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  1. I live in Atlanta and the fans here are really excited! I hope the Braves can close this one out today or back in Atlanta. Also happy that Houston is up 3-2. Would love to see an Atlanta Houston World Series. I'm sure you guys would too.
  2. I really hope Atlanta can make it past LA
  3. Can't stand Boston. Was hoping for a good game
  4. Are they gonna fix this 7 inning double header with the new CBA?
  5. Orioles playing very good baseball as of late.
  6. You think Jones and Gutierrez are gonna be on this team next season?
  7. Doing the same exact thing. I hope Oakland can get in there. You think this is Bob Melvin's last season?
  8. Nice job Hyde in being in Abad. 😂
  9. Yeah, he gets it. If he doesn't, you can have one of my FSU shirts.
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