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  1. They are saying that HR cost Arizona 20 million, the difference in value between #1 and #2.
  2. http://www.tankathon.com/assets/tank_mlb-08f4c5135e021e371cf83f563eaa8b9a10a80b99f87528b7dcadd1e657330746.pngTankathon NBA NFL NHL MLB 2022 MLB Draft Order Pick Team Record Win% GB Streak L10 1 http://d2vxsvwtygpurr.cloudfront.net/mlb/bal.png
  3. WooooooHoooooo...... it all worked out for us to get #1!!! Way to go Orioles!! Way to go D'backs!!
  4. O's and Arizona neck and neck for worst record in MLB. I want that #1 pick. Go D'backs!! Win a few games for us please! O's lost tonight and Arizona is scoreless in the 6th at San Francisco.
  5. I guess that means doesn't "legally" allow streaming of their games. Surprised the Dodgers were the other. Not surprised at BAL or WAS because of MASN.
  6. Looking into streaming Orioles games and found out only 3 teams in MLB don't allow streaming of their games. Baltimore Orioles Washington Nationals Los Angeles Dodgers This organization is a collossal mess from the top on down. Will we ever have ownership that actually cares about their fanbase? The Angelos family sure seems to not care at all about the fans.
  7. Franco should've never been signed in ther first place.
  8. We've had a 18-game losing streak and a 14-game losing streak this year. Also went 1-14 in a 15-game stretch. That's some bad bad baseball.
  9. Been at that point for awhile. Ravens up 13-3 in the 3rd Q
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