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    Postseason picks

    Not sure how it'll shake out, but in the end I'm going Nationals > Astros. Scherzer and Strasburg are the ultimate equalizers, akin to, I'd imagine, Johnson-Schilling in '01. Soto is amazing. And that lineup seems to do just enough when they need to do it. Admittedly, I'm almost trying to will this to happen just to see the inevitable head-to-head matchup of the ex-Tiger aces. Wow, that'd be epic.
  2. I've to confess, before opening the thread, I'd thought it was referring to Mancini and Mountcastle. In due time, perhaps... ☺️
  3. Honestly, I think they've as good a chance as anyone. A 3-stud rotation and an opportunistic lineup such as theirs can carry a team a long way in the postseason. The BP...well, maybe the former two can overcome/hide the latter. They remind me quite a bit of the '17-'18 Capitals: year after year after year of hype and high expectations only to wilt in the playoff spotlight, but once the pressure was relatively off that season, boom, it all came together. We'll see how the Nationals do now that they themselves are coming in under the radar for a change.
  4. This loss means - and perhaps some may consider this a silver lining as well - that we've clinched no worse than the 3rd pick, what with Miami's win last night. "Magic" number to lock in #2 is 2.
  5. Guy who got fired is unhappy about being fired. Not much to see here, IMO.
  6. Fine play by Hays. Obviously VGJR had no issue with the enthusiasm. In fact, if you look closely as the camera switched to Ynoa, you see VGJR running right past him, and it looked like they had a quick lighthearted exchange as well.
  7. In the reality of the here and now, Villar all day (although I predict it will “officially” be Mancini). In an alternate Birdland universe, Little Yaz.
  8. This is shaping up to be a very interesting offseason.
  9. Marlins could well lose out. Forget #1. The Tigers are barely trying out there. They have it wrapped up. I'm guessing we'll settle solidly into the 3rd slot, unless the Royals completely throw in the towel over these next couple of weeks.
  10. Well, the Raiders brought back Jon Gruden after, what, 15 or so years (albeit for a pretty penny), and they've...ah, never mind.
  11. I’ve to say, Villar and Alberto could well make for a fun, intriguing (and, dare I say, semi-potent) 1-2 punch atop the lineup for ’20. I’ll be curious to see where they wind up in the order next year (if Villar stays, which I see no reason to believe that he won’t).
  12. I just don't understand how a team - and I don't care whether it's contending, rebuilding, tanking, whatever - would non-tender a nearly 4 WAR player.
  13. Let's see, there are...22 games left? I'll go with a double nickel.
  14. Under the previous regime, not only would I have been not surprised if we brought him back, I’d have practically expected it. Could easily have seen him getting an ’18 Tillman-type deal. With this regime, no way. I’m a big fan of his, and there’s something to be said for the intangibles he brings even now, as he declines, but there’s no place for him on this roster and considering where this team is now. My ideal scenario is that he retires at season’s end and we bring him in to next year's ST as an unofficial instructor/mentor of sorts, with a possibility of eventually attaining a more formal position (preferably after some MiL seasoning).
  15. I'd rather not lose a year of RM for some 40-50 inconsequential ABs. Just start the clock next season.
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