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  1. Bubble Buddy


    I'm definitely a bit jealous of the Nats for different reasons. They had a similar peak to our 2012-2016 teams and I honestly thought their window had passed. They are the oldest team in the majors. But they were able to ride this wave to a title. Soto was huge, the Corbin signing paid off (at least for this year), and freaking Howie Kendrick had his best season ever at 36. I do struggle with the fear that now that they've won, they'll take even more fans away from the O's. But I guess that's the nature of it. We have the history and better ball park. We just need to win again.
  2. Hey thanks buddy. I reckon I've mastered rookie ball.
  3. I loved the Red Sox announcers reaction. They seemed as thrilled as the O's broadcast.
  4. So many chills when I watch that play. Probably the most memorable Oriole moment of my life time. The biggest bummer to me about 2012-2016.. The major moments that I remember were from random, non-core guys. That Delmon Young hit, and then the Hyun-Soo Kim HR against the Blue Jays in the regular season that basically pushed us toward the playoffs in 2016. Both guys were basically filler. Had their moments, Young as pinch hitter in 2014 and Kim with a hot stretch as the lead off guy. But they wouldn't be the ones I would have picked to remember about those teams.
  5. Velocity has increased. Change Up has become a weapon. He's refined his breaking pitches to be effective. Have you actually watched? He's an outlier for making these types of improvements later in his career, but it all seems legit enough for him to be at least a 5. And that's not nothing.
  6. I know it's not this simple, but without Means, do we even eclipse last year's dismal record? We certainly didn't expect this type of production from him before the season. Perhaps Cashner isn't traded if Bundy was going to be the only one left that could make it through 5 innings. I know our W/L is still terrible, but this guy has provided a lot of stability. Every time I check my MLB app and see that he's starting, I've come to expect that it will be a different type of game than the other 4. What a great season. Cheers to you Mr. Means! 🍻
  7. Yeah but, this isn't his walk year. So not quite apples to apples compared to Cashner.
  8. He also has shown pretty good OBP in his minor league numbers. Decent defense, 20 HRs, decent OBP would profile just fine.
  9. Dammit. Oblique strain. Rehab game today at AAA.
  10. I agree with the HR/K comments. I feel like I enjoy an opposite field single now more than a HR. Or at least I'm more impressed with it. If the shift is here to stay, I wish there was more focus on hitting to all fields. I struggle with how pull happy the game seems to have become. I miss good hitting and great hitters. Not that they aren't out there, it's just not as much a part of the game it feels like. And the speed element too would be fun to watch if that came back at all. All the "smaller" parts of the game. As much as I hated when the Royals took us out in 2014, I enjoyed the uniqueness of their team. Speed, low K numbers, killer bullpen, etc.
  11. It's a tough division. And the Blue Jays and Rays are ahead of us in the rebuild. But, I will say this, the Red Sox look more vulnerable than I expected. If they can fall off some, that would help.
  12. August 22nd Against TB Avisail Garcia Mychal Givens 8th inning
  13. Givens just has not had a great year. Which has been disappointing because if he would have, he would have been worth quite a bit. But I agree, we can definitely try to re-establish his value for next deadline. It would have made sense for me for Villar to be traded. But maybe we really weren't going to get anything because of his salary 🤷‍♂️
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