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  1. Going to be plenty more leaving the yard if he doesn't get out of the middle of the plate
  2. Yeah I went back an looked. I didnt realize how bad he had been since signing with them.
  3. Hes 0-1 with an era of 18.00 and hes coming out of the bullpen now
  4. Marlins would he stoked to get 10 out of him now.
  5. I thought he did it atleast once. Man, whatever happened to him? I thought he was going to be solid for years.
  6. Bedard was the last pitcher we had that wont atleast 15 games wont he? Or did Tillman do it?
  7. O'Day is still messed up? He was about as automatic as there is coming out of the pen. Hated to see him go.
  8. Got to. His fastball isn't as good as it used to be.
  9. They said he made an adjustment with the pitching coach....so hopefully it helps.
  10. It was going around in Boston. Pretty sure they said the Ray's manager was under the weather to.
  11. I watch with mlb tv, and you have the option of listening to the radio broadcast. So I switch back and forth lol.
  12. Anyone know why Davis was scratched from the lineup late?
  13. Yeah hes been hosed on a couple of calls this series. Guess he finally had enough lol.
  14. I hope he keeps it up. He CRUSHED it!
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