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  1. What I glean from things I've read, you've hit the nail on the head. Snyder thinks he's sticking it to the league when fans of the team would love to buy team gear w/a name and logo on it. I'm not sure anyone else really cares.
  2. I hope they leave Kremer in for another inning. These guys HAVE to be able to figure out how to pitch in the big leagues.
  3. Why the hell is the ump checking Kremer's glove and hat? It's not as if his pitches have any movement on them.
  4. I don't like the fact that Mateo just jogged to first on that ground ball.
  5. I know the play you're referencing, and to me it's emblematic of what happens when the guy next to you is different every night. These guys never have a chance to learn the nuances/tendencies of the guy playing next to them. Who's your best overall 2B? Who's the best overall SS? Who's the best overall 3B? Can Urias be one of these guys? Jones? Just set an infield and let's see what happens.
  6. Guess he's just a placeholder at Norfolk until Grenier and Westburg arrive.
  7. Which begs the question as to the club's plan for McCoy. He's 26, and if not now, when? I understand they're looking at a lot of infielders, but there must be something McCoy's not doing to get a look at the ML level.
  8. I would think Delmarva just to get his feet wet, and absent a catastrophic beginning, move to Aberdeen by May.
  9. Good to know, especially since he's been throwing well in his rehab assignment.
  10. Not sure how long he's been out, but it appears he's out for the season.
  11. And let's not forget Hall only threw 31.3 innings this season, so I doubt they're going to be in any rush to get him to Baltimore in 2022.
  12. Agree. I'm not optimistic for 2022. Mancini/Mountcastle are adequate at 1B/DH, but the rest of the infield is a disaster with no imminent help apparent on the horizon. Hays, Mullins, and Santander are solid defensively, but as a group, need to improve offensively. They've not been terrible, but not great either. And then there's the pitching. All the prospects are at Bowie, and after this season, I'm not feeling overly confident that those guys will succeed at the ML level after watching this year's prospects flounder in the ML. Unless they plan to sign two competent starters, I think we'
  13. And then, like football, let the colleges pay for developing the players in their first two years.
  14. This is the kind of approach I'd like to see. Assuming you can't legally treat 18 yr olds differently than older players, teams might start shying away from HS kids.
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