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  1. And Austin Martin is playing third base like he did last year. He's never been a regular shortstop in college.
  2. Remember that Martin hasn't played short in college. It appears he's more than capable but he hasn't done it yet. This spring will tell a lot.
  3. Given the offseason swing change work, I'd think he has a fresh start this ST. Hope the changes work for him.
  4. I'd bet that he does and it just hasn't been updated yet.
  5. Sorry to see that but thanks for the information.
  6. Searching MLBTR, the last Covey article is him electing free agency on Jan 22. No sign of a Rays signing there.
  7. There's an article in The Athletic talking about Covey. He had always featured a sinker but that caused him a lot of trouble with left handed hitters. The White Sox encouraged him to move to a 4 seamer to lefties and that was effective except when he would tense up. He was working toward a bullpen spot with the MLB club and then was sent to AAA where he worked as a starter. He had a conflict with making changes as opposed to staying with what he'd always done trying to earn a spot. Doesn't sound like he was all in on making the changes. But maybe we could give him time and help making those changes. From the little I know, it seems like a good gamble as a longer term project rather than an immediate contributor.
  8. You're basing your grade of Elias in part on "the MASN issue"?
  9. Was #15 on the Red Sox prospects list as of March 2019: The righty is not really the type of reliever we’ve gotten used to around the league over the last few years. Instead of pairing a huge fastball and a devastating breaking ball, Lakins boasts four pitches that could be average or better. One of those is a big fastball that can get up to the upper-90s in shorter stints. Beyond that he throws both a cutter and a slider, which share similar movement but come in at different speeds, as well as a curveball and a changeup that may be scrapped. The repertoire was never the issue for starting, and it carries over to his relief profile. However, the arsenal is not a finished product, as he needs to work on commanding all of his pitches in any situation. https://www.overthemonster.com/2019/3/15/18266925/red-sox-top-prospects-travis-lakins-bullpen-depth
  10. He probably meant it wouldn't require anyone from the major league roster.
  11. Jose Siri maybe? The Reds announced Monday that they’ve designated outfielder Jose Siri for assignment. His spot on the 40-man roster goes to fellow outfielder Nicholas Castellanos, whose previously reported four-year, $64MM contract has now been formally announced. Siri, 24, was considered to be among Cincinnati’s best farmhands just two years ago. FanGraphs, in fact, ranked him near the back end of the game’s 100 best prospects (No. 93 overall) heading into the 2018 campaign. At that point, he was a 22-year-old who was fresh off an impressive .293/.341/.530 slash with 24 homers and 46 steals in the Class-A Midwest League. Since that time, however, Siri has turned in a pair of disappointing seasons, logging a combined on-base percentage south of .300 in 2018-19 between Class-A Advanced, Double-A and Triple-A. This past season, Siri mustered a lackluster .237/.300/.357 showing through 517 plate appearances in the minors, and he’s struggled even more heavily in the Dominican Winter League (.196/.264/.411 in 125 plate appearances). Siri has a minor league option remaining and is a plus runner who has been touted as a potentially plus defensive player, making him a reasonable bounceback target for a club that’s lacking outfield depth. The Reds will have a week to trade him, place him on outright waivers or release him.
  12. I differ only in the sense that I think he gets 6 weeks of the regular season to fail. Then he's gone. And that will coincide with the Mountcastle call up.
  13. I'd like to think Davis rejecting the suggestions to work with someone and work on swing changes over the offseason was the last straw, realizing he'll have a chance in ST to prove otherwise. Even with decision makers wanting to give him every opportunity given the size of the contract, refusing suggestions and refusing the plan for improvement might have done the trick.
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