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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Orioles extend Iglesias a couple years if they could do it at a reasonable rate. Short stop seems like a position that we don’t have a prospect knocking at the door to take over. Iglesias seems like he is really finding his bat after spending so many years as a defense only guy.
  2. How many more years do we have before this guy can become a free agent?
  3. Davis is out of the lineup again today. I think it’s finally happening. Davis is going to hang out on the bench until his contract is up or a deal is worked out to buy him out of it at a reduced rate.
  4. Sisco looking very comfortable at the plate lately.
  5. What is the closest state that sells Kirkland liquor?
  6. Final Gravity - Juicebox, 8% hazy juicy DIPA
  7. The game tonight resumes with Smith on 2nd and Sisco on 1st with 1 out and Valaika (SS) at bat and Holaday (C) on deck. Hyde has Iglesias and Severino available on the bench. Any chance he pinch hits for one of these guys? If Iglesias was 100% healthy I would say pinch hit him but I would rather see him play the full second game tonight.
  8. Tomorrow feels like the perfect day to introduce Mr. Mountcastle to Birdland.
  9. You aren’t a member of the Rio Harvey, Long Hair Don’t Care, fan club?
  10. Has anyone heard if Harvey will be back anytime soon?
  11. Means looks really impressive with the added velocity. I hope we can get competitive while we still have him under team control. If not hopefully we can trade him for a Bedard like haul for next run.
  12. Just saw this on Twitter. So cryptic, news must be about to drop on what’s going on.
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