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  1. Rea seems to be recovered from a few injuries, having made 26 starts this year. I saw him pitch at Indiana State so I'd like to see him do well. Seems like a good gamble to take if we could sign him. The 2018 season was reminiscent of Rea’s early career in the minors as he struggled to come back from surgery and dealt with an additional lat injury that slowed his rehab. He had a 5.73 ERA over 75.1 IP, but did strike out 70 batters. This year, however, something seems to have clicked for Rea at Iowa. Maybe it’s just having a renewed confidence in himself after putting the elbow issues behind him. https://www.cubsinsider.com/2019/07/07/chicago-cubs-prospect-profile-colin-rea-looks-like-possible-plan-b-guy/
  2. They're making smart choices and developing well. Look at the post above yours. They did a great job with Didi, Voit and LeMahieu. Didi was available for years and they changed Voit after trading for him. I understand the animosity. But they're a smart organization.
  3. Right now, I doubt that Andy knows if he has a role either.
  4. Personally, I hope they can add a few guys from the Rays, a few guys from the Dodgers, a few guys they've worked with previously, maybe like Mike Fast who was with the Astros and is now with the Braves, Jaron Madison with the Cubs that they knew with the Cards and some guys outside of pro baseball. The Rays and Dodgers are loaded with bright people, some of whom might be interested in a promotion that isn't available with their current team. I'm anxious to see player development, similar to what Means just talked about but I'm more interested in seeing who they bring in as coaches, analysts, coordinators, etc. Elias didn't have time last year. This year he does, and he's had a year to make contacts and set a plan. And bringing in Matt Blood should be a huge help too. Rule 5 will be interesting but the hires from now until then should set the path going forward. That's what I'm anxious to see.
  5. “With K-Motion Baseball’s precise and personalized 3D swing data, the Orioles’ coaches can objectively identify opportunities for improvement in players’ swings, train the exact solutions and track progress through a centralized cloud dashboard,” the statement read. “Through the dashboard, coaches can now easily see relationships between different data points to uncover trends that will facilitate improved outcomes across the entire organization. K-Motion will also assist the Orioles with processing 3D swing data to detect potential injuries before they occur.” The Orioles, who had little data-driven infrastructure in place when Elias and Mejdel arrived in November, began using Edgertronic, Rapsodo, K-Vests and Blast Motion bat knob sensors in the Minors this season. Elias and new player development director Matt Blood are looking to fill the organization’s upwards of 30 vacant positions in player development, scouting and baseball ops with instructors who are data-fluent and tech-proficient. Elias has said he hired Blood, who has ties to Driveline, for his connections and experience in those areas. https://www.mlb.com/news/orioles-k-motion-player-development-partner
  6. That's the playbook: Rebuilding, in this case (and most), means trading veteran assets as they get expensive for young, cheap talent in the form of prospects. Prospects, by nature, are unpredictable. We don’t know how any of them are going to turn out. But the fault here, if this rebuilding process doesn’t result in a competitive team, will be fall at the hands of the scouting department that gave the recommendations as to which prospects to acquire, not at the philosophy itself. The Astros have broken things all the way down. The mistake many teams make is to trade some valuable assets, like the Astros did with Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence, but then hold onto other assets to keep from having to field a completely uncompetitive teams, like the Astros did not do when they traded Carlos Lee and Wandy Rodriguez this past season. https://tht.fangraphs.com/houston-astros-show-how-to-rebuild-the-right-way/
  7. I'm pretty sure Elias knows precisely what they did.
  8. Good point. Hope that works out. Padres system is loaded.
  9. Other than his mother, no one ever accused Steve Kline of being smart.
  10. Totally agree. It'd be more fun to believe Elias and Mejdal are smarter than everyone else and have magic tricks to where every trade they make is a big winner but with the exception of maybe a few teams, every organization has significantly improved their operation and evaluation of players. And that'll look like collusion during the not so hot stove period but it's just a newer means of evaluating talent.
  11. There's an article on how the Astros trade for Greinke came together (that I can't find right now) and what stood out to me was how the D'backs and Astros valued the same prospects almost exactly the same way. To me, the idea that "we know our guys way better than another team does" is kinda gone now.
  12. Right. Not yet determined. Furthermore, the number of pitchers a club can carry on the active roster will be capped at a certain number, to be decided by the aforementioned joint committee. To adhere to that rule, clubs will have to designate each of their players as either a pitcher or a position player prior to each player’s first day on the active roster for a given season https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-rules-changes
  13. I'd rather go all in as do it halfway. I don't see any reason to try to become an 81 win team. And you could say "it's one guy, likely $6-7 million. They have the money" which is true but it's still not an all in approach. I hope Elias gets an offer he wants for Givens, Mancini and Villar and all are gone, even though I know what that will do to the MLB record next year. And if that's what Elias is trying to do, how does it make sense to bring in an incremental improvement at short when that guy is gone in a year or 2? What seems more possible is finding some guy languishing in the minor leagues who takes advantage of an opportunity like some guys did this year.
  14. I think the focus is more on development rather than bringing in a stop gap. I understand the idea that fans would feel better winning a few more games but IMO, if the choice is to bring in a guy who won't be here in 2 years OR bring in 2-3 guys in A+ or AA who might be a part of the future, I think Elias is going to go the second route 100% of the time for now.
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