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  1. Here’s an article on last year’s free agent signings. The Orioles actually did better than most teams. Spending more $ is no guarantee of anything. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-blue-jays-made-baseballs-best-free-agent-acquisitions/
  2. Numerous publications show we picked 3 top 50 ranked prospects
  3. FanGraphs currently rates Lawler the #70 prospect in all of baseball with Cowser coming in at #85. This is a very reputable source. If they feel the difference is that small, how can anyone feel that we missed out on the slam dunk better prospect and that the O’s definitively liked Lawler more. I imaged that the 2 players were virtually equal on Elias’ board with the tiebreaker being some $ saved. That being said, the only thing we know is that many national pundits view these 2 players very similarly.
  4. Why was it poorly thought out? Was it because of the injuries that happened after the draft that were out of their control? If Martin was injured, would it have been a good strategy? The bottom line is that we were unlucky with injuries.
  5. I’ve never seen such a thing. Every game/swing is scrutinized. If he hits 2 home runs tomorrow, he is what we thought. If he strikes out twice, he is a bust. I think we need to wait at least 2 months and then evaluate. There were no games in milb last year/minimal in mlb, and I see a lot of players having very slow starts to the season. We can still scrutinize his at bats with the understanding that there will be adjustments/hot stretches/cold stretches/etc.
  6. Anyone get the app to work with Fios? It indicates I need a package with MASN........I have a package with MASN. It still doesn’t work.
  7. Hyde with tons of confidence in the young man. Pinch hit for by the mighty Rio Ruiz.
  8. Some people say we have no plan. If you are in that group, what specifically would you do? It seems like some prefer the model we adopted for more than a decade - spend money on mediocre at best free agents in hopes to win 70 games. I for one would rather suffer through more years of horrible teams if it means we are finally doing things the right way. Free agent spending is important to supplement when the time is right. We’ve also had few trading blocks lately, so meaningful trades are hard to come by. I can guarantee you that no one is paying a ticket at Camden yards just to see Jonath
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