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  1. Please do share. I am not a part of the Twitterverse ...
  2. There is stealing signs the old fashion way and then there is being wired to cheat. I'm starting to wonder if players being suspended for a year might turn more heads to prevent this crap again ...
  3. I do believe that the confidence in the defense behind you comes into play, mainly the mindset of having to strike someone out rather than put a ball in play. However, Hyde really was a work in progress with getting to know his team (and still will be to a point this season with the amount of turnover expected). The inflated ERA and different usage really is to be expected in a rebuild though. With the expected improvement in the defense up the middle maybe that will revert back to previous numbers. That is my expectation anyway. Not low 3's ERA but high 3-low 4 ERA is what I am expecting. This team is going to be hard pressed to avoid 100 losses again. Honestly, 99 losses should be seen as a major improvement.
  4. I can't imagine Hinch or Luhnow being hired with this stink on them.
  5. Don't forget that he has bonus incentives in there. Would love to see the others accept deals with those in there too.
  6. Chuck A

    Farewell OH

    Congrats! That rule 5 compendium you put out was indeed impressive as hell.
  7. That's a fun read, thank you!
  8. Jim Traber belly flop slide into second. He missed by about 10 feet and literally just bounced on his belly. I laughed so hard seeing that I almost peed my pants.
  9. I am curious to know how this fielding OAA would figure Cal's year of 3 errors at SS. He obviously didn't have great range at that point but his positioning was second to none. If i'm not mistaken that was a gold glove performance. I still have to value the eye test above these fancy stats. This past season I seen the Shorebirds play 4-5 times on the road here in NC. Grenier is "supposed" to be the superior defensive player compared to Adam Hall, but in every game I seen Hall make some very nice plays - moving laterally and making strong throws whereas I seen Grenier react slow and miss a couple plays that looked (to me) very gettable (i may have just made up another new word). I realize it is a small sample size but I prefer to value my eye test over fancy stats.
  10. Is it to be considered a great year if he manages to hit .210-.220 and only strikes out half of his ab's? I do not seriously think he gets more than 200 ab's this year.
  11. So with Iglesias replacing Martin, based on this year's projected line-up (Hays in, Smith Jr out and the SS swap) the value is 0 vs -28 OAA. Wow.
  12. Ibanez seems like a very interesting choice.
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