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  1. If they don't take Martin i’m only going to protest, my act of civil disobedience will be social distancing at only 5 feet away from people. and i might even burn a Larry Harlow 1978 card, i have 12 of them and only pulled 1 Eddie Murray that year.
  2. Elias said in an interview that this is not the draft for an under slot strategy at the top with only 5 rounds. It should be Martin, his OPS the last 2 years in the SEC were higher than anyone in the Orioles organization produced and Martins power numbers are predicted to increase.
  3. If they did this simulation by birthplace for all 50 states Maryland would fare MUCH better. I think Maryland born players would be top 5 seeded and could actually win it all, which is incredible for a small state. C- Jimmy Foxx 1B- Mark Teixeira 2B- Cupid Childs SS- Cal Ripken 3B- Home Run Baker LF- Charlie Keller CF- Al Kaline RF- Harold Baines DH- Babe Ruth Bench- Judy Johnson, Bill Nicholson, Brady Anderson, Brian Jordan, Billy Ripken, Buck Herzog, SP- Lefty Grove SP- Vic Willis SP- Babe Ruth SP- Bobbie Mathews RP- Eddie Rommel RP - Josh Harder RP Moose Haas RP- Steve Barber RP- Gavin Floyd RP- Jeff Nelson RP- Denny Neagel RP- Geoff Zahn
  4. What was even worse is that only good player in those deals, Thrift didn't ask for or want, the Mets threw Mora in because he was 28 and his roster spot was being taken by Bordick.
  5. When I read this trade for Shane Greene it immediately bought me back to the good old days when the O's had a GM who tried to trade with the Blue Jays for Shawn Green only to be informed he needed to call the Dodgers who Green was traded to several years before.
  6. Torres is just a 9 home run .250 hitter against all major league teams not from Baltimore this year. Since he won’t be batting against an Orioles pitcher in the All Star game its better to leave him off the team (assuming they care about winning)
  7. "Sexy Women 18 and older cheer free" might get me down to the old ballpark. I will have to leave the wife home though
  8. I agree, I guess they think its acceptable like saying white men cant jump. The reality is that if you admit that you use racial stereotypes to judge and evaluate people you're not going to limit your negative racial stereotyping to just the white race.
  9. I don’t think that will work. If I’m the Advisor I would respond that he might take a little less to go to Chicago at 3rd since they’re 500 and competing for the last wild card spot and he might get an immediate call up there which will start his MLB free agency service. With the Orioles he could spend two years in the Orioles farm system while the MLB club is rebuilt. He would also probably take a little less to stay on the West Coast and play for a more competitive San Diego at 5 as well.
  10. They should pitch to him, Babe Ruth wasn’t even good enough to justify routinely walking. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2002-04-28-0204280281-story,amp.html
  11. For anyone who wants to watch a local team the NCAA has free online coverage of the DIII college World Series. I watched Hopkins come back down 2 in the 10th last night, the announcers were good as was the video. Hopkins plays at 8:40 tonight.
  12. I’m not buying into the under slot savings to justify passing on Rutschman. I highly doubt the net result will be an outcome a competent GM would trade for. Rutschman could be the 10th best prospect in baseball the second he signs. Witt will probably be somewhere between 25 and 75 while I highly doubt the bonus slot savings player they get will be a top 100 prospect. It’s probably going to end up being an exchange along the lines of number 10 prospect for number 50 and number 150-250 IF they get the falling in draft whose hard to sign slot savings player to actually sign. It’s more risk for less reward.
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