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  1. WoJo is also going to get every chance to work every five days. That leaves two guys to the fill out the rest of the rotation. Akin is probably going to spend the first month and a half at Norfolk. Kremer only has 19.1 IP under his belt at AAA and probably won't be a factor this year if I had to guess. While I doubt he'll be anything interesting Zimmerman could get the first call. Other guys in the equation are the two Rule V picks, even David Hess(!!), and we will probably see some variety of an opener on certain days but I don't think it will be a regular occurrence. They'll also surely bring in a few guys on minor league contracts or sign another guy like Karns, Straily, or another player of the sort.
  2. Since there isn't an indifferent option, I voted to defer to Elias judgement and think Dan Szymbroski's Twitter takes are dead on : I personally would've tendered him a contract for 2020 but as I mentioned in another thread about Villar I don't think his value is much different than it was on July 31. Nor do I think tendering or non-tendering him will equal up to making a difference in the grand schemes of things in 2020 or beyond. Though I would be interested in hearing the rationale in the decision making of this decision. Will the money be reallocated in player development, scouting, international, and hires? Are they looking at improving the defense up the middle and signing a guy like Yomber Sanchez? Our Dominican Summer facilities I imagine need a lot of money to be up to par of the level of say the big players. Texas just opened a brand new $12.5M facility. I'm not saying to spend that level of cash, but I wonder if some savings go into improvements in our facilities?
  3. He had a lackluster 2017 and his 2018 was nothing special before being traded to Baltimore. Schoop while no superstar at the time was more valuable than Villar who really just had that huge 2016 season. Its easy to second guess after Schoop flopped with the Brewers. At the time we traded Schoop he was on a red hot streak, had a career year in 2017.
  4. Yeah, but are we just trading him for trading's sake? Let's look at him month by month, I agree we should tender him a contract but I'm just not convinced were getting anything more than at the best a mid level prospect. I'm saying we should keep our expectations in check and that the market doesn't value him anywhere near many Oriole fans do. Also, I don't know if the Cubs who are right up against the luxury tax are an option since Villar is projected to make north of $10M in arbitration. Split G GS PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS BAbip tOPS+ sOPS+ April/March 30 30 135 122 19 32 6 1 3 10 6 1 11 23 .262 .328 .402 .730 .302 86 98 May 27 26 115 104 17 28 8 0 4 15 5 2 9 33 .269 .325 .462 .786 .353 98 108 June 26 24 103 89 15 20 5 0 3 10 5 2 12 26 .225 .320 .382 .702 .279 79 86 July 24 24 110 104 19 31 4 1 3 12 7 1 5 31 .298 .336 .442 .779 .400 97 103 August 28 28 125 105 22 35 6 2 7 15 9 2 18 31 .333 .424 .629 1.053 .406 164 168 Sept/Oct 27 27 126 118 19 30 4 1 4 11 8 1 6 32 .254 .296 .407 .703 .317 77 90
  5. Teams will look at Villar’s performance in September and ask themselves is this the Villar we always seen and ask why would we overpay for someone who had one big month when the rest of the season he was an average player.
  6. Problem is besides Givens and Bundy there isn't much here to attract other teams. I don't think teams are going to offer something new for Villar than from what was being offered in July. I mean we all love Mancini but the market doesn't value LF/1B types like Mancini. Alberto and Severino were great stories in 2019 but I imagine their value is near zero. In Alberto's case his average hit velocity and hard hit percentage were in the bottom 1% as was his BB%. You can find Severino clones in free agency and maybe even among 6 year minor league FAs. Nunez is essentially a pure DH and will be very affordable next year that I don't see them trading him. After all, they still have to field a team in 2020.
  7. My understanding was that Dunning was considered close to ready before TJS but I see he also had some injuries before that too. I would love to see them get up the middle guys at second, short, and center and improve the defense at those spots. I'm intrigued by all the names you mentioned but I wonder where does a guy like Sheets fit with a logjam of 1B/LF/DH types the Orioles currently have with Mancini, Mountcastle, and at least to open spring, Chris Davis? Maybe you can work a trade for Mancini to open space for Mountcastle in left field? They don't have to do this Day 1 because Mountcastle will least be down until you get an extra year of service time and I would think they would like to see him get some more reps in left anyway. I myself would say release Davis, but I don't think we will see that before Opening Day though I believe we are getting closer to that scenario
  8. I would maybe think about packaging Bundy say with Givens. White Sox are a team that are in my mind very close. Add Zach Wheeler, Bundy, and Givens and the division they play in you have to think it puts them right in the thick of winning a weak division which is all that matters. I'm thinking a SP prospect(Dane Dunning?) MI prospect since the Orioles could use all the 2B/SS options they could get their hands on since its questionable that guys like Adam Hall can stick at shortstop and guys like Mason McCoy and Grenier probably are not more than utility guys and maybe a lottery ticket guy?
  9. I've really enjoyed the prospect lists. The prospect lists are my favorite thing to look forward too. There's so few sites that offer such great information about organizational prospects especially many that aren't on many of the top lists. I'm really interested to see Welk in his first full season and how quickly the organization pushes him given his age. Also, I wonder if they think about moving Blaine Knight who I think is probably too small to move forward as a starter and Hanifee to the pen? I really hope that Hanifee who is a local kid who grew up in Cecil before moving to Virginia takes a step forward next year.
  10. I've been intrigued by Cotton. IIRC, I believe Gagnon is close to signing with a Korean team.
  11. Sorry to hear about everything. While I’ve been largely been a lurker on here for many years before I’ve registered, I love all the great work that is done here. I really enjoy all the prospect lists, the work done here by Tony & Luke, reading the comments, the engaged community which you don’t really see elsewhere in Birdland which is mostly free of the negativity and toxicity you see on many websites. So, I like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for this great website
  12. Could be they seek more low level minor league talent like DSL players or other lower level minor league players like they did in the Cashner trade, than the Johnson trade where it saw them get a 4A type such as Jemile Weeks and David Freitas. I can't believe that the market is going to be higher on Villar now that what it was on July 31st especially if it believes that Villar will be non-tendered and if they wait they might not have to trade anything for his services. The DSL players may not ever reach the majors but I think the FO values these types more than 4A types that you know what you are going to get and I would rather them trade for them than 4A guys. I think they will tender Villar next year as I don't think they are going to tear down the payroll just for the heck of it and someone still has to start at second/short next year even if they will probably lose 100. If I had to guess the only non-tender will be Bleier.
  13. Can't see that even if say Villar is traded. Have to imagine Schoop can do better than the AAV and years that Baltimore will be willing to offer. Probably more than one team that will offer him 2 years and more money. Also, much like Villar this year, the market probably doesn't buy into him to give up a good haul for even if he hits well.
  14. Not saying it isn't, but AAA will be the first year we assume he will be using the MLB ball if AAA in 2020 will still be using the same balls. I'm glad Wells continues to beat expectations at every level but being a soft tosser still concerns me and probably always will. Wonder how many innings they give him with the big league club next year in spring training before they option him out to minor league camp?
  15. I think the real challenge comes for Wells next year in AAA when he has to use the juiced MLB ball. Though, I have enjoyed watching him beat expectations every level he has been at but AAA is going to be the real challenge in my eyes.
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