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  1. Can someone please explain to me what all this means and how it works? I love baseball, and have been around the game my whole life, however I’m not familiar with how this works. Shepherd is from my home town. I have umpired him since he was in little league, and called about 60 games during his high school career. So obviously I’m a fan and I root for him. I felt like he actually pitched a good game 9/30 vs Boston. Was hoping that might have a little bearing on next season for him. So does this mean they cut him, nobody else wanted him, and so by default he went back to Baltimore? Also what is Rule 5 eligible? And what does it mean that he has one option left? Then in previous post it was said that he can opt to be a 6yr minor free agent before rule 5 draft. I apologize for so many questions, and I feel really stupid but I just have no idea what all this means for him and was hoping you more knowledgeable folks could explain it please. Thank you.
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