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  1. Preference list for pick #2- 1. Martin 2. Torkelson 3. Veen 4. Hancock 5. Gonzales 6. Lacy Torkelson and Martin are pretty close, but obviously the positional value is the clincher. Martin's power just hasn't taken that next step like you would hope for, and his pull happy approach gives me a little hesitation. Torkelson has zero questions with the bat. Veen pushed himself into the top tier like I said he could, but unfortunately I think that means he doesn't have a chance to be picked by us to go underslot here and overslot on another pick. With the draft only getting 5 rounds, I think it means we have to go with a safer option from college and you don't lose much upside with the choices from college. To me Hancock is a much more complete pitcher than Lacy. Hancock more consistently throws above 95 with ease. Lacy's slider is slightly better than Hancock's, but Hancock's changeup is plus and Lacy doesn't even have a third pitch. Hancock's command is just a lot more refined than Lacy's, and his delivery just screams starter. Lacy's delivery is just more high effort. If I'm picking a college pitcher, a two pitch pitcher with effort in the delivery just scares me.
  2. Wish we traded him last year. Sorry, I get that people deserve a fair trial, but in domestic abuse cases 99 times out of 100 it's exactly what you think.
  3. Any reason why? Have you watched both of them? I would take the pitcher who has above average command now vs the guy who has below average command at the same velocity and age 9 times out of 10.
  4. Yeahhh... let's just say Law's opinion doesn't hold too much weight with me.
  5. Just caught up with the game. I don't care what Zimmmerman's final line was, he looked just as good as Means did last spring training. Yusnial Diaz today looked like the player that excited us last spring training as well. Big arm, good plate discipline, sweet swing.
  6. Our best hope is that the Tigers become enamored with Torkelson and Martin falls to us, but from everything I've read it's gonna take a lot for the Tigers not to pick Martin. I've been scouting a lot of player who could be available for us to pick in the 30 and 39 range. Hoping to make a list of preferred candidates soon. Keep in mind it's a lot harder to gauge which high school players would be available there though, and this would not account for any underslot/overslot shenanigans.
  7. The amount of people buying into the delusion that Chris Davis is no longer a well below average major leaguer shows how easy it is to make people buy into media narratives.
  8. Pitching is definitely the strength of this system.
  9. Veen all the way up to 4. Not good for my idea of snagging him at a discount and getting someone else over slot. Unfortunately I don't think the risk you would take picking him second would be worth it when you can get proven college players with huge ceilings as well.
  10. Mullins looking like the same player he was last year. Not much hope for him.
  11. https://www.mlb.com/video/vanderbilt-vs-uconn Rocker pitching, Martin playing third and batting third. Start in 5 mins supposedly.
  12. That’s like saying you could have used your spare hour to mow the lawn, when you used your time to change your brake pads. If you have to do both, swapping the order you then in doesn’t solve the problem.
  13. Based on what? I've watched a lot of Hancock, there's not many holes you can poke in his game. He sits upper-mid 90's with a plus change, above average slider and command, both of which project to be plus. Obviously I would prefer a position player to avoid risk, but it completely depends tons of factors. College pitchers who have proven it have much less risk, and we have no knowledge of what his medicals look like. Ace pitchers don't grow on trees. If you'd avoid Hancock with your life, then a high school righty like Bitsko isn't worth consideration. Hancock is Bitsko's 10th percentile outcome in 3 years.
  14. Wow the first thing we've agreed on.
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