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  1. Hell, Golf should be the easiest to have without fans Really bummed there will be no Masters
  2. At this point I'd take baseball without fans and I would be very enthusiastic about it. It would be a great distraction. I'm starving for any kind of sports at this point
  3. I was at the 2002 game, and also the 2003 snow game
  4. What are the chances New York holds everything up. Maybe some could play without any fans?
  5. They call it 21 for the 2020 season? That's strange
  6. I never played it but they say Earl Weaver baseball was the gold standard of games in it's day
  7. It's going to be weird by mid-April without any baseball
  8. I saw Gibbons fairly up close on Eutaw once and thought he looked 5-10. He certainly wasn't any taller than that
  9. Weaver was so right about the 3 run homer philosophy. Backed up with strong pitching
  10. Certainly with heights. Baseball heights are fudged more than any other sport it seems. By as much as 4 inches. Brad Brach admitted he's 6-2, not 6-6 https://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-orioles/post/_/id/945/meet-brad-brach-baseballs-most-underrated-reliever
  11. Wells might have been that his rookie year. Ive noticed baseball reference and baseball cube stick with their weights and height when they first hit mlb. But they also list their real heights a lot of the time, since many players heights are fudged after a couple of years.
  12. LOL 6-1 is his real height though. He use to be listed that. Reminds me of Machado going from 185 to a ridiculous 215 in a few months
  13. The Show is too slow. RBI baseball is better
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