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  1. Actually, yes, it can. It gives him more time to react.
  2. I'm not sure I'm following you. The weight of the bat makes a big difference for whether you can get the bat off your shoulder in time. When players can't, they don't swing.
  3. I think this is something to watch as well. I think it has always been very noticeable that he carries a heavier bat than the average player. He certainly did in his prime. I may be remembering wrong, but I don't recall him ever using a smaller bat as he has aged (and, IMO, his bat speed has decreased) and last year when he played at a lighter weight. If his weight gain does not produce the desired results, he should be trying a lighter bat.
  4. We'll see. I'm not optimistic either, though I'm not sure if it's for the same reasons. We can't judge the deals in a vacuum, but if we end this rebuild without making this type of trade, I'll be negative about that aspect of the rebuild. When you decide to tank, this should be part of the cost.
  5. I was actually disappointed to hear he gained weight, but he looks good. I don't know that the comparison photo is a good comparison, but he looks like he's in shape. Let's hope it helps. Personally, I think his issues largely stem from a decline in bat speed. I thought losing weight might help. It didn't. Maybe gaining strength will help the bat speed? I've been pessimistic, but seeing him jacked makes me think there is a chance. That said, I'm not expecting any prime-Crush transformation. Just back to replacement level would be a very optimistic outcome.
  6. I agree we should be looking at making these types of deals. We can't say whether we should make a deal for Myers since we do not know the prospects involved. But if we're going the tanking route (which we clearly are), we should be considering talent acquisition this way.
  7. if we had made the playoffs all of those years (or maybe even above .500), I would have a different opinion.
  8. I think I like him better than most here. To, me the big questions are: 1) health (obviously); and 2) consistency I think he has a lot of upside though.
  9. I won't look down on you for skipping this one.
  10. I judge coaches based on how they wear their hats too. 😞
  11. Perhaps this is my misunderstanding. Aren't we talking about the trading of international slot money? That does not relate to how much is spent on drafted players.
  12. You know that every dollar that the Orioles traded away got spent? I'm not sure if I'm following that statement correctly, but where is that tracked? As far as I have ever seen, media outlets seem to have a hard time tracking exactly how much has been spent.
  13. I haven't seen enough of him there either, but it's been my impression is he would be a Mancini or Schwarber in the outfield. If you draft Tork, it's probably as a 1B/DH. If you don't want a corner defender or college RHP (Hancock), then right now you're probably looking at Nick Gonzales (assuming Austin Martin goes #1). But there's a whole season to be played for players to rise, particularly a high schooler. Personally, right now, I'd be happy with Martin or Hancock and would prefer to avoid Tork. But we'll see. I won't be surprised if a high schooler ends up being in the discussion.
  14. We're still learning Elias, but it did not take long for him to jettison Drew Jackson last year (though he did head north with the team). On a team that is expected to be as bad as our team is expected to be, I can understand trying to keep two Rule 5 players. I'm not sure I'd bet on it though.
  15. This hat has me concerned that Elias does not have full control. Our wonderboy GM would have never allowed this hat to be released to the public if he had full control.
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