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  1. Other than a late February / early March signing of a veteran starter who is willing to sign a cheap prove it deal to eat some innings for us, I don't think free agency will be much of anything to talk about this winter.
  2. I cannot understand why Trent Williams has not been traded at this point??? I just think there is zero chance there isn't a team in the NFL willing to give up a first round pick next year for him. Take it and be done. This team has some good young pieces. Draft a couple young stud O-linemen in the draft, fill some holes in free agency and I think this team could be a lot better next year.
  3. The defense being this bad just doesn't make sense. I figured coming into the season our offense would be sluggish but defense would keep us in some games. I am actually pretty happy with what the offense has done. We might actually have a real number 1 WR in Mclaurin his is legit. I have heard Kevin O'Connell is a pretty sharp guy and the young coaches are all the rage these days, I wonder if he might be the successor to Jay?
  4. Manusky needs to go, the defense has way too much talent to look as bad as it has the first two games. Sweat was supposed to be a premier talent in the draft and was only available late in first due to health concerns, I just don't see any other reasoning besides coaching and schemes that he shouldn't be in the backfield making plays all day but instead he is no where to be found. Not that it needs to be said but this team is not a playoff team. Trade Trent Williams yesterday for a first round pick + and lets focus on building a solid young O-line starting with next years draft.
  5. I agree that he has more value as a left fielder than a first basemen (not looking to argue that) but isn't there an argument to be made that future of the overall team looks better with Mountcastle playing 1B? We have multiple young outfielder knocking on the door to get a shot to be every day players. I guess all I am saying is that if Santander, Hay, Diaz all turn out to be quality MLB players I would rather have Mountcastle / Mancini at 1B / DH than Santander on the bench or Diaz still in AAA.
  6. For what it is worth and I know it is not a big deal, I overheard a conversation at spring training that lead me to believe Yacabonis was one of Mancini's good friends on the team.
  7. Sounds like we traded a minor league player for him?
  8. I will apologize in advance because I know this has probably already been addressed, but what makes the most sense to do with him in terms of team control. Would it make a difference if he started the season next year in Baltimore or if they waited a couple months to bring him up? Could they justify keeping him the minors again next season?
  9. “I had a deal in hand to trade Mancini for a couple top 100 prospects but I couldn’t find Angelos to sign off on it”..... I kid I kid
  10. I don’t know what it will take to get done but Madbum to the Yankees just seems too much like a Yankees move to not happen.
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