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  1. Gonzales is a distant fourth for me. I see an average second baseman, average runner, average to above average power, with plus contact at most and no projection. To me his stance and swing are really stiff, leading to him being pull happy. The other guys would need to prove a lot to make it worth the risk.
  2. https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2019/12/4/mlb-2020-mock-draft-10 They have us picking Hancock here. It's kind of just a roll of dice who we will pick there now out of the top 3. The top 3 is basically locked I think. I've watched a lot of videos on most of the top 15, and I'm pretty sure none of them are gonna challenge the top 3.
  3. I feel like there's no reason for us to keep Dwight Smith Jr. over him, but for some reason I doubt we'll do it. I guess outfielders are just not a priority for us.
  4. https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2019/12/9/orioles-2020-top-30-prospects They're high on Prado, but that looks like it's just based on the stat line. Bradish at 22, Peek at 27. No really big surprises.
  5. Would another team really claim him though? Wonder if it's worth the risk of exposing him to get another spot.
  6. Remember the guys saying we NEEDED him, and 2 years/$16 million was an insult?
  7. In all honesty I never watched baseball until 2016. I didn't really watch any sports until my 20's, then became obsessed and watch 95% of Oriole and Caps games. I explained more in the thread about the future of this site. I'm pretty jealous other's have fonder memories of 2014 or 2012, and I haven't really gone back to watch any of those games. But obviously you mentioned most of it, it felt like real team effort to squeeze the most they could get out of the remaining talent before the team became stale. Manny in his prime, especially defensively, with that rock solid infield that seemingly made no mistakes. The bullpen just gave you full confidence that they were never out of a game, even if the rotation made out of duck tape gave up 5 runs in the first. They were always a few bombs away from coming back, and they certainly did that when it counted the most at the end of the season.
  8. https://www.mlb.com/news/top-100-2020-mlb-draft-prospects?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mock-draft-top-10-picks-projection?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage Projecting us to pick Torkelson here.
  9. Good year to pick 31 and 40. Lots of depth.
  10. I like Bradish the most from I've seen so far, but I haven't seen much of Mattson.
  11. I've been watching a lot of Rocker and Hancock game videos. I LOVE Rocker's delivery, reminds me of Chapman. He still has to develop a third pitch and fastball needs to tick up just a little bit, but he's gonna be a stud and we really need to get the #1 pick. I'm not completely sold on Hancock yet. He's super polished, all of his pitches are plus, as well as plus command. He doesn't miss as many bats as you want though, I don't think his delivery has a lot of deception. I am just always worried about picking pitchers that high, and he has missed time with a lat strain. It's gonna depend on the medicals, and what Torkelson and Martin do next year.
  12. I'm definitely in the camp of people who think people should be given second chances, but in today's environment that seems to be a controversial opinion. After reading Epstein's statement, I wouldn't be opposed to it, and Hyde could maybe be a character witness. I just feel like the negative PR from it wouldn't be worth it, especially after we got rid of Villar.
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