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  1. We've reached the point of self parody.
  2. It makes sense for showing why Elias didn't want to pay $10m in arbitration for Villar, but we won't end up with a veteran free agent. It'll be some combination of Martin, Alberto, Wilkerson, and maybe another league minimum guy who may be Rule 5 or scrap heap pick up.
  3. Let's hope whichever team Elias is talking to is also looking at these stats. Back of the baseball card it looks like Bundy is a common, replaceable arm. When you say "54th ranked SP" makes it sound like he's a valuable asset. I guess we'll see with the return. I'm curious which side is leaking this info.
  4. WalkWithElias


    Thank you, Weams. Thanks to Tony, Luke, and the whole crew at OH. Thanks to the many commenters who I communicate with on here more frequently than most family and friend. Even the commenters on here who I disagree with like that uncle at the dinner table who keeps talking nonsense. Happy Turkey Day, Birdland.
  5. I find it difficult to believe a player pegged to 1B in college can learn to play league-average third at a ML-level. Third base is not someplace a team should bank on hiding a defensive liability. It can work in short stints, but Torkelson would be expected to have a longterm role on the team. If he were to begin playing 3B regularly this season to improve his draft stock and showed competence, that changes. I just don't want to assume a guy can move to a difficult defensive position without evidence. However, I do think we've seen enough from Mancini that a good enough athlete can learn left field. I do not know how Torkelson's overall athleticism compares to Trey, but most said Trey was a lead-footed, 1B/DH only type and while he would never fool someone into thinking he's a strong defensive corner outfielder, he has been passable. JMO
  6. Based on the few snippets I've read, Martin would be my preferred pick. But if he's gone, I would definitely prefer Hancock over Torkelson. The fact that Hancock is a seasoned college arm adds to that argument because it would put him closer to Hall and Rodriguez's timeline, and as we've seen from our disappointing Cavalry days, you can never have too many pitching prospects.
  7. As much as I love continuity, can we get a new thread for this year? Link to last years in the first post? I'd do it myself but then we'd have two posts and don't want it to be confusing. Until then.... On a quick scan of the names Luke listed, Josh Palacios looks interesting if he can stick in CF. Considering how much we've discussed Yusniel Diaz's numbers needing to be viewed through the lens of a super pitcher friendly Eastern League, I'd say Palacios' .266/.371/.787 is pretty impressive, especially if he can competently play CF. A guy who can play all 3 OF positions, take a walk, and steal a base seems like the kind of guy you could stash on the bench for a season. He may not have a ton of upside.
  8. Not reading through all of these pages (much in the way I haven't for most threads over my time here) so I apologize if this was somewhere else. Are there any other local pubs that could absorb this community in some way? I imagine BaltimoreBaseball.com or PressBox could certainly benefit from this type of loyal, dedicated readership. They are already (theoretically) at least breaking even and could bring some established infrastructure such as the servers and other costs. Just spitballing here.
  9. Totally different, I think. Wynns was always viewed as a competent defensive catcher, but his ability to hit was in question. Cumberland was drafted as a bat-first catcher.
  10. After lurking for many years, I became a paying member of the board last year. May seem counterintuitive as the team is at its worst in some time, but this board keeps the fan in me alive and makes it more fun to follow the struggling team. While not a fund drive, I would suggest making the costs of running the site more transparent, even if it's just top line items to give everyone here a sense of what is needed to keep this ship running. Many would probably find an extra $20-30 a year to kick in if its what it takes to keep this gem going.
  11. If he's proves he's healthy for 6 weeks he'll be in the majors. He was ML-ready at the time of the injury.
  12. I'm going to side with whichever is most optimistic because you need to have hope to get through this season.
  13. “Anthony Sanders, highly regarded member of @USABaseball coaching staff at @Premier12, has interviewed for the #Orioles first base coaching job. Sanders won 2000 Olympic gold medal, reached majors with #BlueJays and #Mariners, manager/coach in #Rockies system for last 14 years.” Joe Trezza on Twitter
  14. Must be giving him more gray hair. Very distinguished.
  15. If going grey young gets you big time jobs, I'm gonna be cashing in big over the next couple years.
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