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  1. I remember when Ray first came up thinking that he would be the anchor to our bullpen that we needed. He was, for a short time, someone to be excited during those years. And then it all went down quickly. Now, I live about five minutes away from his brewery - him and his brother make some good stuff.
  2. Orioles and VCU Rams I became a Cowboys fan when I was 5 in the late 80s, but haven't really followed the NFL in years. I would keep up with the Ravens as an AFC team because of my love for the O's and the City.
  3. Too bad no VCU night this year. I missed out on it last season and was hoping to get up there for it this go 'round.
  4. Ha that's why I mentioned once the album starts over and those things still happen that it seems more impressive. Either way, like you said, worst case is you get to listen to DSOFTM, which is never a bad thing.
  5. Funny, I was having this discussion the other day about top drummers. I love Mitchell and think he's fantastic. Nothing wrong w/ coming close to one of the greatest of all time. I just introduced my almost-6-year-old daughter to Jimi, so I've been listening to him a lot the last couple of weeks.
  6. Is Dark Side of the Rainbow the same thing as the Dark Side of Oz? If so, give it more than ten minutes. When I saw it, I had the same reaction, not really getting what the big deal was. But when Dorothy opens the door and it goes from black and white to color right as the cash register sound from Money starts, I thought that was pretty cool and when it started to make sense. But the most impressive thing to me was that the album plays about 2 and a half times, so the "syncing" keeps going even as the album repeats in different parts of the movie.
  7. I remember those early 90s Temple teams; they were a lot of fun to watch. It's too bad they're not in the A10 anymore.
  8. Just a few off the top of my head. I'm sure there are many more.
  9. I just discovered this section of the forums. I definitely expected there to be a lot of Terp fans, but was wondering who else we have here. I've been so wrapped up in the college season I haven't paid much attention to the O's offseason and spring training so far. Sad this is the last week of the regular season.
  10. I went through the last 6 pages or so, but hope this isn't a repeat
  11. And since we're putting in Baltimore themed songs, here's one I'm surprised hasn't been posted yet. Not one I'd vote for 7th inning stretch, but I love me some Gram.
  12. He hosted one of his shows here last summer, too. I think it was Eddie who guest appeared on it with him. Too bad it got canceled; I always thought it was pretty good and different from the standard sports talk shows.
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