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  1. Define 'success.' I'm not arguing against your point. Just depends on what you consider a success.
  2. Player I'm most interested in maintaining performance is one you didn't list: Anthony Santander. If Santander proves to be a legit power bat with an OPS in the 800 range, that's a big boost going into next season. I'm skeptical of John Means sustaining this production, only because it was such a surprise that he's performed as well as he has. I'll be happy if he has a solid No. 4/5 type season next year because that is probably going to be best on the club.
  3. This seems like a significant demotion for Griffin. Does he accept? Or is this a golden parachute situation where he can ease into retirement by hanging out in Florida, not travel, but keep working with the kids?
  4. Nobody in this year’s class is supposed to be at the level of Rutschman but the class is supposed to be deeper. I believe Hancock is supposed to be better than any arm in this year’s class.
  5. Tend to agree with this. McKenna seems like a Joey Rickard type Rule V candidate. With more teams taking the Orioles-Tigers-Royal approach to gutting the payroll if you can't compete, there could certainly be a team out there willing to stash him. Not saying it's likely. But it wouldn't be surprised if it happened if he's left unprotected.
  6. Is the higher level or the extensive work on a secondary pitch likely the bigger cause for the significant uptick in walks and loss of control? He only gave up a few more hits than he did last year in nearly the same number of innings. 7 more hits over 3 fewer innings is negligible. It's the 2.5x as many walks that did him in. And while he was still a groundball pitcher, it was far less than we saw in years past.
  7. I don’t think 100 at bats this summer are going to change the team’s opinions on them. Hernaiz and Henderson will he evaluated over the winter and through spring training. I could see Henderson getting bumped to Delmarva but I’d guess both are in Aberdeen next season.
  8. Does his position change his ranking? Does it matter if he plays 2B or 3B? 2B is a less premium position, but his bat would definitely project better there. Not like we have a ton of upper level middle infield prospects.
  9. We've gone THREE (!!) Stauffer appearances without an update. On Aug 13, he gave up his only two earned runs since moving to Delmarva in a 2 inning stint. Since then, he's had a pair of 2-inning outtings, striking out 9, allowing 2 hits and walking 2. So far on the season, 41 IP, 57 K, 17 BB, only 20 hits and 1 HR allowed. 1.10 ERA, 0.90 WHIP. He's 20 years old. Would like to see him get stretched out next season in Delmarva.
  10. Albany getting let go surprises me even with change in leadership. Maybe he didn’t want to adopt Sig’s analytics.
  11. Maybe they’ll even skip him to Bowie considering his age and stuff if they put him in the pen. That could put him in like to potentially be up by 2021. Not sure how long before he has to be on the 40 man.
  12. WalkWithElias

    DL Hall 2019

    If he’s not 100%, shut him down and let him rest. Excited to see what Hall does next season after Elias’ development team has a year of data on him and a full offseason.
  13. His name has come up on this thread a few times, but it's worth pointing out again that 17 year old shortstop Erison Placencia has been crazy consistent this season. Batted .364 in July. Batted .366 in August. His OBP has improved as he's drawing more walks, but as Luke has pointed out, DSL has lots of walks. It's better to show some patience with young, wild pitchers, but it's not a clear indicator of great plate discipline. In his last 10 games, he's walked 11 times and struck out just 3 times. I'm more impressed with his low K-rate, though, that probably coincides with his underwhelming power. He's been a single hitter this summer. Great having all of these young guys to follow in the DSL for what seems like the first time.
  14. “Top 100 doesn’t mean sure thing.” Ok. Yes? That is true. 22 year old former first round pick who has successfully hit at every level of the minors tears up AAA and is ranked #2 in all of minors at his position. I’ll take a few more of those guys. It’s so odd the way you seem to savor his one failing at the plate.
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