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  1. Could be they seek more low level minor league talent like DSL players or other lower level minor league players like they did in the Cashner trade, than the Johnson trade where it saw them get a 4A type such as Jemile Weeks and David Freitas. I can't believe that the market is going to be higher on Villar now that what it was on July 31st especially if it believes that Villar will be non-tendered and if they wait they might not have to trade anything for his services. The DSL players may not ever reach the majors but I think the FO values these types more than 4A types that you know what you are going to get and I would rather them trade for them than 4A guys. I think they will tender Villar next year as I don't think they are going to tear down the payroll just for the heck of it and someone still has to start at second/short next year even if they will probably lose 100. If I had to guess the only non-tender will be Bleier.
  2. Can't see that even if say Villar is traded. Have to imagine Schoop can do better than the AAV and years that Baltimore will be willing to offer. Probably more than one team that will offer him 2 years and more money. Also, much like Villar this year, the market probably doesn't buy into him to give up a good haul for even if he hits well.
  3. Not saying it isn't, but AAA will be the first year we assume he will be using the MLB ball if AAA in 2020 will still be using the same balls. I'm glad Wells continues to beat expectations at every level but being a soft tosser still concerns me and probably always will. Wonder how many innings they give him with the big league club next year in spring training before they option him out to minor league camp?
  4. I think the real challenge comes for Wells next year in AAA when he has to use the juiced MLB ball. Though, I have enjoyed watching him beat expectations every level he has been at but AAA is going to be the real challenge in my eyes.
  5. We know about the obvious guys that will be added to the 40-man to be protected from the Rule V Draft but who do you think are the players most likely to be left off the 40-man and taken in the Rule V Draft? Will guys like Nick Vepsi and Zach Muckenhirn be exposed?
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