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  1. Boy. Would it be the first time a team didn’t score a run in a 4 game series?
  2. Yeah, im over it. 3 pitches exactly the same. One just a couple before that was a ball. 2 called strikes. BS
  3. Just dropped into say, that’s the best I’ve ever seen Castro look. That would be a nice development.
  4. Cripes. Back to reality. Thought we were gonna push at least one across there.
  5. It’ll be interesting to see how long they can be effective, but I do really like the move to get both of these guys by Elias. If they were soft tossing righties, I’d have no confidence in them keeping it rolling. But I think about guys like Jason Vargas that had a similar profile. It’s not unreasonable to think that their production could keep up for a while. They have to maintain really good control, but both of these guys know how to pitch and get the most out of their stuff. And it is fun to watch the pitch mixing and execution.
  6. I think I'm still stuck in a bygone era when I was following more closely (2012-2014). Was really surprised to see Iglesias be had so cheaply, but your post gives context to that.
  7. That deal looks really affordable for a guy with Iglesias' reputation (at least around here). Looking closer, I always assumed he was a defensive wizard, yet he's only had a WAR above 2 once. 🤔
  8. I came on to do my weekly check up in the off season, expecting nothing doing. Happy to see this type of acquisition. Obviously they're willing to spend a bit above the minimum in strategic situations. That's good to see and this checks a few different boxes. Plus hopefully we can flip him at the deadline.
  9. Honestly, it felt like Tillman should have gotten surgery after 2016, IMO. He was not the same pitcher second half of 2016 and beyond. I know it's a tough decision to make, but trying to pitch on a broken wing for 2 years had to be more miserable than surgery/rehab. Obviously most shoulder injuries are pretty fatal for pitchers, but if he was ever going to get right, surgery was probably the path. Curious to see if he gets any sort of looks.
  10. Nelson seems like a good guy and a good teammate. It's just hard not to think this way. He's one of the only position players in MLB producing at a near MVP level until age 40. I guess big papi was similar, but he also has had the PED trail. The unfortunate thing about steroids is, if someone is doing it clean as they age, it's hard to appreciate.
  11. Bubble Buddy


    I'm definitely a bit jealous of the Nats for different reasons. They had a similar peak to our 2012-2016 teams and I honestly thought their window had passed. They are the oldest team in the majors. But they were able to ride this wave to a title. Soto was huge, the Corbin signing paid off (at least for this year), and freaking Howie Kendrick had his best season ever at 36. I do struggle with the fear that now that they've won, they'll take even more fans away from the O's. But I guess that's the nature of it. We have the history and better ball park. We just need to win again.
  12. Hey thanks buddy. I reckon I've mastered rookie ball.
  13. I loved the Red Sox announcers reaction. They seemed as thrilled as the O's broadcast.
  14. So many chills when I watch that play. Probably the most memorable Oriole moment of my life time. The biggest bummer to me about 2012-2016.. The major moments that I remember were from random, non-core guys. That Delmon Young hit, and then the Hyun-Soo Kim HR against the Blue Jays in the regular season that basically pushed us toward the playoffs in 2016. Both guys were basically filler. Had their moments, Young as pinch hitter in 2014 and Kim with a hot stretch as the lead off guy. But they wouldn't be the ones I would have picked to remember about those teams.
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