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  1. Hyde with tons of confidence in the young man. Pinch hit for by the mighty Rio Ruiz.
  2. Some people say we have no plan. If you are in that group, what specifically would you do? It seems like some prefer the model we adopted for more than a decade - spend money on mediocre at best free agents in hopes to win 70 games. I for one would rather suffer through more years of horrible teams if it means we are finally doing things the right way. Free agent spending is important to supplement when the time is right. We’ve also had few trading blocks lately, so meaningful trades are hard to come by. I can guarantee you that no one is paying a ticket at Camden yards just to see Jonathan Villar. They may however get excited over young players like Hays/Mountcastle/etc. Also, the possibility of another Means situation becomes less and less of a possibility the more mediocre talent you bring in that will have no place on the team’s future.
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