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  1. Time to end the Stewart in the OF attempt. He's really poor.
  2. There has got to be a better pitcher out there than this. Lopez is terrible.
  3. What a throw by Stewart. Man he's trash out there. Lopez is terrible one start, average the next. Skitzo pitcher.
  4. Remember when Buck took over that horrible team and they finished strong? Hyde has no ability to make them any betetr like Buck did.
  5. Exactly. How many failures in pressure situations does Scott have to have before you learn DON'T USE HIM WHEN A GAME IS ON THE LINE. Idiot manager.
  6. Hyde is just a terrible manager. Yes the team stinks but he is by far the worst manager in MLB.
  7. Even watching from a monitor, that ball was smoked, not a "blooper" Scott Garceau.
  8. A bullet line drive to right and Scott garceau's call "a blooper to right". SMH
  9. He has no feel for a game at all. He's Dave Trembley or Sam Perlozzo 2.0. Horrendous in game manager.
  10. That was predictable. Hyde has to go. He's a dumb ass manager.
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