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  1. I think teams are generally way smarter than they were even five years ago. I don't see teams falling over themselves to trade for a guy who doesn't have a very long track record of success. My hunch is that a "sell high" return would be pretty underwhelming at the moment - and in that case, I'd rather bet on Mullins continuing to succeed and hopefully contributing to a winning team or being a more valuable trade chip later on.
  2. 304 PAs is still a small sample size. He's had 418 PAs prior to 2021 where he didn't look very good. I'm happy for Cedric, but its difficult to assess worth when he isn't a proven, stable commodity.
  3. I agree completely. Overall, at the moment, I'd give a C. The progress with the team's international presence, analytics, etc is great - but I'd expect that from any GM in 2021. The Farm System is ranked high by sports journalists - but I feel like those rankings notoriously favor a few top prospects over a deep system. I don't really think those rankings are the end-all-be-all of development-system health. Adley, GrayRod, DL Hall, and Gunnar Henderson are exciting - but beyond that, I'm not quite sure who else is really going to make an impact. And, they all could have been here wit
  4. The farm system and drafting under DD is super underrated. I don't understand all the hate directed toward them. I guess people don't realize GrayRod and DL Hall were drafted by that regime?
  5. I think the bolded is key. A Mancini trade actually needs to return an impact player - not somebody who is going to be a fringe player that could be found relatively easily elsewhere. I don't think Mancini would be terribly expensive to re-sign. So, I wouldn't necessarily look at him as just a one-year-left guy.
  6. Hard for people to steal bases on you when there's no one on the basepaths because you're always serving up meatball pitches for homeruns.
  7. Thanks for posting this Tony - best video I've seen yet explaining it. I've been following it on Twitter for a bit, but this video sums it up nicely. Means is frequently cited on social media as one of the worst offenders as this. He has blatantly been going to his glove all season. He also has added new moves to try and disguise it - he does this weird twist thing now where he turns his body away from the dugout TV camera to load up from his glove. There's a guy on Tik Tok who breaks this down a lot and he cites Means as one of the most egregious cases. Worth browsing if you're inte
  8. I think the Angelos sons can get a little bit of a pass - they hired Elias and committed to an organizational rebuild, moves that were highly praised across the league. It's unfair to condemn them for dumb stuff their dad did. The bigger issue right now is Elias & Co can't find major league talent outside of high draft picks. Any GM should be expected to be able to do that. And many of the Orioles prospects were inherited from DD's regime. The tradeoff for tanking should have results that justify the cost. Right now, that isn't happening. The O's are tanking, really killing thei
  9. In general, I think front offices are way smarter now - and Bedard-type returns in trades are a thing of the past. But I agree with you, Means is a valuable piece and should net a return that is valuable to the long-term fortunes of the organization.
  10. I just came here to say that a "Sal Fasano Mustache Mask" promotional night is a missed opportunity.
  11. I'm not the biggest Hyde fan myself, but what talent? The only players on the team that were nationally ranked prospects are Hays and Mountcastle. Hays has been decent; Mountcastle has been disappointing but he's showing some improvement. Other than that, it's a gaggle of guys who really aren't that talented outside of Means and Mancini. It's more an indictment of Elias than anything.
  12. I think that's an optimistic projection. They're further away than that.
  13. I don't think the ranks really work like that. They define who is closest to the majors, who is the most slam-dunk case to make the majors. It's a pretty fluid scale, so I wouldn't worry about who is #40 compared to #90 or whatever.
  14. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/former-mlb-exec-albert-pujols-age/1munpjji15ukb1w1jj1o05kjhc Interesting article from an interview with David Samson, former Marlins President. I think most people suspect Pujols is actually 44 years old. The big quote:
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