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  1. I also caught the MASN interview referenced above. Stowers was asked if he was given anything specific to work on in the AFL and his response was along the lines of needing to get more at bats. Sounded like they want him to catch up on missed at bats from last years. Gotta imagine there is a decent chance Gunnar goes too.
  2. For the die hards out there that still haven't cut the cord so they can continue to watch the O's on MASN this seems a little messed up. Why can't they still show the game on MASN and do an alternative option on Youtube? Now, if they want to show a Bowie game instead of an O's game on MASN here and there in the second half, count me in.
  3. I love the optimism, and I guess if I try really hard I can see the thought process in stacking OF's to trade for arms later. What I am struggling most with is, where are all these guys going to get playing time?
  4. ECU plays a tough schedule every year even though they play in the AAC. Always have some big time out of conference weekend series and mid week games against UNC, NC State, Duke etc.
  5. I am bias, but I watch a lot of East Carolina baseball, and I would love to see us draft Connor Norby at 41 today. If the O's are looking for another big time college bat which seems to be what they have been focusing on, I think this guy fits the mold and he isn't another OF which is nice.
  6. Just saw an email from the Nationals saying they are lifting the mask requirement for vaccinated fans starting this weekend. I wonder if the O’s will do the same?
  7. This is awesome! Thanks! We both enjoy craft beer, was thinking about trying to make it by Other Half but looks a little out of the way of the stadium.
  8. Awesome, thanks! Yes, wife and I have booked a room in DC for Saturday night and are planning on driving up from Richmond. Haven't purchased tickets yet, was hoping that since we are both fully vaccinated the mask enforcement at least in the seats wouldn't be an issue but it is what it is I guess.
  9. Has anyone been to a Nats game recently? I am planning on going to the O's game Saturday and curious if they are still enforcing the masks. Supposed to be a high of 90 on Saturday...
  10. Does the on field product even really matter if the lineup card has a Maverick and a Gunnar in the starting lineup?
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