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  1. Judge seems like he homers every other at-bat against us.
  2. Sigh...... only May 15th and season slipping away. Only 3 away from 10 games under .500. Disappointing.
  3. Just needs a soiled diaper and it would be spot on!
  4. Valakia and Ruiz both can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag. The black hole bottom of the lineup.
  5. 6 straight Red Sox wins over the O's at OPACY. Outscored 48-27. Only 4 hits today. I hate the Red Sox more than the MFY.
  6. Why wouldn't you pinch hit for your worst hitters Ruiz and Valaika in the 9th? Sisco has power and was on the bench. Hyde just sits there and does nothing. Is he really trying to win every game??
  7. Exactly. Baseball used to be my favorite sport but the Orioles have been so horrible for so long, I can barely watch them anymore. I see not a bit of improvement over the last few seasons.
  8. This team SUCKS. I'm done with them for another season. Some things never change.
  9. And then there's someone like Ruiz.... who wouldn't be on any other MLB roster and certainly woudn't be an everyday player.
  10. Spot on! None of our young hitters we drafted look like they will become anything other than average players. Mountcastle, Stewart, and Hays are all average. I hope at least one of them turns the corner.
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