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  1. I just don't understand why people are against the rebuild. This is necessary for the long term future of the club. Did people realize we lost 115 games last year while trying to win? That's how bad it was. Ownership hires a well respected young GM to get the Orioles to the 21st century and people still complain. We will lose 100 games this year and most likely 2020. We may not contend until 2022 or 23. A quick fix just isn't possible. What should have Elias have done this off season? Re-sign Jones, Markakis, Schoop, Wieters, Hundley, Cruz, Flaherty, Brach, & Britton? We could have gotten Machado for 300+ million. They were all available. Does that team contend or even win 75 games? I don't think it does. We have to stockpile young talent in the minors the next few years. Losing is no fun, but losing without a plan as we did from 98-11 is worse. I've had a 13 game plan since 95 so I've seen a lot of bad baseball, but I can live with 3-5 years of losing if there's a solid plan. There is no guarantee. Maybe Elias will be unsuccessful, but we tried the other way from 98-11. Fourteen years is too long. Just my opinion.
  2. As it appears that both Davis and Trumbo will be on the opening day roster, would it make sense to option Mancini to AAA? This is not ideal, but the more at bats they get the sooner one or both could be traded (Trumbo only) or released. Just an idea.
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    Palmer is number one. The Orioles as an elite franchise begin and end with his career. He was on all three championship teams. The rest of my list is Brooks, Cal, Eddie, and Frank. Frank was the best player that ever appeared as an Oriole.
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