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  1. When I saw the ball go off the bat of that last hitter, my heart sunk momentarily.
  2. I guess I look at that situation differently than you. I think it would look bad if he pitched to the 8th hitter with a career .107 hitting pitcher on deck.
  3. Even if he had immediately tagged up, I think he gets easily thrown out at home. It seems to me that going half way is the only sensible thing to do. That said, I have the benefit of instant replay; the runner doesn't.
  4. I didn't see it either. Was he bunting against the shift?
  5. If the O's are willing to trade 26 yr old Santander, then I assume they're also willing to part with 29 yr old Mancini. What kind of timeline are we talking about here when it comes to competing for a playoff spot? Three years?
  6. While I'm certainly not advocating heavily investing in any 28 year old, the O's are planning to throw several young starting pitchers out there, and it behooves management to put as good a team as makes financial and developmental sense behind them. Adhering to the Ravens' "right player-right price" motto, Franco would clearly improve the team, and as long as they don't overpay, it makes sense. Rio Ruiz is not the future. Franco at least has a semi-enviable track record.
  7. I may be the only one that sees Stewart as an asset. Say what you want, but the dude gets on base and has at every level he's played. He's also got some pop in his bat, and I'm not convinced he's as bad an outfielder as some contend. He's also not slow and stole 66 bases in the minors in 88 attempts. Does he have work to do? Of course, but I think he deserves to be one of our four outfielders in 2021.
  8. Assuming Mancini makes it back, which I know is clearly still up in the air, wouldn't it make the most sense to just entrench him at 1B, his natural position? That leaves Mountcastle in left, Hays/Mullins in CF, and Santander in RF. Now we have to find AB's for Nunez, Stewart, and Diaz. I doubt they'll cut Davis, but the only time he should see the field is if it's on the mound in a blowout situation. If Mancini doesn't make it back, move Mountcastle to first creating room for Stewart and Diaz. Nunez has value; he's only 26 and has shown decent power on a team that severely lacks it but should have all his gloves confiscated. Okay, he can keep his batting gloves. As has been mentioned, if we can deal an outfielder for a 3B, that would be ideal. I just wonder how likely that actually is.
  9. Simply employing the eye test and eschewing any defensive statistical metrics, as the utility infielder, I find his defense lacking. For me, the question becomes whether I want a superior defensive player as my utility guy or a guy who can hit and play a lot of positions adequately. If the dude could do both, he'd be a starter. Valaika seems to fit the latter description which is fine, and let's face it, this is his time to prove the naysayers wrong. If he continues to hit, a team will find a place on the roster for him. Personally, I'd rather have a superior defender who can hit .220. I''m talking to you Ryan Flaherty.
  10. With the 28 man roster and Bowie a phone call away, there is absolutely NO reason Davis should EVER see the field. Like it or not, we have a chance to make the playoffs this season, and while that could change with an extended losing streak, it's true at the moment.
  11. Good. I'm not the only one confused by this. Who makes this decision? Umpires? League office?
  12. According to BA, the Os have signed Auburn RHP Ryan Watson and Radford 1B J.D. Mundy.
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