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  1. Giving out stupid championship gear like you won the pennant. 🤣
  2. Heck his color guy almost sounds like Tony Koubeck a little
  3. Talk about small time. Everyone deserves a trophy
  4. Wonder which team has more talent
  5. It's unreal it hasn't happened yet. I wonder how many homers have been hit in the Park's history
  6. Lol at calling Hyde an excellent hire. I can't stop laughing
  7. What would the attendance be If this were Memorial stadium
  8. There is nobody at Camden Yards on a saturday
  9. Law of averages say it should have been hit at least 5 times by now
  10. I thought Hess would be a decent pitcher. He started out well
  11. Couldn't do it in the steroid era. Can't even come close with juiced balls.
  12. Chris Davis was watching 90210 down underneath the dugout and was pissed it wasn't a continuation of the show. Just the actors playing themselves. He took it out on Hyde.
  13. At least we get the number 1 pick again
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