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  1. So, if no 2020 season the Orioles have the number 2 pick in 2020 and 2021?
  2. If the season doesn't get played at all does this season count as a year of service against a players contract? A post in the locked thread about Mookie Betts made me think about it and I would think it has to.
  3. RVAOsFan

    Farewell OH

    Very cool! Congratulations and good luck!
  4. RVAOsFan

    Farewell OH

    This is awesome, congratulations @Luke-OH! Just out of pure curiosity would love to know if this was a position you saw and applied for or if they approached you based on the work they have seen you do on the site and twitter?
  5. Hancock, Rodriguez, Hall.... the next cavalry? Hancock should slot into around the same level as Rod and Hall and could potentially all 3 hit the majors around the same time.
  6. I like the idea of giving Mountcastle a shot at second base but wouldn’t this have been the logical place to try him out when they moved him off of SS because he didn’t have the arm for it? Instead he has been moved around to 3rd, 1st and LF. I know it’s a different regime but still frustrating.
  7. Luke this awesome information to spit out so quickly for us, appreciate it! Could you give us a ball park of where you would slot them in our prospect ranks?
  8. Other than a late February / early March signing of a veteran starter who is willing to sign a cheap prove it deal to eat some innings for us, I don't think free agency will be much of anything to talk about this winter.
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