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  1. Rich people don't sell during an economic downturn. They buy.
  2. I personally like teams playing the World Series in their own stadiums. In baseball, the stadiums are so unique. They mean so much more to the fanbase. But, I think MLB would be attracted to the idea of scheduling the World Series at a neutral park. Then, like the Super Bowl, they could setup festivities and all that hoopla far in advance. Presently, you don't know where the games are going to be played until a few days beforehand.
  3. San Diego would probably be the top candidate. The Rangers just built a new shiny ballpark, so they'd probably be considered as well. Basically, wherever they do the World Baseball Classic games.
  4. That was my immediate reaction too - but the more I read, the more it seems a large number of players are in FAVOR of doubleheaders. They want the stats. When Manfred is saying ramp up in mid-May, that means "Spring Training." So, a month to get ready - then you're starting Regular Season games in June. That's the best case scenario at this point. I'm by no means an expert, but the more I've been reading, I'm cautiously optimistic that is do-able.
  5. A lot of these articles are misleading. They take a quote from Manfred saying, "We're open to anything" and then list a bunch of nutty ideas from Scott Boras. Manfred has straight up said he's not expecting to play 162 games. I think they'll try doubleheaders to increase some games - but like you mentioned, I can't see the season going late into the year because 1) It'd impact next season 2) There's a chance of another surge of this in the winter. One thing I could see them being interested in is playing the World Series in a neutral site. It'd allow them to experiment with making it something like the Super Bowl.
  6. I'm sure they're open to anything. The CDC recommended that groups of more than 50 people should be avoided until May 10th. MLB has publicly committed to honoring that guidance for the Regular Season. The next few weeks will tell us a lot. Some epidemiologists are predicting that we'll hit the peak in the US in about three weeks. Others are predicting far longer. At the moment, nothing is certain. But, we'll know much more soon. But, to answer your question - I think anything is on the table. Regular Season games without fans, a limit to stadium capacity, etc.
  7. They have nothing to gain from it financially. That's why they haven't done it yet. But if they care about their ex-teamates, friends, and even sons who might play the game one day - they should.
  8. There's always been rumors about Toronto. The hotel in the outfield makes it pretty easy.
  9. The MLBPA needs to be a union for all baseball players. Not just for an elite club of superior athletes. Their mega contracts were built on the backs of career minor leaguers who earned very little. Owners are always going to be owners. The MLBPA needs to step up on behalf of all workers within their industry. And all of us, collectively as common-folk workers, need to make our voices heard and demand this change as well, through the power that our collective wallets have over the owners.
  10. The Ravens got Smith for a bargain contract, so I'm all for it. He's getting older, slower, and has had difficulty staying healthy - but he's still a solid player. A lot of people predicted he'd be able to command a much larger contract than this in free agency, so perhaps he wanted to stay in Baltimore. But, his contract is guaranteed with incentives, so maybe it matched the guaranteed money he was offered anyway on a multi-year deal.
  11. It's a quote from Dan and Britt's article on the MASN dispute on The Athletic. I wouldn't put too much stock in it. Basically, Elias was saying the Nationals started out by having a few high draft picks in Strasburg, Rendon, Harper. Elias was noting the similarity in what the Orioles are doing now.
  12. This is a fantastic article and definitely worth a read. Lots of new info. Basically, it seems like the Orioles are committed to Baltimore for now - but a lot of doubt about their long term ability to stay here if the Nationals continue to win fans in Howard/CarrollCounties.
  13. I think that's probably what happens. Sometime in April, they'll start with a period of empty-stadium games. The players will be rusty, but it is what it is. Season ends as scheduled in September.
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