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  1. I see you specialize in petty observations...hey 1995 called...wants to know if you still have dial-up...dude, 86,417 posts?...left your basement in the past ten years?...see, you wanna snark me I can snark with the best of them...some folks get their worth from irrelevant message boards...others, like moi, get their worth from engaging in a variety of life experiences including philanthropy, community service, activist causes, and an awesome 40+ year marriage...oops...should have had a hyphen there...any other comments...and I'll leave you with this bit of advice...don't be an a**hole...expecting an ad hominem response any minute now.
  2. thank you...never thought of that...guarantee you these current "prospects" won't be around in three years...wanna give the current leadership time but this current crop doesn't excite me...bust my balls all you want but I stand by my prediction
  3. been a fan for 50 years...we always had a class act team...even when we sucked we still had a great announcer in Jon Miller that made the games interesting...and great players...now we got crap announcers and crap players...Austin Hays!...yeah right...Chance Cisco!....nope...Ryan Mountcastle?...yawn....Mullins?...gawd help us...and basically most of the pitchers are AAAA at best...so, why should I care about an organization that now is putrid but once was great...I need hope
  4. Did the Padres get what they paid for? I say probably not.
  5. Bert Campaneris...for some reason I had extremely unkind thoughts about that little peckerhead...used to drive us nuts back in the day. Thurman Munsen...used to kill us hitting line drives all over the yard...never clean shaven and his uniform didn't quite fit right...reminded me of Pigpen Derek Jeter...ol' Jackknife Jeter...damn Yankee.
  6. so true about Newman...boring, monotonous delivery...says things that make you scratch your head...example: the batter swings through the pitch and fouls it back to the screen...huh?...also bad at describing the nuances of a play...she may be a baseball nerd but she's not a very good play-by-play announcer...criticized her in a previous post and the ad hominem attacks came fast and furious...I have no issues with a female announcer as long as she is good at her job and I've heard several in various sports that meet that modest criteria...Newman doesn't IMHO.
  7. Sat down in my rocking chair last night. Turned on the radio. Wait. What? Ugh. Not a fan. Call me old fashioned.
  8. Here's the end of the game.
  9. That's strange. I watched the game on Youtube.
  10. Upon further investigation, the pitch count for his 10-inning no hitter was 187! He walked 10 and hit a batter.
  11. In 1965, Jim Maloney of the Reds threw a no-hitter while allowing 11 batters to reach base. His pitch count: 176!
  12. Also can't forget John Steadman of The News American.
  13. okay, yes, Boswell is awesome...but I meant Baltimore -based columnist...I go back to the mid 60s but, again, loved Kenny. Also enjoyed Littwin. Schmuck is my least favorite.
  14. who is/was your favorite O's beat writer of all time? and who is your favorite columnist of all time? I go with Kenny Rosenthal for both.
  15. played in an old-timers league where we actually wore old-timey uni's...Al Bumbry was the guest star for the evening and was behind the mound calling balls and strikes...I pitched an inning or two...on one pitch I broke out the old knuckleball...not that great of one either...but Al was gushing all over it...man, you just threw a great knuckleball...throw another one...he had a good time that night and we enjoyed having him
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