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  1. Solid 1st inning for the young man
  2. Scoring from first on a double is in my opinion the single greatest advantage that speed has on the game from an offensive standpoint
  3. Just watched the latest highlight video that was posted. The guy is a flat out stud, i'm optimistic
  4. The guy was the MVP of the league last year, it would be criminal to keep him down there all year. He's gonna be a stud
  5. I agree with this completely, I also think this applies to so many people in the league. There is such an infatuation with homeruns nowadays.
  6. His swing is almost Griffey Jr. levels of pretty from the left side
  7. I noticed that he did throw atleast one changeup tonight on an 0-2 count, can't remember who the hitter was. It was hit for a flyout in right center, pretty sure Jim Hunter called it a slider but our announcers never say the correct pitch(Thorne especially)
  8. Although you are correct in that it wasn't the best pitch, that's what a major league hitter is supposed to do. HIT THE MISTAKES and boy did he do that. He yanked an away pitch to left with authority, if he isn't on up with the big league club I will be highly disappointed.
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