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  1. I was thinking a couple of days ago - and obviously, it'd never work - how cool it'd be for MASN to re-air the entire '12 season, syncing it with the same schedule/date; only difference being that every game would start at 7 pm (with maybe Sunday games moved up to 1 or 4 pm).
  2. I suppose it makes sense on the surface. No one will have played HS or collegiate ball, and how likely is it that there'd be a whole bunch of players that teams would want to make such an investment in? Those HS picks, particularly, would be exponentially riskier than in other years. Besides, you can bet MLB would like to cut costs in a year where it'll possibly lose half or so of its revenue. Yeah, 5 rounds sounds about right. Better than none, that's for darned sure.
  3. Of course we all understand the rationale behind this, but strictly baseball-wise, what a horrible move it would be. It’d affect multiple classes and muck up drafts for years to come. Juniors that teams figured would leave would (likely) stay, and incoming freshmen who were set to take their presumed-to-be-vacated scholarships would be (likely) out in the cold. Safety first, though, always. I've to believe they'll figure it out somehow if it comes to that.
  4. Water under the bridge, but this just shows what a mistake (IMO) it was to target Hurst over DJ Moore. OK, I’ve got to let go of that, and I will. Hurst showed some flashes and I’m sure he’ll do well in ATL, but I’m pretty pumped having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. Lot we can do there.
  5. I’ve been throwing myself into MLB 9 Innings on my phone. It is oddly and irrationally addictive - quite possibly the best gameplay/graphics I’ve ever seen on a baseball game, on any platform. Obviously the O’s are my user team, but somehow I’ve drafted/developed a nearly all Cubs roster (it's all by chance - just depends on what cards you pull and how good the player is). It’s a plus in that it gives my team a bunch of extra benefits/boosts (too long to explain how that works), but still. And it’s weird seeing bearded Jake in orange and black.
  6. I wonder just WTHeck sports media will have to/can discuss over these next few weeks or so. This is typically one of the busiest, most exciting times of the sports calendar, what with the NCAAs, MLB opening week, the Masters, etc; and now….well…. I imagine they can only dissect covid-19’s impact on sports but for so long, unless something further drastic happens within that time frame. After a week, maybe two, then what? If I had to guess, they’ll probably hammer the daylights out of NFL free agency and the draft.
  7. And coincidentally, this is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. I admit in full ignorance that I used to believe that this was an old people's disease. But Trey's not that much older than I am, and of course I now know that this, like many cancers unfortunately, can strike almost any age. It's one of those diseases that one really needs to be on top of, since it can start out so asymptomatically. I can't help but believe he'll come all the way back from this and, in his typical steady, understated way, hit the field and not miss a beat. Can't wait. (Well, actually, I can, but you get what I mean.)
  8. Tate's been on a nice little roll here since he got knocked around in his spring debut. I'm pretty high on him this year. The ERA was an eyesore last season but his peripherals were actually fairly decent.
  9. Maybe he'll be a bizarro Wieters of sorts: somewhat above-average in the minors, HOF-level MLB career. In any instance, not at all worried.
  10. I can't wait for Mount to become acclimated to MLB pitching. I think the guy's going to absolutely rake once he does.
  11. He's had minimal AAA experience and (IINM) doesn't have to be R5 protected 'til December. Guessing we won't see him with the big club, certainly not early on.
  12. I've always had something of a soft spot for Scott, but if I go with my gut and not my heart...yeah, it just feels like it's just not going to happen at this point.
  13. https://twitter.com/JonMeoli/status/1232286493579804672
  14. IMO, one of his assets is his ability to work analytics into his broadcast. And he does it in a nonintrusive, almost inconspicuous manner (which is helpful for analytics semi-novices like me).
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