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  1. I wonder if you could under slot, who you think is the best HS prospect this year, at #2 with the premise being "we didn't get to see you play your senior year, so we don't really know much about you"
  2. Bullpen game to start spring training........ gonna be a long year........ jk, looking forward to following the game.
  3. With the Orioles signing Leblanc and Milone, I would assume the absolute best case scenario is one of them pitching well enough to garner some trade value at the trade deadline. In the past, there was always teams looking for LHP to round out there staff/bullpen. With this new "3 batter minimum" I wonder how it will affect left handed pitchers trade value?
  4. Stauffer and Rodgriguez put up similar numbers (besides the fact that GrayRod pitched more than twice as many innings) last year. K/9, Whip, BB/9, Stauffer actually had a better ERA. Not saying they're equal as prospects now, but sticking to my original comment. If Stauffer and continue to post similar numbers to GrayRod then he should be considered a top of the organization pitching prospect in the same conversation as D.L. and Gray Rod. Stauffer is younger than D.L. and was born the same year as GrayRod. Stauffer is actually bigger than both of them, suggesting that he could cont
  5. Great interview! Another year like last year and Stauffer should be mentioned in the same group of names as D.L. Hall and GrayRod.
  6. I wanted to start a thread to discuss which minor league guy's development in the 2020 season would have the most impact for this organization? (could probably have been worded better) For example: If Gunnar Henderson had a big jump this year and showed that he could maybe be the third baseman or Short Stop of the future. That would be huge for this organization.
  7. Sounds like a great draft to have a competitive Balance Round A pick in. Very Deep.
  8. It's not too far fetched to think Akin could step in and have a "where did that come from?" season like John Means. I also think Hunter Harvey could step into the closer role and only be thrown out there in favorable situations which would pad his stats, thus making him a better candidate. In summary, I just think it will be easier for a pitcher to step up a shine as opposed to our position player options.
  9. Also, a very minuscule thing: Thank you for making every draft selection spot, second round and later, just a little tiny bit better.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I think dream scenario would be Wandisson Charles in first round and then a prospect stash guy like fermin who can give you a richie martin presence this coming year.
  11. We've been throwing around name possibilities for major league level of rule five draft, but does anyone (cough, cough, @Luke-OH) have any info on possible minor league rule five possibilities? Last year we took Taylor grover with the first pick of the minor league rule five, he was rumored to have hit 100 mph pre-draft but didn't do much at Bowie.
  12. This rebuild is all a numbers game. Save money while trying to hit on a couple of lottery tickets. Some lottery tickets have a better chance at being winners than others but you can't win if you don't play. O's are trying to get as many lottery tickets as possible, hope a couple become studs, then use saved money to add good free agents to a young team when that time comes. Simple idea, I'm so glad Orioles are actually trading players and not just sitting back and doing nothing.
  13. straight up trade for andrew vaughn. Know that the orioles have the two best bats from last years draft.
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