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  1. Belanger was excellent at short. I don't remember him having a clean uni by the end of any game. Erratic at the plate but he could execute the hit and run, he had smart speed on the bases, and really rooted for him. You could only admire the way he played the game. Unfortunately that enthusiasm, no professionalism, is gone for the most part.
  2. We haven't seen the intl signing blow up as a huge prospect yet but it is coming soon. There are several pitchers and hitters that are described as high end potential. I can't see 1 or 2 of these not blossoming into that. Especially since most of these are 16-18 yrs old at signing. Maybe I am just being very hopeful but I do like what i've read and the few videos i've seen of some of these kids.
  3. I am hopeful that one or more of the MI recently drafted becomes a blue chipper too! The draft in any sport is a crap shoot.
  4. I do believe the PTBNL is predetermined but due to not being on the 60 man it cannot be announced in this strange year.
  5. Lowther had an oblique strain which probably put him on shut down. Don't know if Wells had any issues. The 60 man had mostly players who could help this year and a few prospects that they didn't want to lose an entire year of productivity. I'm not reading much into it at all.
  6. Wayne Gross. He of the 11 hr and 18 rbi. Mr Solo.
  7. Hard to have a good swing when you aren't seeing the ball. From his condition or whatever.
  8. I've never been a fan of his. Since his hockey days he has been a "fake" homer to me. I was ok with Jon Miller til his head wouldn't fit through a regular door frame. I guess I have always been a Chuck Thompson fan. Hell, the team of broadcasters i miss the most is Mel Proctor/John Lowenstein.
  9. I would think that a guy with any pride in himself would just walk away instead of being an anchor to his team, just collecting a guaranteed paycheck for ZERO production.
  10. I wonder if there is any team that would take on Davis' contract as part of the deal, ie Cobb and Davis for a bp bag of balls.
  11. Same here. He signed my first glove. Met him and the Orioles Bird while he was in a cast for his broken leg (Bumbry, not the Bird). I was a little kid and was in awe.
  12. I was looking for Elio Prado on the list. One of the 2 17 yr olds that were the Cashner trade. Keep an eye on him. Very toolsy, if that is a word.
  13. What good is a utility player who isn't a good fielder? NOT the Orioles way that i grew up with.
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