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  1. https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2019/9/19/the-biggest-sleeper-in-the-2020-mlb-draft-who-no-one-knows-yet Only 6 foot, so he's not very projectable and only sits at 90-92, but that slider is special.
  2. What we lose is the opportunity to discover someone who could actually be part of our future. Guys like Means who might have been waived or are sitting around in the minors. I would rather see someone with something to prove than some veteran that's proven to be not worth keeping on a winning baseball club. I just find it so dull to hear hear the lack of creative thinking when it comes to this stuff when we are supposedly trying to change our philosophy. Can't we try to acquire talent rather than just fill a roster spot for a year to eat innings?
  3. Remember Nate Karns and Dan Strailey? I feel like I read the same messages every off season, and it mind numbing.
  4. Even the guys on the MASN blogs don't say this cliche anymore.
  5. What do you think the best strategy for us, pick a young prospect that might be in A ball that you can try to squeak through a year on your roster or get a polished fifth starter or something like that? I know it's highly variable on who would be available, just wondering what would be ideal.
  6. I was really hoping Kremer's fastball would be ticking up by now. Maybe he's just at the end of a long season. I just hope next year he takes a step forward.
  7. I still think it's possible to get some kind of trade for Villar, even if it's underwhelming. Do anything possible to trade Cobb at the deadline. Pull out all stops. Consider trading Mancini.
  8. This is a guy I think could shoot up, I just wonder what it would take for us to take a high school player. I just feel like Elias heavily leans towards college players because he can use models and get trackman data.
  9. Our only hope is a trade for one or two 17 year old Dominicans. I do not see any way they pay over 10 million, even 8 million is iffy to me.
  10. There's a 0% chance any team would risk that much cash on a gamble. If there was no interest last deadline when he was a MUCH better contract, then there's no way we commit that much money for a mediocre return. Not even mentioning if he has another season like 2017.
  11. Hopefully Bannon forces his way into a spot by at least the halfway point of the season.
  12. Wait he was a senior sign? Did he not sign or not get drafted as a Junior? Just don't see many seniors drafted in the first round.
  13. I'm getting really impatient. If Hays is up, GIVE HIM MORE THAN 1 PA EVERY 2 DAYS. Literally every decision is being made on right vs left matchups, it's like Buck is managing our prospects again.
  14. I really don't see the Tigers picking another pitcher unless Hancock became a sure-fire ace. Torkelson is most likely the Tigers pick.
  15. How are the Tigers THIS BAD??? If you read all of the hot takes about how embarrassing the Orioles are, then you would forget that the Tigers existed.
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