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  1. I love winning as much as the next person, but I'd kind of like these guys to make up their minds. Are we aiming for Why Not '2(.)0, or are we all in on the Quest for Kumar? Drafting, like, 12th would be disastrous for us.
  2. Interestingly enough (or not), that would equate to roughly a 71-35 record in a "normal" season.
  3. I don't care whether they stink, or whether we stink (...well, actually, I do), or some combo of both. Beating the Sox will, and always will be, fun as heck.
  4. Yeah, not really surprised. Had a feeling that Gary and Jim in particular would bow out, certainly this year, at least.
  5. Yeah, reading between the lines it sounds like he has it pretty bad. Guy's had a fever since Thursday. Not going to eulogize him or anything but it just sounds a little more ominous than the other publicized cases. What's curious is that his wife says that they never went out for 4 months, yet he still caught it.
  6. Seems like this would've been a no-brainer.
  7. The league-wide shutdown is pretty significant. I'm suspecting the owners don't want to play this year anyway, so they could use this to really play hardball. It's not even really about the players, though: most/many are young and healthy and would quite likely be asymptomatic. The issue is the admin staffs, coaches, umps, all their families. Unless you put the players in a nigh literal bubble - and look at the NBA negotiations to see how that's being received - then this probably isn't going to work, what with the current risk tolerance. I'm having a hard time seeing MLB played this year. I'll be ecstatic to be wrong.
  8. Heh. https://twitter.com/molly_knight/status/1271963446293049344
  9. I'd guess the MLBPA would get him and like-minded players in lockstep fairly quickly if they can iron out a deal with the owners. Besides - perhaps this is too simplistic - they could just take away/not award service time if players opt to sit out. Snell might be just fine money-wise, but no way he'd cede a year towards a potential new deal.
  10. Reading this was a real gut punch. Maybe all this was common knowledge already and I was just out of it, but I'd thought it was just a little (well, "little") cancer scare. But Stage 3...geez. What the heck is going on? Was just thinking about how lucky we got with Trey. I can't remember the last O's draftee who rose through the system and actually exceeded expectations to become an All Star-level talent here. (I guess some could argue Means, but just roll with it.) Get better, dude.
  11. He may well have been my favorite player on that '12 team. Really, I had an almost irrational fondness for him, much more than what his general play warranted. But his pwning of the Yankees down the stretch that year was just that awesome.
  12. Lot of those guys were before my time, so for me I’d have to say none other than Bundy. Heck, I remember the numbers almost verbatim: 71 IP, 158 K, 2 ER, 5 BB, consistent 92-97 with an occasional run-up to 100, and a 12-6 CB. Even the “experts” thought we nailed it. It was almost like Christmas when he finally arrived. I really thought he’d be the anchor of this rotation for ~ a decade. What could have been had his body held up. Still feels weird he's not on this team anymore.
  13. I was thinking a couple of days ago - and obviously, it'd never work - how cool it'd be for MASN to re-air the entire '12 season, syncing it with the same schedule/date; only difference being that every game would start at 7 pm (with maybe Sunday games moved up to 1 or 4 pm).
  14. I suppose it makes sense on the surface. No one will have played HS or collegiate ball, and how likely is it that there'd be a whole bunch of players that teams would want to make such an investment in? Those HS picks, particularly, would be exponentially riskier than in other years. Besides, you can bet MLB would like to cut costs in a year where it'll possibly lose half or so of its revenue. Yeah, 5 rounds sounds about right. Better than none, that's for darned sure.
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