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  1. Almost sounds like a draft pick with high upside.
  2. Agree with all of that. Bad break on the Ortiz injury. Hopefully he can come back and handle short adequately. I'm pretty sure Westburg will put in the work. That may not make enough difference but I'm confident he'll improve as much as he's able.
  3. That's a big difference. Sorry to see that. In the little bit I've seen him, he looks more like a third baseman. He's never going to move like an Iglesias but I thought he'd move well enough, and throw well enough at third. Guess that's still to be determined.
  4. MLB.com grades the arm at 55. Not sure I would agree with the writers opinion there.
  5. 7Mo

    Colton Cowser 2021

    Obviously the initial placement was far too conservative. Is Elias doing this to have a higher ranked farm system?
  6. Good post and rather than trade for a first baseman, the Red Sox are about to play the non-first baseman Schwarber at first base.
  7. Is there a source that evaluates the median value for a team from an amateur draft?
  8. I don't know if we would have really paid him $3M or if that's just something being said but thank goodness we didn't. I don't have any faith in that K rate being corrected.
  9. 7Mo

    Kyle Stowers 2021

    The Bowie OBP is .410 right now.
  10. How on earth do you get "I want to criticize them" out of this? The only point to the whole discussion was that it wasn't unreasonable to discuss an extension with someone in the minor leagues. You've twisted about as far as possible to create an argument out of this. You go have fun with it.
  11. Agreed. But I think there needs to be more invested, adding a solid reliever and infielder. Hopefully 2 starters.
  12. Not one clue. I don't have the information available to make smart decisions about that. But even though I'm not the one to make those decisions, I do believe the O's should be considering possibilities and I think they will. May not work out, but I hope they're at least checking.
  13. My only point was that it is, indeed, possible to sign a guy presently in the minor leagues to such an extension. You're dissatisfied with that. It seems like a reasonable point. Maybe consider signing an extension with Adley Rutschman or Grayson Rodriguez. That's not enough for you now so you require me to give you specific figures on what I believe would be proper so that you, as a message board poster can then criticize me, as a message board poster for my lack of knowledge as I sit here on my living room couch with 3 dogs drinking a cheap beer. I can tell you this. The O's employ
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