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  1. Hey now, Stewart makes the highlight reels for heading the baseball and otherwise looking like he never played in the OF before that game. I laugh at those highlights.
  2. I gave it an F. For what seems like obvious reasons but my biggest concern is the overabundance of apparently mediocre/low upside outfielders early and often. I think Cowser was a fine pick. Norby was a good pick. The glut of OF that are going to cause what last year's run on MI is causing now in the minors has the appearance of "maybe one of these guys will develop into a good utility guy". Let's throw this SS prospect into CF so he can get enough ab's to evaluate. Gee Wally, this stuff makes very little sense to me. And pitching. I'm not an expert. But drafting college seniors a
  3. We need at least 4 or 5 more OF to make this a GREAT draft!
  4. And now pitching for the Orioles, Outfielder X X .
  5. If Alan Wiggins could stick at 2B, this guy should be able to. Would've been better if he ran the ball to first than threw it.
  6. I did a renovation project on Wake Forest's baseball stadium while he was still in college (Gavin). I have to say that he looks less like a linebacker than his dad did.
  7. Sadly, Matt Riley had a million dollar arm but a 10 cent head. I interviewed him for the CL Beat, a small rag that was around for only a couple of years. After my interview I could only shake my head. He was spending money he didn't have yet and thinking he was a BIG STAR as he was blowing away Single A hitters. He was basically a 2 pitch thrower with the high heat fastball and knee buckling curve. As he moved up and couldn't find the strike zone that curve was useless as you could sit on red and feast. He had one of the nicest catchers that i ever met there in Frederick in Cesar Devares
  8. "They" are saying the 4 HS SS, college C and 2 college P's all are every bit a top 5 pick. By my math that's 7 players. Also am hearing a lot of there is a far drop off in talent after those guys. So if we were to go underslot with someone in the 10-15 range it sounds like it would be a bad move. Of course i'm no expert but if Watson is there at 5, he needs to be in black and orange.
  9. I wonder if another team will sign him. I seen JC Encarnacion in 2019 with Delmarva. He had a long loopy swing. Batted fourth first time i seen him, 3 bad swinging strikeouts. Second time he was batting 8th, he took another 3 strikeout day and looked horrible at 3rd base. HORRIBLE. I'm actually surprised he was even invited back.
  10. I read about this a couple weeks ago. The host "billet" families was cancelled this year due to the virus. And the Orioles are far from being the only team involved with their minor leaguers having to find their own living arrangements. Why dormitory housing is not provided is beyond me, BUT it is the way it has been forever so ... It is the same way it is in hockey. In Juniors anyway (under 20 yrs old). Billet families are the best.
  11. X WHOA BACON, that is comedy gold right there!
  12. I have to say that Carlos Vicioso is a great baseball name. Hope he murders the ball.
  13. I want to see more footage of Elio Prado myself. The scouting report i seen has my interest!
  14. I always wanted to visit the Metronome ...
  15. I can't remember the year but watching the outfielders trying to catch fly balls in the snow on opening day. It was a cold April afternoon.
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