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  1. What a horrible horrible draft so far! So typical for this loser front office. I've been calling for Elias' firing since his first year! He's nothing but a toady for the grossly cheap Angelos brothers who take after their father in every way. And now he's got the stench of being with the despicable Astros organization hanging all over him. That works against him now! Lordy, lordy, lordy I don't know how you guys can be so patient with this mess of an organization, and still make excuses for Elias, who's still shopping for pitchers at the local Walmart! On top of that he hired a no doubt cheap, and grossly inexperienced manager to turn things around. Then he passes up the BPA. Why? Because he's a toady for the greedy Angelos brothers who don't want to put out money for quality pitching, or for quality players for that matter. They never have. And can I be frank? Underslot is just another word for cheap. It's so disgusting to watch this historic franchise being run like it's a two bit bar in the red light district. The only upside to all of this? The Angelos' will sell the team if they can't make money. And we're two horrendous seasons, now heading for three under Elias' tenure!
  2. Why all the pages on a Double A ball team? Maybe they're even less than that. Certainly, Hyde doesn't belong at the helm with his inexperience, the pitching quality is college level, and Elias should be fired after his first year for deliberately tanking this team with the lack of any substantial pitching moves in the off season. And for hiring a newbie manager. And for keeping a Davis on the team. Brandon Hyde should be fired for many things, one of which is hiring a pitching coach who clearly is in over his head. Harsh? Watching this team in harsh. Paying to watch this team is even harsher. It's embarrassing. So embarrassing, MLB needs to force the Angelos brothers to sell the team. At least I hope it gets to that. I'd probably have more respect for this team if Elias had made a scintilla of effort in the off season to field a major league team, instead of another Bad News Bears!
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