 10 games for the Orioles in 2011 and was gone less the two years later.
  10. I saw Arrieta pitch in Myrtle Beach and he was electric. It seems he was one of the top pitchers at every level - can't believe we let him go so fast.
  11. I haven't read much about his MLB potential, I admit. It seems he had some nice minor league seasons as a lefty reliever, especially at Frederick two years ago, so I have had hope he could eventually help.
  12. I agree with those five. I also like Fenter and Erwin.
  13. Bundy, Means, Cobb, Wojo and Akin Hoping Lowther and Baumann make it by September
  14. Didn't I see Bundy clocked at 93 a few times against Toronto earlier in the week? Any chance he can get back to 95-96 with off-season work?
  15. Happy to see Tanner Scott have a good inning. I think he breaks through next season and develops the consistency he's lacked in the past.
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