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  1. Are people actually deluded enough to think Davis is anything but a complete waste of a roster spot who's going to inevitably be worth negative WAR? I'm not mad about it at this point, since there's no reason to get rid of him yet. I've accepted it.
  2. Every time I watch Leiter, he looks like 1.1 to me over Rocker, but then I consider that he's 6' and mostly sits 89-92 and I get scared. No one seems to be able to get good contact on him even at that speed, obviously his spin metrics and extension must be elite.
  3. HAHA I guess this conversation is done because you can't even read. You seem truly obsessed with this decision based on the amount of time and energy you have spent writing about this.
  4. It's crazy how you act like him being underslotted is breaking news. Picture this scenario: Torkelson is tier one on their board, then they have Martin, Gonzales, Lacy, and Kjerstad as virtual ties in the next tier. One or two could be very slightly higher or lower due to organizational need. If one of those players gives a lower price that means you can get extra value later on in the draft. This is not rocket science, it's all about value. You saying he likely was 7 or lower is pure speculation and really doesn't make sense.
  5. Damn, I guess they should just take whoever averages out to be 2nd over all the public boards. Why even scout the players? I'm sure Kjerstad was 7th on THEIR board like you are saying.
  6. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-mlb-draft/summary?sort=-1,1&type=0&team= He was 7th on fangraphs, in the same 50 fv tier as everyone in the top 7 but Torkelson.
  7. https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2020/6/15/prospects-live-in-depth-mlb-draft-grades Interesting.
  8. Kjerstad has much better plate discipline, better hit tool, better power, and better arm. Agree with you the other comparisons.
  9. Man do I really not understand why Keith Law's opinion carries such weight with people.
  10. Kjerstad Lowther for sure has way more of a chance to provide value, but personally I'm an upside guy and I would rather have Baumler. This is who I'd rather have, not a ranking. Gunnar right now This one is hard, there really is not enough info for me to pick. Maybe Westburg, but it's close. Haskin Servideo
  11. https://2080baseball.com/2020/06/21-names-to-know-for-the-2021-mlb-draft/ Rocker and Brady House are my guys right now.
  12. Comps are not based on expected outcomes. How many times must this be said? Comps are used to give you a feel for the type of player they are or could be. Here's how I interpreted that comp: Baumler is a thin projectable high school pitcher, with precocious command, who has a more athletic delivery and body. That's it.
  13. This is something I've definitely learned a lot as I've gotten older, the internet is really good at amplifying and reinforcing our anger. Recognizing when your brain has basically closed you off to new perspectives is really hard, but it's really easy to see in others when you take a step back.
  14. He has really good command already, especially for a high school pitcher, with a ton of projection remaining. Breaking ball was pretty inconsistent, but I need more looks.
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