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  1. I would want to do that. Abrams is a difference maker.
  2. The Marlins are talking publicly about adding hitters. There was speculation about Marlins talks for Mullins at the deadline. If Mullins gets traded, Miami might make sense. They've got plenty of young pitching.
  3. I think there was legitimate work being done with him with pitch recognition and controlling the strike zone. I think there was some work being done with him as a left fielder. Answering a binary question, I'd say yes, service time was a factor. I wouldn't say to an egregious degree because I think the strike zone work was both needed and helpful but yeah, to some degree.
  4. "Normally speaking it's because of the service time rules". How many top guys do the O's have? If you're saying Adley and Grayson are the only guys held back by service time these days, I agree. But I guess it depends on how you define "top guys".
  5. But see, that's the difference. He was given time....made to take the time... to grow as a GM. He dealt with huge expectations because of his draft status and couldn't deal with it emotionally. I understand that you disagree. And I understand that I won't convince you. But developing confidence is a real thing. And Billy Beane WAS just as physically talented as they thought he was. I shouldn't have jumped in. You have your beliefs and I have mine. Have a nice night.
  6. Are you familiar with the history of Billy Beane as a player before he wound up in the Oakland organization?
  7. Subtitles. As Philip is explaining on video, subtitles provide emphasis at key points.
  8. Very good idea. And it could be done on a budget yet still maximize content.
  9. I'd suggest your own YouTube channel. Your points will come through so much more clearly in a video rather than a website. Remember, common sense isn't that common. Don't minimize what you could contribute to society.
  10. Thanks. I appreciate the comments.
  11. Thanks for the detail in your post. Very helpful information. Do you have a feeling, one way or the other, about whether these 2 things, Sig's system and the O's development style, are things that are reviewed year to year to adjust and correct or are they things where the organization is set in stone and convinced this is THE way?
  12. If Elias gives out candy on Halloween, Nelson will blame him for worldwide diabetes.
  13. As OP did with Rogers, you might be giving too much credit.
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