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  1. You're right. MLB and the NFL are catering to people who don't watch the games. The people who complain about the "toxic masculinity" aren't the ones watching the games. They're just complaining about a culture, and out of fear of facing big backlashes, those two leagues accommodate. The problem is that the fans who watch don't want those accommodations and have stopped going to games and watching them on TV.
  2. He is lucky.He is lucky.
  3. Without the Orioles have been playing Since 1983, I hope ever been at Wayne’s is burning in hell and I hope Eli Jacobs and Peter Angelos burn in hell
  4. Does baseball have a testicle protocol?
  5. Because the Orioles are lower in the pecking order.
  6. This team could screw up a wet dream.
  7. Not necessarily the history. Look no further than the Ravens. They were the Browns, and the current Browns have those records.
  8. So was I. I figured one of the hack and smash teams from 2012 through 2017 would've done it.
  9. I agree it’s not the right thing to do. The organization is had an ass backwards way of doing things. Look at the way the team Has handled the international marketHas handled the international market
  10. It's more of a philosophy of trying to find a diamond in the rough. The team did it during the great years of 2011-2016 along with 2017 and 2018 when there was an expectation of contending.
  11. I went to last night's game, and they had a between inning segment with Mejdal talking about how antiquated batting average is because it developed 10 years after the Civil Wars. I guess getting rid of slavery is antiquated, too, right, Sid?
  12. I agree. There's always going to be something that the tests haven't caught up to.
  13. And baseball doesn't get it. They think that the fans want more homers. The fans think they want more homers. The problem then is that the more homers happen, the more diluted they become, and fans don't care. I see the same problems in the NBA and NFL. The NBA is really emphasizing the 3-point shot at the expense of basic fundamentals. The NFL wants to be a pass happy league, but it leads to a lot of 2-yard dump offs.
  14. The team really chose a good week to go on the road last week. With storms just about every day, attendance would've been abysmal no matter the teams or promotion.
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