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  1. Oh, yeah. Forgot about him being on the Twins.
  2. Has Schoop even be back to Baltimore since he was traded?
  3. I actually think he'll do A LOT better with Tampa. Tampa is a great organization and I will not be surprised in the slightest if he goes back to what he was in years past.
  4. Wouldn't mind seeing Houston winning the World Series. I like them.
  5. I'm definitely gonna be watching when Houston goes to LAD on August 3rd at 10:10 pm
  6. I think he should have left him in, but whatever.
  7. I fell asleep and didn't even know this was on. I have a very strange sleep schedule, but I'm happy that Trey got to the final round. Also, I'm extremely happy that Cedric got the starting job in center field. It shouldn't have taken this long to decide if Mullins should start. Probably because he plays for the Orioles...
  8. I hope the Orioles will look like this one day.
  9. Man...this White Sox team is just dominant. No wonder LaRussa came out of retirement.
  10. Lol!! This is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen! Is this for real? Are they actually selling this!!? 🤣🤣
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