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  1. Just saw an email from the Nationals saying they are lifting the mask requirement for vaccinated fans starting this weekend. I wonder if the O’s will do the same?
  2. This is awesome! Thanks! We both enjoy craft beer, was thinking about trying to make it by Other Half but looks a little out of the way of the stadium.
  3. Awesome, thanks! Yes, wife and I have booked a room in DC for Saturday night and are planning on driving up from Richmond. Haven't purchased tickets yet, was hoping that since we are both fully vaccinated the mask enforcement at least in the seats wouldn't be an issue but it is what it is I guess.
  4. Has anyone been to a Nats game recently? I am planning on going to the O's game Saturday and curious if they are still enforcing the masks. Supposed to be a high of 90 on Saturday...
  5. Does the on field product even really matter if the lineup card has a Maverick and a Gunnar in the starting lineup?
  6. Has anyone heard anything on when he is expected back? I searched Twitter but didn't see much.
  7. My post about Valdez was not to be a knock on him or what he has done this season. The point I was trying to make is that teams that are looking to be contenders make a point to have a strong closer and back end of the bullpen which is why trade prices for those guys over the past few years have been so high. The Orioles opened this season with an unproven closer and question marks in the bullpen. That to me is a sign that they are not ready to be a winning team.
  8. Tonight they were a solid closer away from beating the first place team in the NL East. There are some building blocks in place but it seems the organization just isn’t quite ready to finish the team to make it a winner.
  9. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Hard not to wonder what that does for attracting good coaches for our minor league system, as well as retention. Good coaches want to win.
  10. @Tony-OH can you go into any more detail on what you are hearing about the org being run from the top down? Do you think Elias is making in game decisions for Hyde? Just curious.
  11. RM looking really locked in at the plate right now with another HR tonight to go along with some really hard hit balls. I’m ok with him not being a defensive stud. He’s a legit middle of the lineup big bat.
  12. Can we just extend Means now? I know, everyone says trade him, but its so hard to find good pitching.
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