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  1. I'm giving a hypothetical explanation for the Orioles keeping Davis. I haven't seen an explanation on here for why we would keep him. You don't have to agree with the rationale for keeping Davis. But if the Orioles keep him, I think there is a rationale.
  2. Could the Orioles keep Davis until there is another labor agreement? If there is a strike after 2021, maybe they save some money. I know it's not what everyone wants to hear, but putting it out there. Maybe they keep him and have him on the injured list most of next season?
  3. Exactly. He actually didn't get much of a chance under Buck (not saying he should have). Just an odd comment, I was wondering if there was a basis for it.
  4. What do you think "backing into the playoffs" means? The 2014 Orioles are curious.
  5. When did Buck say that? I don't recall that.
  6. I think we would probably be happy if he is able emulate the Rays. So far, I don't see the comparison. What has he done so far that compares to the Rays' style?
  7. I still don't follow your point. He tried bunting more than once. He only placed one well. If you watched it was fairly apparent that bunting was not a good strategy for him. He did not look comfortable, did not place the ball well often enough, and when he finally placed a bunt well, he was still thrown out. You state that he isn't a good bunter. I assume that is based on some combination of the above. What is your point in this rant? That he isn't a good bunter, but he should be? That he would be a good bunter if he worked at bunting more?
  8. I agree he is not good at bunting. That said, he did place one well when he tried bunting. He was still thrown out. I am confused by your opinion regarding Davis bunting. Do you think Davis is a bad bunter, but that he should be bunting?
  9. He did. And he was still out.
  10. Did you watch him when he did bunt? Did you see the results when he did place the ball well?
  11. Davis has tried bunting before and he has been unsuccessful. I don't know why people think bunting won't go poorly again. It was a good idea for Davis to try, but did not go well. I think a lot of Davis' issues are between the ears. He used the whole field better before he let the shift get in his head. Davis is thinking too much at the plate. He needs to just be natural. I think he we all agree he is probably done, but I don't think expanding his thinking at the plate is going to help. He is better when he is reactionary.
  12. I'm surprised I haven't seen this asked yet, but @Tony-OH where do they fit in our Top 30?
  13. Is it a romance? Looks like that is included as a genre. I ask to determine whether I should read it, or recommend it to my wife (who reads romance).
  14. IMO, BPA at #2 and then overslot at #30. We can go underslot with the later picks as necessary (39 and after).
  15. Perfect Game put out a new Top 400 list: https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=18080 Zac Veen is the high school riser. I don't know it has been mentioned on here, but he went to the same high school as Austin Hays. I think it is less likely that we pick a high schooler with the covid-19 issues, but the list is worth a mention.
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