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  1. Pretty sure Fred Lynn played here for a few years. Not great but not terrible as these others were. He just played on some bad O's teams.
  2. For me, I met and spoke to Chuck Thompson under the stands in Memorial outside of the Hit and Run club for about 30 minutes talking baseball. He could tell I was a fan of the game and honestly I could listen to that man talk for hours and hours. I ran into Johnny U at Harundale Mall in the early 80's, I asked him if he could sign a card for me but I had to run to our car to get it. It is the only APBA football card of his that he said he had ever signed. He waited about 10 minutes for me to return. We then talked about that game and he was genuinely interested . Fond memories.
  3. This is where I stand. Akin has a chance to be as high as a #4 starter which is nothing to sneeze at. The O's have been a team of #5's for too long. So yeah I am mostly an optimist. If this was the DD era (which I know Akin came from), he would've been rushed to the big leagues last year to fail. Spring brings hope eternal. Robert Frost type crap. I subscribe to this. Akin has decent stuff he just needs to find some consistency and probably confidence in his off speed pitches.
  4. Spot on about the nude beaches. I would 100% go back to St Maarten when the budget allows. The airport is tiny. Customs was just plain miserable. One word of caution ... buy the additional insurance on your rental car. Damned wild goats like to walk over parked cars, never seen anything like it.
  5. Service time grasshopper. I read the "he needs to refine his approach in the stretch" as being "we need to control his service time like we are doing with other youngsters". No need to rush anyone and lose a little control when this is another lost season.
  6. Eric-OH I have a question ... are any of the young DSL players with promise in attendance or do they stay in the DR? Thinking of Prado, Placencia, etc ...
  7. Have any of you seen "Trouble with the Curve" with Clint Eastwood? I enjoyed it. Although it was slow to get going.
  8. May I highly recommend St Maarten? If you enjoy beaches, snorkeling and AMAZING food choices. I experienced french food for the first time there. I ended up ordering more scallops for dessert because they were better than chocolate. No lie. Pricey but amazing. I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it was a small house converted into a restaurant. On the french side obviously. The dutch side had some pretty amazing restaurants too. One piece of advice though ... if you go to the nude beach expect to be disgusted. I'm going to leave it at that.
  9. So am I. I put him on my OD roster as 4th OF. Can't deny his defense.
  10. Eric-OH, you sir are the reason I am getting excited about Gunnar being a real prospect. As they used to call a "blue chipper" is how I am interpreting it. I hope to see him play this summer. Do you think he will start with the Shorebirds? They travel extensively through NC where I live and I enjoyed the hell out of seeing the impressive young pitching staff many times last season.
  11. Last year in Greensboro they have a gimmick of donating $ to charity for each strikeout of the opposing teams clean-up hitter. The game I seen there it was JC Encarnacion. The Shorebirds won the game 8-0 behind a dominating G Rod performance. JCE went 0-4 with 4 K's and looked like he was clueless at the plate. It was a great game to see but definitely was memorable to win by that margin with the cleanup hitter being the hole in the lineup. Doesn't mean anything but a one game snapshot. I did see him several other times last year, he has good size but didn't really stand out offensively or defensively.
  12. I seen Rom pitch last year in Kannapolis. He was dominant, mixed pitches VERY well. His curve ball had lefties knees buckling a la Gregg Olson. If memory serves me correct he had a 2 hitter through 6.1 or 6.2 innings. Had to be on a pitch count because his stuff was still very good when he was pulled. Fun fact - that team in Kannapolis had an Earnhart race car sitting on the 3rd base concourse (they were the Intimidators until this year) that got hit at list 4 times by foul balls, no glass just more dents.
  13. Thanks for the updates Scott! Sitting at work and looking here is better than mlb.com
  14. Charlie Hustle belongs in the HOF. Period.
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