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  1. But a strike zone is three-dimensional, right? So those pics on TV showing a 2D rectangular box is too basic and does not show the true strike zone. Of course, a robotic strike zone can take that into consideration, but to show it on a TV screen would look way too busy IMO.
  2. Do you mean Tell me the Baltimore city has rats? God forbid. For someone who went to school there for three years, it’s a wonder that the rats don’t take over that stadium. I don’t understand the lew Ford comment.
  3. He should have caught it, no doubt, but I think the dumb centerfielder made contact with his leg, discombobulated (is that a word?) him somewhat. I saw the 8th inning again on MASN last night, and boy, the umpire missed calling a couple of perfect strikes that really hurt the Royals' pitchers. The one curve ball was right down the middle of the plate, and the ump called it a ball. And he clearly missed a strike three call earlier on the outside corner that would have been the second out of the 8th inning. The third basemen missing that fairly easy pop fly in foul territory was also
  4. You are joking, right? So, the fact that you can find articles saying price is a nice guy and articles saying that he’s a bad teammate, makes it likely that he is not a bad teammate? Again, this is Internet searching 101, where I can find several articles stating that price is a bad teammate , I assume that is not the case for most other baseball players. To me, that’s pretty strong evidence that we should stay away from that guy. Hearsay, of course, but since no one of us spends time in major league dugouts, That is the best evidence that we can get for something like this. You really need
  5. Geez, i just took 5 minutes to do simple google searches, and came up with several articles that describe Price as a prima Donna and an arsehole. Why couldn’t you do that simple task, SportsGuy, and not besmirch philip?
  6. Nice writeup, Roy. I did not know either of them, but seems like I missed a lot not having that pleasure.
  7. Totally inexcusable on the part of MLB. But you would think that some entity (WBAL, or one of the other local TV stations) has a better quality recording than the one MASN constantly uses. Shoot, I recall watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie episodes in the late-60s, and those were in color. Were the MLB buggers that cheap, or rather, the NBC buggers that cheap, to not use color recording equipment for a WORLD SERIES? I guess they were.
  8. You wood think that someone would have taken the effort to digitize whatever form it was originally recorded in, but what gets me more is why was it not recorded in color; I mean, it’s the freaking Catalina wine mixer (oh, I mean the freaking World Series).
  9. Every time MASN replays the 1970 World Series of the Orioles versus the Reds, in this case I was watching game 4 highlights earlier today, the video they show, with Kurt Gowdy and Tony Kubeck the announces, is just plain horrible, and it looks like it was video from the 1930s to be honest (like WW II footage, b/w and very grainy). I mean it was 1970, not so long ago, So why wasn’t the video in color and at least of better quality? I do recall seeing videos of the 1971 World Series with the Pirates (I am a masochist!), and those are in color and fairly clear video at that.
  10. I don’t know about you, but I think the chances of a fairly long work stoppage/strike in 2022 is fairly high. Now it seems to me that Davis got all his money in this recent buyout/retirement, albeit paid over a longer period of time, and so irrespective of Whether there is a work stoppage/strike or not, he will get every cent from his contract, all seven years of it. If instead the Os had banked on a work stoppage/strike for an appreciable amount of time, then Davis would’ve been out of luck for his payments in 2022. If I was the ownership, I would have rolled the dice, Or at the very least
  11. I never communicated with him on this forum, but I assume he is of that age like me, and got to experience the halcyon days of the 60s, 70s and 80s as an Os fan. He seemed like a real nice person, which is something I have to work on, Especially given my tendency to get real snarky on these type of sites, like my posts during the never-ending losing streak. Thank you for that short but sweet tribute, fellow- paisan Tony. Phil
  12. I suppose Mancini is another good thing, and Mountcastle as of late. With Means regression to the mean, even with his great first half, his second half has been a huge disappointment. Clearly, he was a sticky substance abuser.
  13. I cannot deal with us losing 120 games or more, so 43 wins is my goal for this season. Will we get there? I felt two weeks ago no problem, but now ...... I’ll say a few our fathers and hail Marys each day with my good catholic upbringing, and maybe that will work with the big commissioner in the sky. Is the worst season ever the Mets one year in the early 60s, when they only win 40 games? We can’t break that record; I sure hope not.
  14. I'll say it again - this team is unwatchable. Horrid excuse of a major league team.
  15. Didn't you see the earlier post by someone else of a super-huge-bicep Davis just prior to signing the contract, and then a super-thin-bicep Davis (no more steroids being taken by him, obviously) not long after signing the contract?
  16. As usual, the O's got fleeced again by Boras. Why in the heck did the Os decide to basically pay Davis the entirety of what is left on his contract, albeit on an installment basis, when they had the huge negotiating chip of the possibility that there will be a work stoppage next season and Davis may get nothing or only a fraction of what is owed him in 2022? Are they stupid? I would have thought with that sword of Damacles hovering above Davis, the Os would have gotten Boras to agree to less money than what he eventually got for him, in this final buyout agreement. What am I missing h
  17. All i got was a bunch of Engelbert HUmperdink and Tom Jones albums.
  18. ‘Crazy’ is a legendary song. Did Patsy Sing it first ?
  19. Please, for my sanity, DFA the bum Tanner Scott.
  20. I can't stand it! Losing with 2 outs in the 9th, and 0-2 count on the hitter. This season is torture being an O's fan. Suppuku seems like a good idea now.
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