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  1. Same here; that's why I came to OH. Knew someone would have some insight. Breathing a sigh of relief.
  2. And a certain overall #1 pick is still in AA at 23. You never know.
  3. Should Mason McCoy still be on the SS radar? Otherwise, he's taking up space at Norfolk. He's 26.
  4. Looking at those weekly numbers, what strikes me is that he's been fairly consistent with only one bad week. I was looking at Buster Posey's career, and the most games he ever started behind the plate was 122. He's only been over 100 four times. Assuming Adley's up early in 2022, how many games do we envision him catching that first season?
  5. If we're talking about the same play, it epitomizes the Orioles lack of basic fundamentals. The infielder should have called him off that ball 100% of the time.
  6. The two homer night doesn't change anything for me. I've seen enough of Valaika to know he's nothing more than a utility player who should never get more than 100 plate appearances in a season. He's closing in on 200, and it's still July. SMH.
  7. One of the Twins message boards implies he opted to stay in Australia because of Covid concerns.
  8. Of course I can't find it now, but I read last night that the J/J vaccine has a 33% efficacy rate against the variants. Not worthless but not that effective either.
  9. I know they're new to this gig, but it's television. Occasionally, it's okay to let the images speak for themselves.
  10. They're sure taking their time getting these guys to their new teams, or at least not updating the team rosters to acknowledge the changes. McKenna shows up on Norfolk's roster but not Neustrom.
  11. I can't see any reason to keep Ryan Ripken at Norfolk now that Neustrom will be added to the roster, and there's certainly no reason to demote him to Bowie.
  12. I'm definitely glad to be wrong on this one. Good catch.
  13. A quick look at his game log seems to indicate Adley's hitting .176 while catching this year. 35 for 199. Apologies if my math is off. Yes, I know. He walks a lot.
  14. Unless he waited until his agent told him how much the O's were prepared to pay him before posting on Twitter.
  15. Looks like Connor Norby signed today. Maybe his road will provide some insight.
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