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  1. Bailey is a really interesting dude. 5'9" guy who is really thoughtful and curious about all the technology. Connolly has an article on The Athletic about the Rule 5 results but there's a link in there focusing on what the Astros have done developmentally and how Bailey is really kind of a perfect example of what they do. Really good Jake Kaplan article.
  2. I think you can count on Akin in '20. Elias has said he'll be given a chance to break camp with the big club. Even if that doesn't happen, I think he'll be up early and hopefully stay the rest of the year. Kremer probably has a good chance to be up late in '20.
  3. AND an all star right fielder and all star second baseman. Might take a minute for them though.
  4. Hey, Merry Christmas dude. You've made your point a few times. Let's move on. Is it snowing where you are? Do you hear sleigh bells? Tis the season of 4 new Rule 5 names. How could anyone not be thrilled with that? @Moose Milligan
  5. — If a team chooses a player in the Rule 5 Draft, they will pay $100,000 to the team he was chosen from. — The receiving team will put the player on its Major League 25-man roster for all of the following season, and must be active for a minimum of 90 days. — If the player does not remain on the Major League roster, he is placed on outrightwaivers. If he goes unclaimed, he is offered back to his original team for $50,000. If the original team declines, the receiving team may option him to the minor leagues.
  6. I would imagine they'll tell him to prepare as a starter and then decide in ST. Seems like a long shot to me but then, today is the first time I'd ever heard his name.
  7. Well, there's a small fee involved. Send credit card info and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Athletic's just traded for Buddy Reed, one of the most talked about Rule 5 possibles.
  9. @Luke-OH Curious where Bailey would fit in the O's top 30 when you have time.
  10. The MiLB phase doesn't have the same restrictions. I believe he can play anywhere.
  11. I'm pretty sure he was joking but whatever, I appreciated being able to follow the draft and have a good idea about a lot of the names, thanks to the great work you did. Thanks.
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