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  1. Experience in other sports has always lead me to prioritize offense over defense- I understand this may not be the case for baseball, but it's what puts Gonzales ahead for me even considering his environment. I'd imagine the reality of the situation is they're both very close.
  2. 2 pitchers and one who is really just an unfortunate story (literally everything, anecdotal or stats based pointed to him being a good player) doesn't really dissuade me from believing that the MLB draft, like any sports draft ever, can't be relatively figured out. Besides, evaluating pre-draft talent using post-draft metrics is flawed. At the time of draft, I don't think you'd find a person that argued against Appel as the top pick. Prospects on average in every sport has such a minuscule chance to reach all-star or above levels.
  3. Many people also underestimate the fixations on meaningless features that old-school scouting staffs had/did have that directly impact the WAR average for a draft slot.
  4. No, but comparing someone jumping into a polar bear pit (not people) to a person going back to his relatively high risk of violence hometown (most certainly people) completely misses the emotional and societal reasons behind heading back to the DR, and places the blame in what can be interpreted as a questionable place. This would not be a multiple page debate if Castro's home was Detroit, or another comparable US city (which by the way has a multiplicative higher crime and violent crime rate than Detroit and East St Louis at 2,752 per 100,000 in comparison to the DR's combined 22.1 per 100,000) and he went back and got mugged.
  5. Oh no worries, i'm used to there being an auto filter, my bad mods! Think I missed the time to edit, entirely okay with the post being deleted
  6. There is no reason to not take the million/2 million dollar bet on Taijuan Walker, someone who pre-injury would be one of the best pitchers the Orioles had seen in a while. If you spend the money and he sucks, it's no different than spending it on any other pitcher available. If you spend the money and he performs anywhere around where he left off, you just got yourself a decent 40-45 FV prospect at the deadline.
  7. His delivery could simply be an adjustment to a minor injury that happened when he was 5 or some sort of physiological niche that he has that's very minor (however unlikely that may be.) Generally speaking however I generally believe that keep it working for as long as it works.
  8. I get the reasons behind signing Cashner, but the pitchers that wildbillhiccup are suggesting are clearly better not only short but also long term. Cashner will fetch you nothing at the deadline. It's 100% a guaranteed fact that you wont get a prospect or player worth consideration, so he has no value regardless of total $$ value to this team in the future, which makes his value to this team in the present nothing. Would players like Santana, Sanchez, Estrada or Buchholz necessarily fetch anything? Not at all! But they have a higher chance to impact the future of this team for the positive solely in the comparisons of their tools and prior history. And even if Cashner pitches better with Brocail, who's to say the already considerably better players outside of half the 2019 season aren't going to be even better than Cashner underneath Brocail. Brocail is a good pitching coach all things considered, and if he apparently turns Cashner into Padres Cashner then he can turn Buchholz into Diamondbacks Buchholz (which was a year ago), Sanchez into Blue Jays Sanchez, and Estrada into Blue Jays Estrada. The Orioles rebuild should not be about solely getting a top-3 pick for 4 years and then opening up the floodgates. It should be about taking no-risk short term bets on players like Santana/Sanchez/Estrada/Buchholz to move past the ASB to acquire more assets. There's no such thing as too many prospects, so get as many as humanly possible, even if it costs an extra million or 3 a year.
  9. It looks like Pac-Man had a child with both the Oriole bird and Ness from earthbound at the same time
  10. Adding more playoff spots just serves to benefit tanking even more and a reason for teams to spend less money then they already do. You require less wins per player to make the playoffs, meaning less money spent out the gate. Then, when your team ages, you can simply tank, which will be a faster rebuild due to the lower bar of entry into the playoffs meaning less time spent tanking and less money spent overall.
  11. I remember a lot of buzz around the draft suggesting they'd go Witt or someone else due to money. Could have my details mixed.
  12. If Elias was still trying to save money, he would have simply drafted Bobby Witt Jr over Rutschmann. Pick slot obviously has a part in money spent, but it's not the sole reason
  13. I don't like pitchers early (1-10) and I generally prefer players as young as possible. Which, is on me a bit because for whatever reason I had this consistent idea Hancock was 22, and I have no clue where in gods name it came from. I would prefer positional players at 1OA but if 30 comes and Bitsko is there, I'd jump all over him. He's a 17 year old who throws mid 90s on the fastball and IMO while there is more risk, the ability to get a player into your minors before their 18 is wonderful for controlling and managing their development. (Which, pre 2018, I would have never suggested for a minute given the Orioles prior history of DnD.) Not to mention that prior to his reclassification, he was a top-10 prospect for the 2021 draft. That's ceiling to bet on and in the event that Hancock goes first, I wouldn't be upset to swing at that.
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