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  1. AR was in Sarasota based on an Instagram story of his.
  2. I really disagree with Luke on Gonzales being in the mix with the top 3, but obviously we still have to watch what happens in the months leading up to the draft. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite us though. 😆
  3. Spl51

    Farewell OH

    It's a good sign when an organization recognizes and takes talent from its community. Pretty cool to think we got to see the evolution of a pro scout in real time. Obviously huge congrats to Luke.
  4. If you lower the opportunity threshold you can see Hay at +1 and Mullins at +3 in limited sample sizes.
  5. A lot of young players like Tatis are getting graded pretty poorly. -9 of Tatis's -14 OAA was from errors, mostly throwing errors, they seem to weigh pretty heavily in this metric. Martin certainly made more than a few rookie mistakes.
  6. Same with Gregorius. Was kind of surprised that the yanks didn't bring him, and the market for him was pretty low. A lot of moves seem to make a little more sense.
  7. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/infield_outs_above_average Iglesias was the 9th best defensive infielder in the MLB and 6th best shortstop last season according the new statcast defensive value metric for infielders. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/infield-defense?year=2019&team=BAL&range=year&min=10&pos=&roles=&viz=show It really didn't like Villar last year, but it did like Alberto.
  8. It's also assuming a international draft doesn't come soon either. Of course not all of the work will be wasted if a draft comes either.
  9. Counting on a rotation of pitching prospects is fools gold. Almost all the reports are saying 3rd base.
  10. It's really popular on the internet to race to see who can be the most cynical.
  11. I like how this guy we learned about today is "an absolute no brainer in terms of talent acquisition," just like VV Mesa was right?
  12. https://sixmanrotation.com/sparkman https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gQmajVMryVpXifVw_siKd2_g5xGj-bZjUYecinwNEEE/edit#gid=0 Sparkman really likes Mclarty. Has the most expected war of out pitching prospects after Grod, Hall, Rom, and Akin.
  13. He was really, really, really bad when he came back in 2018. The first time I saw him pitching that year, I knew he was completely done and they wasted $1 million on him or whatever it was. It looked like a position player pitching. I really don't think pitchers come back from that. Obviously it depends on how he looks now, but I have serious doubts he plays in the MLB again.
  14. Guys, this is not the same pitcher that was a top 100 prospect. He lost like 6 mph on his fastball, I don't see the upside here.
  15. I feel like I've read this exact same comment 100 times, it's so predictable.
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