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  1. I'm getting really impatient. If Hays is up, GIVE HIM MORE THAN 1 PA EVERY 2 DAYS. Literally every decision is being made on right vs left matchups, it's like Buck is managing our prospects again.
  2. I really don't see the Tigers picking another pitcher unless Hancock became a sure-fire ace. Torkelson is most likely the Tigers pick.
  3. How are the Tigers THIS BAD??? If you read all of the hot takes about how embarrassing the Orioles are, then you would forget that the Tigers existed.
  4. It really seems like we should sell high on Mancini this offseason. Obviously Davis will be cut during or after next season.
  5. You sign up to this forum just to defend the Nats? Bizarre to do it in a thread about broadcasters that have nothing to do with what's going on in the field. To say that the quality of the broadcasters is dependent on winning is nonsensical.
  6. He was a great manager for the type of team that we were, I just never wanted us to be driven by that old school mentality.
  7. Somehow Buck is now the paragon of what it means to be a good manager? I feel like I live on a different planet to some people.
  8. Holy crap are angels fans mad. I actually wanted to lose, but it’s too sweet when you beat a bitter fan base.
  10. I would've rather seen Davis than Wilkerson.
  11. Why is Richard Bleier still on this team?
  12. Spl51

    2019 AAA-Norfolk Tides

    I totally agree with that. I don't agree with the premise that we got robbed for Yaz, unless we paid them money to take him.
  13. Spl51

    2019 AAA-Norfolk Tides

    There are people who still care that we traded Mike Yastrzemski for Tyler Herb? My god, I don't know what to say.
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