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  1. I don't really think public perception has much of a factor in CBA negotiations. Holding firm on certain issues - expanded postseason, prorated salaries, etc - has way more to do with it. A lot of the issues between the MLB and the MLBPA right now are posturing for a much bigger battle over the next CBA. The bad PR that has surrounded these negotiations definitely has a long-term impact of the vitality of the game and the league. That's more of a problem for the owners, in my opinion. But, that's why they pay Manfred the big bucks - to be the fall guy if things get too bad. Same thing wit
  2. I think the big danger is being in the same enclosed space for a long period of time with a AC/Heating unit blowing the same air around to everyone. Airplanes, movie theaters, restaurants - places where you're there for a while. In and of itself, a baseball stadium with socially distanced seating should be relatively safe - the same as hanging out in a park. But I just don't trust the other numbskulls fans who'd go to be smart and respectful of boundaries. The amount of people who wear a mask that covers their mouth and not their nose is incredible.
  3. I think this is how most people feel. Baseball is an entertainment product, when it comes down to it. There's a suspension of disbelief involved with being a fan - just like being entertained by watching a movie. We obviously know that Jurassic Park isn't a real thing, but that doesn't stop us from being thrilled, scared, and emotionally moved when the T Rex breaks out of its cage and tries to eat the kids in the car. With being a baseball fan, there's a similar suspension of disbelief - we buy expensive hats and jerseys to feel part of the team's success even though we contribute absolutely n
  4. I think before it got to that point - Congress would have already threatened to revoke MLB's anti-trust exemption.
  5. Lindor is the type of guy that probably would be worth the contract.
  6. This is how I feel. This year stinks - but if it needs to be done to protect our vulnerable friends, family members, and neighbors - then we need to do it.
  7. I think one certainty is that COVID will hurry along the contraction of minor league teams and permanently lead to a draft that is shorter than 40 rounds.
  8. While Bundy and Gausman never really fulfilled their expectations - it's not like they were busts. They both are still okay major league pitchers starting pitchers - which ain't worth nothin'. Same thing with Wieters - never became switch-hitting Jesus - but he was a solid backstop. But, I agree with your overall point.
  9. I really hate always bringing up the Astros when predicting what Elias might do - but if you look at their team, they traded for a lot of their impact starting pitching: Verlander, Cole, Greinke, Morton. Keuchel was home-grown and was a 7th rounder. McCullers was 41st overall (and who they picked up by taking Correa underslot) and an outlier to this - but he really hasn't been able to stay healthy. His all-curveball game in the 2017 World Series was pretty important, though. I guess if you can grow the bats - you can then go buy/trade for pitchers that you already know are sure thing
  10. I think this sums it up. Willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but Elias better have gotten it right. You don't weaken a fanbase through a 100+ loss, tanking season to skip on the consensus best player in the draft.
  11. Good point. That was one of the theories going around why Tommy John Surgery was becoming so common a few years ago - kids getting overused way too young.
  12. The NFL is way better at putting its product on TV. A random Thursday night game between two crappy teams opens up with a big pre-game show, some popular musician signing a song, the network's top announcers, awesome camera angles, slick graphics packages, replays, pre-packaged videos that provide context. They're great about making sure they educate you about what other teams are doing - so then when they play next week, you know who they are and want to tune in. It's on one of the major networks that anyone can access. It's a pretty engaging show. But, MLB will have two old dudes slugg
  13. Good point. Baseball teams are so expensive because they are one of thirty. And people want in the club because baseball is fun.
  14. I think most people play multiple sports though? It's not like kids are deciding what sport they want to specialize in when they are seven. Anybody who played sports at my high school did something all three seasons (fall/winter/spring). By the time an elite athlete gets to high school, they're going to start getting offered scholarships and start considering being a professional athlete as a career. They'd obviously start putting financial considerations into their decision-making process at that level.
  15. I agree. The players are in a bad position from a negotiating standpoint and also a public relations standpoint.
  16. Exactly. DeWitt isn't "wrong" - baseball isn't a very profitable business when compared to other big companies in terms of their revenue for the year against their expenses. But, like you mentioned, an owner can make a lot of money when they eventually sell that asset. I think a lot of people get confused by net worth. It's not like when Jeff Bezos checks his bank account he has $153 billion dollars just sitting in his checking account. I'd assume that the owners are currently having major cash flow issues at the moment, like most companies are right now in the middle of a pandemic and te
  17. Liking a tweet could very easily be accidental. It's bad form to be accusing someone based on such flimsy evidence. This is a bad thread.
  18. Rick, you're looking at the Forbes estimated value of the franchise - not the size of their markets. Forbes is famously not very reliable with those things. You're also ignoring Northern Virginia and DC itself as other large, wealthy communities. There's a huge gap between the Nationals and the Orioles.
  19. What are you basing this on? The DC Metro area is 6th in the country in population and one of the wealthiest areas in the country. The Baltimore Metro area is 21st - and that includes Columbia - which the O's probably split with the Nationals as far as fan allegiance. The only smaller markets in MLB are Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Milwaukee. The Orioles are a small-market team.
  20. I guess it's how you define "five tool player." Here's a pretty interesting article from Bill James where he attempts to identify "successful five-tool players." He lists Grady Sizemore and Corey Patterson as "unsuccessful five-tool" guys: https://www.billjamesonline.com/five_tool_players/ Like you mentioned, Roberto Alomar would be it for the O's.
  21. Hahaha Baltimore fans can be insane. And what he said wasn't even controversial - Adrian Beltre is a first ballot HOF. 93.6 WAR to Brooks' 78.4. Two amazing players.
  22. I think the most we'll hear about it down the road is in regard to HOF cases. If a player like Miguel Cabrera ends up 100 hits shy of 3,000 - people will bring it up in those discussions. The only real "record" that someone could achieve this season, like many have mentioned here, is hitting .400. I doubt people will give it much weight - and it'll probably become more of a trivia question or fun fact than a true honor. If some crappy team like the Orioles somehow gets hot for 50 games and wins a World Series - there certainly will be the wink and nod that it was obviously a fluke -
  23. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/mlb-owners-say-they-could-lose-4-billion-even-if-games-are-played-does-that-math-add-up/ Great article from FiveThirtyEight outlining the finances of MLB in midst of these proposals.
  24. I actually LOVE curling. Every Olympics I get so amp'd up about it. Let's play sometime.
  25. Yeah - they still would need approval to use home stadiums, but that doesn't seem to be the issue holding them up. The only area that might have an issue is Toronto, which I'd assume would play somewhere else if needed. Right now, the hold up is just over money. How many games and how the money will be split between the owners and players.
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