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  1. Those are exciting baseball plays. I'm not ready to totally embrace the free runner rule yet. But those two innings were infinitely more fun to watch than 12 straight hitters trying to hit the ball out of the park.
  2. Win column Man, I do enjoy this game.
  3. Now, let's walk this off.
  4. I'll agree. But I'm guessing he has some solid information to back up what seems like speculation.
  5. Keep coming, it pays for a lot of stuff out here in our little town. We have a full-fledged sports book now (well, after COVID).
  6. What are we doing here Severino?
  7. I think it was on the BP show, not sure if that's in the late night replay or not.
  8. YES Network did a nice little piece on Mo Gaba on their pregame show.
  9. Win column. See, this isn't so hard.
  10. It's against THE UNWRITTEN RULES of baseball. Or something like that, maybe?
  11. The scoreboard is ugly. But we're going to earn the win via protest over Eovaldi jersey-gate.
  12. Sox announcers did. No speculation as to why. Hopefully just giving him some rest after dealing with the VID.
  13. I think that's just his nature. Seems like a cheerful guy.
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