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  1. Guy has been tearing it up in Delmarva. He'll probably finish the year with Delmarva and their postseason play. Will be interesting to see if he starts in Frederick OD next year. If he finishes this year strong, he can quickly become a legit prospect for the O's.
  2. Tigers have been putting good effort into getting 1:1 next year. Looking at mock drafts and prospect rankings, there are again clear cut favorites for the top picks like last year. As of now, Hancock, Martin, and Torkleson are the three top players. I'd love Hancock (but am afraid Tigers will take him 1:1), I'd be really happy with Martin (Whether its at 3rd or SS at MLB level), I'm not sure if Torkleson is what we'd be looking for (Another plus hit tool, firstbase only player) It would be tough pill to swallow to have back to back picks in the top three of the draft and not come away with a potential Front of the Rotation Ace
  3. I don't see how you pass on Gohara, he's exactly what this organization is looking for. Medicals are the big thing, but Just turned 23, Lefty. If he regains his stuff, he'd not just become a starter option, he'd become a front of the rotation piece.
  4. Calm down it was satire. I will note that you are correct and this is exactly why nobody wanted any of our players. Teams that are winning are doing it a certain way, Playing bad defense and low OBP is not that way.
  5. Any chance we traded mountcasle for someone who plays an actual position and takes walks?
  6. My guess for Orioles trade: Mason Williams to someone for either Intl. money or DSL lottery tickets
  7. How are you feeling about the Cashner trade now? Glad we got what we did, when we did? Wish we would have held on to him until today?
  8. Fry is better than Roenis Elias
  9. Can someone at least make up a report about the Orioles engaged in talks with someone?...... Less than 4 hours to go and I haven't seen a single report or anything. I just want a little action
  10. Rolle with a Home Run today. I'm really hoping we see him in GCL next year.
  11. *Elias swoops in and trades Means for the best offer the Padres offered for Syndergaard*
  12. Can teams trade players who were drafted in 2019 draft?
  13. Seeing that the Orioles haven't traded with the Nationals......ever..... It does make you assume that there is a trade barrier in place there, despite claims by both sides that no such barrier is present. Which is a shame because we could package Givens and Fry and give them exactly what they are looking for while we could get one of their better prospects in return.
  14. Instead of creating a new one for every player, thought this would help consolidate our DFA pick-up options Angels just DFA'd Adam Mcreery 26 years old Lefty bullpen arm with higher strikeout numbers but control issues. Lefty arms are tougher to come by, I think he's worth taking a flyer on, especially if we plan on trading givens, fry, etc.
  15. I think Dillon must check off a lot of boxes when it comes to analytics. It's the only explanation I can come up with for him jumping to the MLB after at most half a season as a AA reliever. I know he's got some talent to him but I think Sig and the analytics department think he can be a real piece in the bullpen and is somewhat ready now.
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