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  1. Im obviously in the minority here but i liked Wieters. Did he live up to the hype? No. How many truly do? Was he a damned good catcher? Yes, i value switch-hitting good defensive catchers with some pop. Could he run? I could run about the same but you can't have everything, that position wears a body down.
  2. Didn't Yogi say baseball is 90% mental and the other half repitition or some such bs? It looks to me like he is just distracted. I mean that i've never seen any player not watching a pitch come in like he does for the past few years. It seems to me to be awfully dangerous for him to stand up there and watching a gnat, fly, or unicorn instead of a pitch. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  3. I'm wondering if all the PA haters even remember Mr Jacobs and his closed wallet. PA did spend some dough on this team even if he was Steinbrenner Jr like.
  4. Could you imagine Epstein as Commissioner? An actual baseball guy as the commish. What a concept. I might actually like it
  5. What a nice problem to have, no? I think there has to be a lot of rotating 3 guys through 2 positions going on most of the season (whatever that may be). Naturally there should be more of Henderson, Westburg, Servideo getting daily playing time more so than the Grenier, Hall, Cullen's of the prospects. There will be injuries and slumps to go through also (again for whatever the season will actually be). And the adding experience at new positions (Hall to CF, etc). I think it is kind of interesting that there are now so many MI prospects that they are rotating them to the OF where there are also a lot of prospects (makes me wonder where Kerstad will start - high A perhaps since he is a college bat, supposed to be close to ML ready, with a call-up to AA mid-season). Sounds like another thread to start ...
  6. It's just my opinion but I don't think they are shopping Cobb this offseason as he is exactly what we need. A veteran presence who can eat innings. I do believe he will be available come trade deadline, but to start the season, the O's need him. I fully expect Elias to sign another Milone or Leblanc type pitcher or two to compete for a spot in ST. I can't say that Means being the most veteran member of the rotation would be a good thing. He only has 2 seasons under his belt.
  7. Possible platoon with Alberto if he is retained???
  8. You didn't even have to change the color to green to feel the sarcasm!!! Love it!
  9. His scouting report is exactly why i figured him much lower than this.
  10. And considering we dont know if Frederick is being contracted or not. Losing an affiliate will hurt.
  11. From seeing GRod in SAL action from last year, I can say from the eye test that he commands the mound. His curve definitely set up his fastball very well. He didn't "fall" off the mound from his delivery and was able to field his position well. I was impressed. Sadly he was on pitch counts both games as he came out in the 6th and 7th inning of each game I seen. I have not had the opportunity to see Hall first hand yet but the dude has the stuff if he can harness it from all accounts. The future looks bright from where i'm sitting.
  12. Belanger was excellent at short. I don't remember him having a clean uni by the end of any game. Erratic at the plate but he could execute the hit and run, he had smart speed on the bases, and really rooted for him. You could only admire the way he played the game. Unfortunately that enthusiasm, no professionalism, is gone for the most part.
  13. We haven't seen the intl signing blow up as a huge prospect yet but it is coming soon. There are several pitchers and hitters that are described as high end potential. I can't see 1 or 2 of these not blossoming into that. Especially since most of these are 16-18 yrs old at signing. Maybe I am just being very hopeful but I do like what i've read and the few videos i've seen of some of these kids.
  14. I am hopeful that one or more of the MI recently drafted becomes a blue chipper too! The draft in any sport is a crap shoot.
  15. I do believe the PTBNL is predetermined but due to not being on the 60 man it cannot be announced in this strange year.
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