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  1. Perfect Game put out a new Top 400 list: https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=18080 Zac Veen is the high school riser. I don't know it has been mentioned on here, but he went to the same high school as Austin Hays. I think it is less likely that we pick a high schooler with the covid-19 issues, but the list is worth a mention.
  2. MLB is considering skipping the draft: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-considering-skipping-2020-draft-to-save-money-during-covid-19-shutdown/
  3. Interesting. It's still early, but I prefer an IF or CF. I am usually in the camp of select the BPA, but this might be a year to consider going underslot if there is someone we like that we can get for significantly underslot (and we think it will help at 30/39).
  4. He hit 351/385/892 with 5 HRs in 40 PAs last spring. He was on the roster until the end of spring training with 6.9 OppQual. He was still sent down to AA. I don't think Elias is putting a lot of stock into the spring statistics.
  5. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think his stronger position is 2B. His defense at 3B is not considered good enough to play everyday, but good enough to be a utility player and play there some. This is my recollection from a scouting report, not from personally watching him.
  6. If he hits .240 with 20 HR, his OPS will be north of .700. Probably closer to what @SteveA suggested above. Personally, I say root for the guy and if we have that problem it will work out. I don't think we will be contending next year. Trey Mancini could be traded, Nunez could develop as a 3B, Mountcastle shocks everyone and plays a passable LF, etc. I don't think we need to root against Davis' (potential) success.
  7. MLB is switching from Majestic to Nike this season. I think you will see the Majestic jerseys on sale until they are gone. I haven't looked, but Nike probably has not released the road ones yet. I expect they will at some point, but I don't have a guess as to when.
  8. Actually, yes, it can. It gives him more time to react.
  9. I'm not sure I'm following you. The weight of the bat makes a big difference for whether you can get the bat off your shoulder in time. When players can't, they don't swing.
  10. I think this is something to watch as well. I think it has always been very noticeable that he carries a heavier bat than the average player. He certainly did in his prime. I may be remembering wrong, but I don't recall him ever using a smaller bat as he has aged (and, IMO, his bat speed has decreased) and last year when he played at a lighter weight. If his weight gain does not produce the desired results, he should be trying a lighter bat.
  11. We'll see. I'm not optimistic either, though I'm not sure if it's for the same reasons. We can't judge the deals in a vacuum, but if we end this rebuild without making this type of trade, I'll be negative about that aspect of the rebuild. When you decide to tank, this should be part of the cost.
  12. I was actually disappointed to hear he gained weight, but he looks good. I don't know that the comparison photo is a good comparison, but he looks like he's in shape. Let's hope it helps. Personally, I think his issues largely stem from a decline in bat speed. I thought losing weight might help. It didn't. Maybe gaining strength will help the bat speed? I've been pessimistic, but seeing him jacked makes me think there is a chance. That said, I'm not expecting any prime-Crush transformation. Just back to replacement level would be a very optimistic outcome.
  13. I agree we should be looking at making these types of deals. We can't say whether we should make a deal for Myers since we do not know the prospects involved. But if we're going the tanking route (which we clearly are), we should be considering talent acquisition this way.
  14. if we had made the playoffs all of those years (or maybe even above .500), I would have a different opinion.
  15. I think I like him better than most here. To, me the big questions are: 1) health (obviously); and 2) consistency I think he has a lot of upside though.
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