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  1. I agree with this part. Didn't mean to suggest otherwise.
  2. I differ only in the sense that I think he gets 6 weeks of the regular season to fail. Then he's gone. And that will coincide with the Mountcastle call up.
  3. I'd like to think Davis rejecting the suggestions to work with someone and work on swing changes over the offseason was the last straw, realizing he'll have a chance in ST to prove otherwise. Even with decision makers wanting to give him every opportunity given the size of the contract, refusing suggestions and refusing the plan for improvement might have done the trick.
  4. He just had surgery for a torn capsule in his shoulder. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/astros-aaron-sanchez-could-miss-all-of-2020/
  5. Not to mention that no one else in the Astro's front office is implicated.
  6. The Reds seem interested in Holt. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/reds-rumors-interested-brock-holt.html
  7. Brodie says he never asked. No one ever asked Beltran. Seems a tad bit shy of competent to me. Or believable.
  8. 7Mo


    I understand. But I could feel really good about a Givens and Mancini trade (and maybe 1-2 more) if the return looks good and if prospects are developing well. That could make for a pretty bad 2020 season but would give me even more hope going forward.
  9. 7Mo


    Not sure how you look at it but I can see a scenario where we have a top 5 pick in 2021 (even top 3) and I could still feel really good about progress and where the organization is going.
  10. If he's throwing well by July, we should find out if the O's are willing to eat some salary to trade him. And whether they will eat a lot to increase the prospect return.
  11. Wilcox doesn't fit the profile we've been looking for in pitchers according to Luke. The pick at 30 should be really interesting. It's likely that there's a very good high school talent available there with huge signing demands. Do you take a risk with the high ceiling high school guy there? Obviously it depends on who is available but it'll be interesting to me to see which direction they go.
  12. You're more confident than I am. Cora gets killed. Not as sure the Sox do.
  13. And for how many years and years and years.
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