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  1. orpheus100


    It also sucks you can't make fun of them anymore for never winning a playoff series. That sad 50 year old franchise had never even won a playoff series until now
  2. orpheus100


    They did it the cheap, everyone deserves a trophy way by winning the stupid wild card game to even get into the playoffs. At least the Orioles were in first place in large divisions winning their titles. The wild card sucks but that stupid game needs to be trashed ASAP
  3. At least when the Orioles won titles they finished in first place in large divisions.
  4. Than God I was born in 80. Still look 17, experienced an O's World title at 3 and not a millennial
  5. I thought the Wildcard was bad, but the 2nd Wildcard game is the dumbest thing ever. Might as well let all teams in
  6. Orioles fans rooting for a franchise right down the road. That's a little more stupid
  7. Incredible coach compared to what we have
  8. Giving out stupid championship gear like you won the pennant. 🤣
  9. Heck his color guy almost sounds like Tony Koubeck a little
  10. Wonder which team has more talent
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