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  1. section 248 was awesome..great view........Weather was perfect.....$75 to have my nephews Bday on the big screen was a huge hit with them!!! Watched jays batting practice and each of the boys got a ball....Stopped in at guest relations and boys got a 1st game certificate and some players cards......A great night!! TY all for the superb advice
  2. Find out on Tuesday..paid $75 to have their bdays on the big screen too,lol
  3. ty all...went with section 248
  4. Going to the Jays game this Tues Sept 17th...Nephews (aged 10 and 7) first pro ball game. I think I read gates open at 5pm? Have seats in section 248. Any tips on them scoring a ball,or anything that can help make me the cool uncle? TY
  5. Thank you for the information Weams and Scott......I am from Canada, not sure what a Weams is? lol Can you get me hooked up with daily Tim Hortons here in Maryland? lol Great info regarding seats.....club level appears to be the way to go...Just need to find out if they prefer the 1st base side or 3rd. I doubt there is a rush to buy tickets as it is a mid-week game and both teams are in the basement. Should be a good time,none the less...Thanks again
  6. Howdy all. My sister, her husband and my 2 nephews (10 yrs old and 6) are visiting us from Canada and we plan on to take in the Orioles vs jays in Mid Sept. I want to get great seats. Any recommendations? Any cool packages? Want to make it a great experience for all, especially the nephews. Thank you
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