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  1. I’ll admit I was the lone vote for Stowers. I feel he is better than Heston who hasn’t played yet and Hall who I believe is best suited as a dominant bullpen arm (Aroldis Chapman). Gunnar didn’t really impress this year even though he was much younger than his competition. It was a coin flip for me between Cowser and Stowers and Stowers had more at bats against tougher competition so I felt more comfortable. Stowers was a .280 hitter in college with power and this year across 3 levels had a .278 average with 27 dingers in only 530 plate appearances. The guy is consistent against all level
  2. I totally agree. I personally don’t see much of an advantage to go out of our way to lose from here on out. If we are planning on trying again at the MLB level in the next two years then I feel it is important to show the current players (some of which will be here during competitive days) that we don’t just mail it in. Changing our losing culture and attitude is important and difficult and should start now. The worst part about the 19 game losing streak was the feeling that we had completely given up, we obviously have along way to go. I think we should take pride in playing well enough
  3. Honest question, do you think the O’s should go out of their way (more than usual) to field non competitive teams for the last 9 games to try and get 1-1. They can sit Means, Mancini, Mountcastle, Santander and Mullins once he gets 30-30 all in the name of “evaluating other players”. And really does it matter that much that we get 1-1 instead of 1-2?
  4. I view a trade of Mullins similar to that of Bedard. There were many who wanted to keep the 28 year old ace as we had finally produced home grown pitching talent, he was still under team control and had shown improving abilities each year. But the O’s needed a shot in the arm talent wise in more than 1 position. That trade propelled the franchise to a multi year magical run as it provided multiple pieces that connected the dots of talent the Orioles already had in place. I love Mullins and without him we probably would have won 35 games this year, but a trade of Mullins has the potenti
  5. I have a strong feeling tomorrow is the day. Off day today at home to clear their minds, Angels are traveling across the country, Dylan Bundy looks like the very HR prone pitcher we traded away, O’s actually played much better against the Braves, still no Rendon or Trout for the Halos, and they looked terrible getting swept by the Indians/Guardians. If it’s gonna happen it’s tomorrow.
  6. All kidding aside, I believe this team will eclipse 43 wins. We have 8 more games against the Royals and Rangers and the last series against Boston may see the Sox resting players. The O’s played better (but not good enough) against the Braves and we’re at least competitive for 3 straight games. The better question is will they eclipse the 47 wins from the ‘18 edition of crappy O’s teams.
  7. Other historic streaks to keep an eye on: 1961 Philadelphia Phillies 23 straight losses ( modern record). We can break this record on 8/29 in game 3 against Rays. 1889 Louisville Colonels 26 straight losses (all time MLB record). We can break this record on 9/1 in game 3 against the Jays. The record watch is on!
  8. This has the feeling of Chris Davis 0-54 streak. It’s become national talk for head scratchers everywhere. It really is amazing they can’t stumble into a win somewhere.
  9. 0-21???? Come on, MLB record 0-26 is right around the corner. Go big or go home.
  10. With this season down the toilet and after listening to the Elias interview, it got me wondering about the off-season. Do you think Elias will be a real GM and make trades/participate in free agency to build the MLB team up in anticipation of Adley and Grayson or continue shopping in the discount section at the Goodwill? Elias needs to be careful because his interview was spreading something very dangerous called hope. I personally hope he trades and signs real players this winter and we can look forward to a better team next year, but my gut tells me Elias isn’t ready to pull the
  11. No way!!! He is baseballs best chance for a 20 game loser since 2003.
  12. Whoa this could be a very difficult exercise and if Elias could pull this off he would truly prove that he has the makings of a really good GM. That being said you are asking to field basically the same team as this year while adding $20 million in free agents and attempting to improve by 30 or so wins. Yikes. Personally I would put all the money into starting pitching except for a nice deal on a shortstop (Freddy Galvis I’m looking at you again). And then hope a few guys over perform like Mullins this year.
  13. The Dbacks front office is saying, “We suck really bad. Heck we set a record for consecutive road losses this year. How the hell can the Orioles suck worse than us?”
  14. Yes I would rather this team pull it together and look competitive in games again. I would much rather see us lose 4-3 than take another 10-0 shlacking. I don’t think the 1-1 means all that much to Elias other than his allotment is bigger. The last 2 drafts we could have picked anywhere in the top 10 and still ended up with the same results. The ownership simply wants to cut as much money from the team as possible for obvious reasons. And in the end general competitiveness at the mlb level disappears. I can hope but I’m not sure how much good it will do.
  15. Very tough stretch indeed. The schedule doesn’t do them any favors either. They are basically non competitive right now. The last time the team was this demoralized was 2018. Let’s see how they do when they come home against the Braves and Angels. Both are still fighting for playoffs spots and I’m sure are looking for a boost against us. Somehow some way we have to pull this together and finish the season at least looking competitive.
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