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  1. Going back to the 2000 draft moving forward, the success rate of a college positional player far exceeds the success of a college pitchers looking at only the top 5 picks. In the years 2000-2016, there were 14 position players that had a high impact in the mlb while only 4 on the pitching side ( gray, cole, price, and verlander) and Gray is still even debatable. For the O’s in 2020, I would concentrate on A Martin, N Gonzalez, and Torkelson in that order.
  2. How in the world will a two day reboot accomplish any positive results? He was suppose to change over his swing this past off-season. I would just put him on the end of the bench. He does not deserve any further leash. He should do the honorable thing and retire. He has literally robbed the Orioles of 69 mil to date.
  3. Truly Is Davis the worst player over the last 170 games in the history of mlb? I would bench him and and tell him he would never to see his name in a starting lineup again. See how he reacts.
  4. What do you think? Projected starting team we can actually rooted for to win in 2022 C - Adley Rutschman - 2019 # 1 pick in draft 1b - Ryan Mountcastle 2b - Adam Hall / Jean Carmona SS- Cayden Grenier / 2020 # 1 pick in draft (Casey Martin - Univ of Ark SS) 3B - Chance Sisco- converted C LF - Yusniel Diaz CF- Ryan McKenna / 2019 top int’l signing RF- Austin Hays DH- Jean Carlos Encarnacion Sp. DL Hall Zac Lowther Dean Kremer Keegan Akin Grayson Rodriquez Closer Hunter Harvey
  5. A easier way to predict when the minor leaguer will arrive is to determine their service time dates to avoid super two status and get the 7th year. Sisco will be down the longest / July- Aug? Hays 30 days + the normal ST and 7th year allotment.
  6. Does anyone know what his current role is? I certainly hope it is not individual player development. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  7. With the utility role, it may cause Davis to rethink about playing/ buyout option.
  8. 92 million owed for 4 years. Spring Training has not gone well. I would tell Davis to get more gloves and he would be an utility fielder 1b, 3b, rf/ lf & occasionally hitting as a dh. No reason stealing at bats from others or 1b fielding opportunities from Mancini. Sunk money anyway.
  9. Does anyone know what his current role is? I certainly hope it is not individual player development. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  10. Elias stated top of the draft. 1-3. Maybe consider how Grenier is doing prior to the fraft. Hoping on Rutchman being the pick.
  11. I am going the Grenier as well. He tweaked his batting approach per the video Luke reviewed from Instructs. I really think he is a JJ hardy clone. Also, another name to watch is Rom. I love his motion. Looks a little like Mark Mulder from the old A’s days.
  12. In listening to Elias yesterday, he said something that piqued my interest. 1. You only find a top end shortstop high in the draft. Does this mean Witt is the favorite for the #1pick? 2. With today’s trade, can we assume the Cuban shortstop was not that highly rated by the front office? Off topic a bit, Davis looks in mid season form. Very disappointing.
  13. Great job Luke. My identical twin boys are now 18. It does not get any harder after the age of 2, just different. Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.
  14. What about signing him as a 3rd baseman? He certainly has the arm and his range issue will be reduced. He hit 32 hrs in 2017. Seems like a good fit. Keep Villar 2nd and find a good/ great fielding SS.
  15. E - evolution of cultural change L - laureate of creativity I - international presence A - analytics S - scouting
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