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  1. Back in the early to mid-nineties i lived in Middle River and enjoyed the crab cakes and cream of crab soup at the River Watch. Been out of MD since 2002 so i couldn't say what is still around or good anymore. However, we do get some supposed lump blue crab meat from time to time and make them at home. Really it is the only way.
  2. I would think that Elio Prado is in the top 30. I've heard a lot of good things. Can't wait to actually see for myself.
  3. Fun fact from my minor league park hopping: Last year was the last as the Kannapolis Intimidators (built a new stadium and a new name), seen Drew Rom pitch a gem. I was the only one in a crowd of maybe 300 cheering for anybody, and obviously it was the visiting Shorebirds. Anyway, they had one of Earnhardt's cars there on the concourse which got hit at least 3 times by foul balls during the game. It was the only times that the other fans even groaned. You could hear the ballplayers talking in the on-deck circle. I sat at the Shorebirds dugout nearest the circle and had conversations during the game with several youngsters. I'm an observer and let them know the starter was tipping his pitches with a slight hitch in his hands during the wind-up.
  4. I'm not sure. I seen a game there a number of years ago (when they were still an Indians farm team) but haven't noticed them on any Birds' affiliates schedule.
  5. I won't be going to Camden Yards in the near future period. Living in NC, I had planned out several minor league games this year in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Durham, Hickory, Kannapolis, and Asheville. There are a few more minor league towns that I just don't see us traveling to (mostly eastern part of the state). I had early April tickets reserved with the hopes of seeing AR with Delmarva. I would still go to minor league games this summer. But I won't have the chance since they are cancelled.
  6. He has an effortless swing. I like the pick more and more.
  7. I wasn't sold on Martin at #2 anyway -- too many questions about his mediocre defense at multiple positions. I was actually hoping for Nick Gonzales myself but ... willing to see what we have in Kjerstad. Am a bit dumbfounded by the talk of not missing on pitches in the strike zone yet having so many strikeouts but we'll see. If even one of Mayo and Baumler turns out then this will be a successful draft. I'm intrigued by Haskin's "5 tools" and am impatient to see some minor league games.
  8. #2 Gonzales - under slot #30 Bitsko - over slot #39 Montgomery - he has a pitcher's name, doesn't he?
  9. The players need to play. As far as how bad this pandemic is, let me share some first hand information. I was hospitalized on April 2nd, I had a heart attack. Not from fear of Covid-19 but from blockages of arteries in my heart. I had to have emergency surgery ... I feel 1000% better today than I did then. I am a very friendly person and am at ease speaking to damn near anyone at all. Anyway, I was informed while in the hospital that in my condition, even though the only symptom similar to the Covid-19 pandemic being shortness of breath, I would be counted as a patient. The staff I spoke to was in absolute disgust that the reasoning for this (from high up in the hospital) was that they would get a $39,000 bonus for each case they report. And other information I will not share. Be careful of what you hear on the news today. It will be different a few years down the road.
  10. You know you're old when you was there at the opening of "31-year-old Harry Grove". What was the name of the stadium the Keys played in their first year? McCurdy Field?
  11. I am ready, willing and able to attend some minor league ballgames this summer if allowed to.
  12. I have to agree with Matt Riley. Million dollar arm, 10 cent head. He was the worst interview I had to do. Was so unimpressed. If there is anyone out there who thought higher of him than himself, I haven't heard it. Confidence is great, that level of cockiness just left me with the impression that he is one.
  13. Now the latest is a proposed 100 game season starting July 1 and ending October 15th. The silver lining? O's escape another 100 loss season!
  14. Pretty sure Fred Lynn played here for a few years. Not great but not terrible as these others were. He just played on some bad O's teams.
  15. For me, I met and spoke to Chuck Thompson under the stands in Memorial outside of the Hit and Run club for about 30 minutes talking baseball. He could tell I was a fan of the game and honestly I could listen to that man talk for hours and hours. I ran into Johnny U at Harundale Mall in the early 80's, I asked him if he could sign a card for me but I had to run to our car to get it. It is the only APBA football card of his that he said he had ever signed. He waited about 10 minutes for me to return. We then talked about that game and he was genuinely interested . Fond memories.
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