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  1. I think it's a great idea if he's undervalued. It's just another way to add talent to the organization. We don't even know what the deal is, so I'll hold my judgement until more details come out. My gut tells me he gets a sweeter deal elsewhere.
  2. I agree. No reason that 2018 team should have been that bad. They quit.
  3. If they're coordinating together, it's collusion. Having a meeting and creating some type of agreement qualifies as that - so the bolded sentence would definitely be that. They're also not free to do business however they please - they agreed to a collective bargaining agreement with the players. And they're also beholden to national anti-trust legislation like the Sherman Act that doesn't allow that sort of thing.
  4. I always forget that Markakis and Flaherty are related. This article about their relationship is pretty amusing: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23636060/atlanta-braves-brothers-law-nick-markakis-ryan-flaherty-bring-best-other
  5. It's not illegal to refrain from signing guys to long-term contracts because you think its a bad idea. It is illegal when George Steinbrenner pulls his offer for Carlton Fisk after Jerry Reinsdorf asks him to - in a secret, coordinated effort amongst all of the owners to keep player costs down. That's collusion.
  6. I think this weird, shortened season will help the O's deal with fan fatigue from consecutive 100+ loss seasons. Everyone is just happy to have baseball and has forgotten about how bad this team really would have been if the season kicked off as normal.
  7. Philip, he's not giving a sworn deposition here. It's one sentence from a much longer interview on a podcast without considering its context. To me, it's clickbait - and not something that would have any legal repercussions whatsoever.
  8. “My point was that no matter what happened with the union, the way things unfolded with the second spike,’’ Manfred told USA TODAY Sports, “we would have ended up with only time for 60 games, anyway. As time went on, it became clearer and clearer that the course of the virus was going to dictate how many games we could play.’’ “As it turned out, the reality was there was only time to play 60 games,’’ Manfred said. “If we had started an 82-game season [beginning July 1], we would have had people in Arizona and Florida the time the second spike hit.’’ “We just weren’t going to be able to play more than 60 games at that point,’’ Manfred said, “with everything being shut down. The reality is that we’re going to be lucky if we 60 games now given the course of the virus.’’ “I know it hasn’t looked particularly pretty in spots, but having said that, if we can pull off this 60-game season, I think it was the best we were going to do for our fans given the course of the virus.” “It’s the calendar,” Manfred said. “We’re playing 60 games in 63 days right now. I don’t see, given the reality of the health situation over the past few weeks, how we were going to get going any faster than the calendar we’re on right now. No matter what the state of those negotiations were.” You're taking one soundbite out of an interview. I wouldn't put it past MLB to stall to get what they want at all - but acting like a one-off comment during a Dan Patrick interview is some admission of guilt is a pretty big leap. It wouldn't have any standing in court.
  9. Dang, you really hate Manfred! The reaction to Manfred's comment hasn't been great and probably not what he was hoping for at all. But, saying that it's a clear admission of collusion and bad faith is a big, big stretch. The COVID-19 situation changes daily and hourly. I don't think MLB can be locked into any agreement during a really unprecedented time when no one knows what to expect next. That 82 game offer came when things were looking pretty good, relatively speaking - now there is a pretty big resurgence in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California that has everyone pretty worried.
  10. This is a great post and I think explains Manfred's position very well. MLB is a product - and it's his job to make everyone money now, while also evolving that product to make money in the future. There's a million factors that have led to baseball dropping from its glory as "the nation's pastime" to 3rd/4th in popularity today. I don't really think rule changes can solve everything. A typical NFL game is full of dumb penalties, breaks, commercials, really long challenges, and usually run about three hours - and it's extremely popular. So, that alone isn't keeping kids away. I really think MLB's biggest issue is its communications strategy, the poor quality of its broadcasts, and the accessibility of the games. It just feels like a game for boring, old people - and that just isn't attractive to kids looking for their own thing.
  11. Having a chip on your shoulder is half the appeal of being an Orioles fan.
  12. Definitely. All things they should consider adopting to help keep apart as much as possible. Players from the Bundesliga/Premier League have been sitting in the stands instead of the standard bench. No reason MLB couldn't setup temporary facilities in the concourses.
  13. NYC and New Jersey within the NYC Metro are obviously very different than anywhere else in the country. It by far has the highest population density in the country. Their population overwhelming relies on public transit. I think all things considered, they did pretty good. To take this back to baseball - I think this shines a light on the concern of COVID and sports teams. Clubhouses are dense places and the virus could easily rip through a team, just like any other disease. By restarting MLB, I don't think anyone can reasonably expect that players or personnel aren't going to test positive at some point - but there needs to be a plan in place to prevent it from taking down everyone once it appears.
  14. I don't really think public perception has much of a factor in CBA negotiations. Holding firm on certain issues - expanded postseason, prorated salaries, etc - has way more to do with it. A lot of the issues between the MLB and the MLBPA right now are posturing for a much bigger battle over the next CBA. The bad PR that has surrounded these negotiations definitely has a long-term impact of the vitality of the game and the league. That's more of a problem for the owners, in my opinion. But, that's why they pay Manfred the big bucks - to be the fall guy if things get too bad. Same thing with Roger Goodell. They pay him all that money to walk out on the stage during the NFL Draft with his tail between his legs and get booed for a reason.
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