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  1. If the O's were to draft Leiter, we would hear too much about how "the ball looks so fluid out of Leiter's hand ... " I'll be here all week, try the fish.
  2. I agree. They were signed to hopefully be traded at or before the deadline.
  3. Reading this thread shows just how much the game has changed. I used to go to the games to see the "games inside the game" that went on sometimes pitch by pitch. You can't see that on tv. I was a season ticket holder (13 to 29 games) from 1989-2002 and attended an awful lot of games without paying for parking (used the light rail at OPACY), food (eat on the way to the park), or drink. Yes, i have many books of scorecards kept during those years. Pitch counts, balls, strikes, etc i have a system. I do still do this at minor league games. This is what i like to do at games, rather than walk the concourse, go shopping at crazy prices, or try to get drunk for close to a week's paycheck. I'm really not a fan of watching on tv since Mel Proctor/John Lowenstein were canned. Now i get my fix at minor league games, which i would rather see these guys trying like hell to get to the big leagues than seeing the showboating bat flipping bs so many stars do. Manny lost a lot of my respect seeing him act so non-chalant in not running out grounders and not giving his all in the field before being traded. MLB has basically priced out the fans of my ilk from going to many games a season anymore. What working man can afford to go to 29 games now? Certainly not me. I would rather go to see the game being played than play on my smart phone. I can do that in the bathroom.
  4. I fully expect Elias to do plenty of waiver wire dumpster diving at the end of ST and during the season, IF there is anything resembling an almost normal season.
  5. This is where being at the games is so much better than watching on TV. Being able to see the games within the game. As a STH from '88-03 i was able to observe Cal re-position the infielders before pitches. He was like having a coach in the field. His 3 error season was amazing. Did he have to range far? Nope, he was in the right place most of the time. He also relayed pitches behind his glove to the other infielders, open mouth/closed mouth to tell them whether fastball or not. Did it help? I guarantee it didn't hurt. I was and will always remain a huge Cal fan due to how he carried himself and was humble around fans. Reasons like this are why I believe stats are great but the eye test deserves to be noted as well.
  6. As a hockey fan first and foremost, I have always had a dislike of Gary Thorne for his obvious hatred of certain teams at all costs - mispronouncing names on purpose (how can you can call it wrong for years in that business?) and his seeming dis-interest at times. Whenever he would call a hockey game i would turn the sound off to enjoy the game instead of listening to him. As a lifelong Orioles fan - I often chose to listen to the radio calls over the tv voices. I really enjoyed Jon Miller doing the weekly games but not as an Oriole pbp man. He annoyed the hell out of me for always trying to be cute with the same stories over and over instead of calling what was going on. I'm sure i am in the minority but i loved the Mel Proctor/John Lowenstein combo on HTS. I like what i've heard from Ben McDonald and B Rob. I couldn't bring myself to pay for the MLB network last year and am on the fence if i'm going to do so this year. Probably just catch the free games when i can. I tend to be much busier outside from spring through fall anyway. I'm still a damn box score junkie and read everything i can. Being a couple states away from easy local coverage makes it tougher but i wouldn't trade it for anything.
  7. I know it is completely unfair to judge Stewart's defense off of one play but I can't help it ... I can't unsee the ball bounce off his head. And I didn't laugh at it, i cringed. But even when he steps to the plate, that's what I remember.
  8. I'm curious to see if this was specifically towards Gunnar, based on all of the ravings previously bestowed upon him. I'm wondering if he starts at Bowie or goes to Aberdeen for a month or two then Bowie. It would be nice to see an actual young player going up the chain to reach the majors before he's 24.
  9. Not to mention that he could play all 3 OF positions well. I think "poor OFer" is incorrect. His arm was very much average though.
  10. Im obviously in the minority here but i liked Wieters. Did he live up to the hype? No. How many truly do? Was he a damned good catcher? Yes, i value switch-hitting good defensive catchers with some pop. Could he run? I could run about the same but you can't have everything, that position wears a body down.
  11. Didn't Yogi say baseball is 90% mental and the other half repitition or some such bs? It looks to me like he is just distracted. I mean that i've never seen any player not watching a pitch come in like he does for the past few years. It seems to me to be awfully dangerous for him to stand up there and watching a gnat, fly, or unicorn instead of a pitch. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  12. I'm wondering if all the PA haters even remember Mr Jacobs and his closed wallet. PA did spend some dough on this team even if he was Steinbrenner Jr like.
  13. Could you imagine Epstein as Commissioner? An actual baseball guy as the commish. What a concept. I might actually like it
  14. What a nice problem to have, no? I think there has to be a lot of rotating 3 guys through 2 positions going on most of the season (whatever that may be). Naturally there should be more of Henderson, Westburg, Servideo getting daily playing time more so than the Grenier, Hall, Cullen's of the prospects. There will be injuries and slumps to go through also (again for whatever the season will actually be). And the adding experience at new positions (Hall to CF, etc). I think it is kind of interesting that there are now so many MI prospects that they are rotating them to the OF where there are also a lot of prospects (makes me wonder where Kerstad will start - high A perhaps since he is a college bat, supposed to be close to ML ready, with a call-up to AA mid-season). Sounds like another thread to start ...
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