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  1. Congrats, learned a lot just reading your posts these past few months I have been here. For everyone here, hope you help get us that next world series team. Good luck!
  2. It sounds like the International league is a lot more hitter friendly this year with the MLB ball. Think Akin is a decent example of not wanting to hype the AA guys up too much as it looks like the jump to AAA is pretty big.
  3. Would have been nice to have gotten more but I would rather get some lottery tickets in the DSL vs a low upside AA guy or two. I also don't think a sub 4 ERA was sustainable for Cashner and we likely sold high on him, especially considering his planned usage on the Red Sox.
  4. 52520Andrew

    DL Hall 2019

    Yeah if on a bad night his stuff is still comparable and is better when Hall is doing well, that is huge. If we get to see him at his full potential, that would be fun
  5. 52520Andrew

    DL Hall 2019

    And he still said his stuff was on par with MacKenzie Gore
  6. I'd rather look at how a player is doing compared to their peers in the league than just focus on a stat like batting average. It is clear the Eastern League is not hitter friendly this year and I am not one to discredit someone performing above average in the more advanced stats(while being young for the league) because their raw batting average doesn't look good.
  7. Real solid inning from him, MLB gameday had an 81.6 mph change to go along with that fastball
  8. It is from a fantasy article by the looks of things so I don't think they care about his defense
  9. Guessing you mean Detroit Tigers? We played Texas in Texas during the 2012 wild card game
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