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  1. Idk man - Price, Kershaw, Verlander, Scherzer all have rings and they were all huge contributors to their teams. I think those deals paid off. Price's record in the WS was 2-0, 1.98 ERA, .951 WHIP. Kershaw had a record of 2-0, 2.31 ERA, .857 WHIP in this year's WS - and if you take out his bad game from the 2018 WS where the Astros were stealing signs, his overall WS record is very good. Scherzer was 1-0, 3.60 ERA, 1.90 WHIP in the 2019 WS. Dueled Greinke in a crazy Game 7 and was absolutely lights out for the WC/NLDS/NLCS. Verlander's record isn't as shiny, but pitched very well in the 2017 WS, was the MVP for the 2017 ALCS with a 2-0, .56 ERA, .750 WHIP record. Sure, the contracts are risky. Somebody can blow their arm up at anytime. But having really good pitchers helps win championships. You gotta play to win.
  2. Exactly. The O's played great for two weeks - but they are who they are. Quite honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the Red Sox pass them by the end of the season.
  3. I'm not sure you'd get a top 10ish prospect for Cobb, even if you eat a lot of money. At the 2019 Deadline, the Mariners traded Mike Lake and cash to the Diamondbacks for Jose Caballero, who was outside their Top 10. The Astros acquired Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini for Derek Fisher - who is basically a failed prospect. The A's got Tanner Roark from the Reds for Jameson Hannah - who was the A's 8th best prospect at the time, but is now the Reds' 17th best prospect - that might have more to do with the state of each team's farm system. Cobb is pitching well at the moment - but I think he's compatible in value to those guys due to his age, injury history, and inconsistency over the past three years.
  4. I agree. Making sure GrayRod and DL Hall reach their potential is the most important. And developing someone else besides them too.
  5. Gary's a gem. I hope he stays around for a long time. Garceau is a hometown legend, but Gary is just on another level. Love hearing Palmer and him together.
  6. He'd obviously refuse - and pulling that kind of stunt would be pointless and result in tons of issues with the Union and players. Trying to shame Davis out of money the O's agreed to in a contract is just bad form. There's a month left of the season. The O's are going to wait until 2021 to see if there's a full season or not before even thinking about cutting him. It's just the way it's gonna be.
  7. Kevin Gausman got 1/$9M, Homer Bailey got 1/$7M, and Julio Teheran got 1/$9M last offseason. Cobb is a bit pricier, but if the O's kick in some money to make Cobb's final year of his contract similar to the going-rate for question-mark pitchers, I think he's trade-able.
  8. I'm sorry Mr. Corn - wasn't trying to get into a philosophical debate about the semantics of the word "job." 😉 My point was that he shows up, does what he's told, just donated a big chunk of change to UMD's Children's Hosptial, etc. It's not like he's out there like TO talking about how Donovan McNabb sucks to the media or running off to Vegas in the middle of the season with Carmen Electra like Dennis Rodman. That's a "circus." He's just a bad baseball player.
  9. I think it's a bit unfair to call Davis a "traveling circus." He isn't a good player - but he does his job and by all accounts is well-liked and respected in the clubhouse.
  10. Maybe they are just looking at run differential? Orioles are +16 - while the Tigers are -2 and the Rangers are -14. It's still so early, even in this mini season. The O's are 11-7, things can swing pretty quickly.
  11. This weird year has made it pretty difficult to gauge things. If it was a normal year, I'd say it's probably time for the jury to start deliberating on Elias - but it's pretty difficult to judge him at this point with only one year of performance from the minors.
  12. I wouldn't call Robinson Cano a trade chip. I think Dipoto got lucky on that one and found a bad GM in Van Wagenen. Kelenic looks like the real deal.
  13. I'm with ya. Even during a normal season, Givens is the only guy that I think could possibly bring back an impact prospect. Possibly Cobb if he pitches well - but I think teams are going to be really financially cautious like every other business in the world right now. If they are in contention August 31, personally, I'd like to avoid the George-Sherrill-esque trades. Steve Johnson delivered when they needed him in 2012, but overall, I much rather would have liked to see the Flat Breezy than the collective contributions of Josh Bell and Steve Johnson. A prospect to me is someone who actually has a shot of making an impact. Not just any player under the age of 23.
  14. I think teams are going to be really reluctant to take on money just because of the uncertainty of the world right now. There's a totally possible chance the stadiums are empty or at a reduced capacity next year too.
  15. Bundy: 27 years old, plenty of upside, consistently pitches 150+ innings, worth 2.5 WAR last year, making only $5 million this year. Absolutely insane Elias traded him for the return the O's got. Solid pitchers who make $5 million a year are RARE.
  16. I mean, he put together a pretty terrible team on purpose. He wouldn't have put together this gaggle of mediocrity if his goal wasn't to tank. I can't imagine he'd be stoked if the O's make the playoffs and he can't go underslot with a top five pick. Like MurphDog mentioned - I think he'd be excited if the players of the future propel the O's to that success, but there really aren't any players like that even on the roster besides Hays and Means.
  17. The MLBPA has been completely out of touch this entire time. They originally wanted 110 games and to play into December. Manfred hasn't been great during this - but he's had the most goofy, hardheaded union to deal with.
  18. There is a protocol. The players have to follow it - they're adults. The players have been extremely careless in the dugout - I can only imagine what they are doing when cameras aren't on them.
  19. The issue is that people who do risky activities - like going to bars - just don't stay in bars forever. They go to the grocery store, they walk in their neighborhoods, they possibly are going to work, they come in close contact with people. That contributes to the spread of the virus, the transmission to vulnerable populations, and the overwhelming of hospitals. I think printing unlimited money is a terrible idea too - but the only alternative isn't opening everything up and letting it rip. There's plenty of middle-ground there. A huge, national COVID-19 outbreak would be devastating for the economy anyway - the USA is already cut off from the rest of the world in terms of travel. That's going to have dramatic consequences on business.
  20. RIP Mo. He brought more joy into this world than most do in a lifetime. He taught everyone to smile big, laugh loud, and believe in the O's no matter the odds. There isn't a person more deserving of any hall of fame.
  21. To say thanks to his players for going through this, I hope Jeter sends every player one of his famous gift baskets...
  22. Being flexible with the schedule is going to be necessary. The incubation period for a reliable test is typically a few days, so in events like this - a team will have to shut down for a few days like the Marlins have in this instance. I'd expect to see lots of double headers later in the season. MLB really could have benefited from starting in early July and spacing out the games a bit to allow flexibility in the schedule. The packed schedule just doesn't leave a lot of room for anything to go wrong. And plenty of things go wrong during a normal year, let alone crazy 2020.
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