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  1. Didn't vote to me i would of graded incomplete till we see what the 2.5 million gets us if it helps push us over to get victor victor mesa his brother and others then i would give this an a. If it doesnt id give it a c. I like the catcher and 3b prospects atleast the writeups and videos i could pull up. The pitchers i could only really look at stats they seem to be ok. I mean a top 15 20yo prospect who has been moving up the braves system a stacked system would seem like a good get. And there is value to shedding odays salary if those resources are allocated to scouting and development.
  2. It all comes down to your view of prospect whether you like a trade or not feel we myself included get hung up on the number of a prospect in a system or overall. The overall grade 55 50 45 feels to have more importance atleast to me. And the farther away from the show a prospect is he will likely be lower on prospect list. I like the write ups and ratings ive read abiut both ortiz and carmona. I also like the game videos im seen of both. Feel as tho if we held on we werent resigning schoop and this could should be level we may get back for 1 year of schoop if we waited till offseason. But a bird in the hand better than a bird in the bush look britton got injured in offseason. So i graded the trade a b i like both ortiz and carmona.
  3. Schoop to Indians. Gausman to Athletics Jones to Astros Brach to Dodgers Valencia to Yankees Cashner to Brewers Trumbo to Mariners
  4. This would mark a huge shift in organizational philosophy. I think for all those asking for actions not words this would be that. It will take years and lots of money to build up international inroads but this is the kind of signing that helps that shows we are serious.
  5. She works for the athletic and believe followed the tigers system as a beat reporter
  6. I do think Puk is high not sure who i like in the A's system in the 3 to 10 range tho to sub for Puk. But they are hot and could catch Seattle. Looking at the rotation if they won wildcard game Gausman would pitch in next series. I think he could be a help to them Billy Beane takes his shots when he gets the chance to compete
  7. As radio callers would say when they 1st call in im a long time reader 1st time poster. Really enjoy the board and everyone's opinions, so cool to see so many die hard Orioles fans. My thoughts on Gausman trade feel as tho most real life trades especially around deadline focus on one player packages. I also feel you tend to get more when seperating deals. So here is my trade idea for Gausman look forward to hearing peoples thoughts. Gausman to A's for #2 prospect 23yo SP A.J. Puk as headliner plus #12 prospect 23yo SS Richie Martin, #16 prospect 22yo SP Grant Holmes and last piece #25 prospect 21yo SP Hogan Harris.
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