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  1. Dropped in to see if there was any gold here as we face Dick Lovelady. I will pan elsewhere.
  2. Posted something about him on Twitter earlier this year. He ended up with close to 50 MLB wins and $8M in earnings. I would hope he counts his baseball career as a success.
  3. C+ for now. I like Cowser, Rhodes, Norby, and Craig a lot. To tack onto beantown's thoughts, they clearly sold out for their strategy, without hedging at all. Approach this year was always going to be more important in light of the Covid data and scouting challenges. Elias clearly thinks his team has some unique and valuable insights that trump conventional wisdom. Honestly, I would be more comfortable with a bit of a hedge, but that's not the management team we have. Hopefully, that ends up being for the best.
  4. Like this pic a lot. SG and others are asking for some high-volatility, high-ceiling bets. This guy is one. I hope there aren't signability issues. Seems like a guy willing to bet on himself.
  5. I'm at the point now where I really want to see the Os try someone like Jannis. Knuckleballers often catch on late and can eat innings. I don't see the harm in giving it a try.
  6. Luke is down to #10 on his Twitter feed. Great info and insights, as always.
  7. The saddest thing to me is that D&D have taken all of the fun out of fan speculation - and therefore some of the satisfaction and/or welcome surprise at eventual resolution. One of the things that gives smart shows life beyond the time it takes to view the episodes is the effort fans put in to trying to figure out how loose ends might be tied up or intersect. That is only fun (aside from the lesser pleasure of hate-watching) when the viewer thinks that the writers have as good a handle or better on the narrative than the viewer (great examples are Breaking Bad and The Americans). It is
  8. Mike Devereaux had a .307 OBP with the O's. After watching Smith hook a homer down the line a couple of weeks ago, I keep thinking of Devo as an unlikely but imaginable ceiling.
  9. Pos takes his turn: https://joeposnanski.com/hitless/
  10. I don't understand why a responsible GM wouldn't worry. Even if you don't care about the ability to retain the player at year 7, the shortened control impacts that player's value to other teams as well. If you want to trade Diaz for a stud pitching prospect or two in a few years, that extra year is worth extra trade chips.
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