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  1. I’m not sure that works either. Like yesterday’s hit to tie the score at 1-1 was a soft flare into right field, by no means hard hit, but clearly well placed to take an outside pitch to right field. If he does that all the time, I’m fine with that, but in that case his exit velocity will be poo poo.
  2. Whoa, the forum is back. Yippee! Thanks, Tony.
  3. Every time I hear the word ‘vapors’, of course I think of that fantastic song, well sort of song, by Biz Markie.
  4. And i detest Bayern Munchen. but I do like Thomas Mueller.
  5. God , you have no clue. Do you think a Mets fan would root for the Yanks when the Mets have a bad year? Bayern has won the Bundesliga for 7 years in a row , and all non-Bayern supporters hate them, just like all non Yankee fans here hate the Yanks (I detest the Yanks).
  6. thats good. I don’t need any bad news like 1979, given my covid19 mindset as it is.
  7. When i turned on MLB, it was when Rich Dauer hit a homer to go up 1-0, so that was nice, and then I was smart enough to turn to another channel and warn all of you to stay away, unless you are masochists
  8. I did see the 1965 LA v Minnesota game 7 before that, and man, they sure did call a high strike back then.
  9. They are showing game 7 of the 1979 World Series right now, 2:30 to 5 pm😂
  10. I was on a tennis forum and they put up old matches from the past, like borg-McEnroe in the 80s or Ashe-Connors in 75 Wimbledon final. Seeing no time wasted between points played , such as no towel to wipe face after every point, was so refreshing as compared to the current tennis with all the delay between points. Baseball is just the same, games in the 70s and earlier were much more enjoyable due to the lack of time wasting between pitches. People under 40 will never go back to baseball unless something is drastically done to fix the ‘slowness’
  11. Damn, I love processed foods, fried foods and sugar. I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed !
  12. I recall Ken Singleton getting a bunch of base hits in a row, like 12 I think.
  13. As a long time lurker and long time O's fan, and someone to this day remembers Dave Parker's mistimed catch in the '79 World Series like it was yesterday and remembers Merv Rettenmund's groundout for the last out in Game 7 of the '71 Series as well, and who will violently change the radio dial whenever I hear "We are Family" (God, I hate that song!), thank you so very much Tony for this great web site, and I am glad it is not going away anytime soon. Cheers, Phil
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