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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/M6E4tv6zAxGqPT8ZA Elias.
  2. Yastrzemski was not supposed to be on this list. Everybody promised.
  3. The Orioles sucked But, not as bad as last year Things will get better
  4. He said he wanted it to see the “best offense we have ever seen” He is 9 for 9 with 4 tds so far and looking incredible. He is performing. This is awesome.
  5. It’s likely not a very simple calculation using real-time data, so it must be pieced together using years prior when all the variables are known. I would imagine that each team can better individually keep track of this within the organization, so it migh5 be something in Sig’s “Matrix”, or somehow come into play during negotiations and payrolls, but maybe not...
  6. I have to hum along as I read this post
  7. The Orioles bullpen has a recent tendency to make good pitchers look really bad, so I think they will all have their work cut out for them. My answer is that I think the presence of Harvey himself makes it easier for all of the rest of them, but I want him wrapped in bubble wrap at all times.
  8. Armstrong showing some I agree with this. There is a time and place. Obv Bleier just coming out of a tough outing on the dugout steps is not the time nor place imo.
  9. I am glad you think so. I thought it sounded like more than “the usual”, but it was tough to tell from the broadcast...
  10. I mean....besides suck again... What did he do when he was pulled from the game? I heard the announcers talking about it, but I did not see what happened. More frustration boiling over, I guess, but Bleier has completely sucked a lot this year.
  11. He is a rookie manager. He wants all these guys to succeed, so maybe he lets them play the game they love for too long?
  12. He is a first round draft pick. He is here and has earned his time right now. Just maybe someone in the .org likes him. Why indeed.
  13. This is a little much. What kind of hangout is this..? Just reading the last 2 pages and Dirty Bird was way more of a jerk than atomic was. Then everybody starts calling him names, and this.... This is a bad look.
  14. With a post like this and you are calling Hyde the idiot? The man has more baseball sense coming out of his used socks than you do coming out of your keyboard
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