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  1. It’s really all about how you want to construct your team. Elias to this point has wanted to add talent via draft, trade for cheap/controllable pieces, and the fledgling international market. Free agency is mostly ignored unless we can get a deal on a possibly tradeable player. It is difficult to build a competitive team just with the draft and trades. You need to have a successful international system to acquire nearly half of your players. Good news is the O’s have made strides in this area. Bad news is it will take another 4-5 years for these players to be major contributors, so yes I agr
  2. Inciarte is a reclamation project but definitely not Elias’ style. Could add some interest to an otherwise boring season but there is no chance it happens.
  3. Thanks Frobby my point exactly. The issues and hurdles are significant and growing as time passes. Unfortunately the best medical treatment is to sit, wait and cross your fingers which might work but clearly has not for the last 12 months. It’s an unfortunate situation for both sides. That being said there is no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons Elias was comfortable with Cowser is because of Kjerstad’s situation. I’m not saying cut the guy and move on but any expectations for the former #2 pick need to be absolute rock bottom right now.
  4. Ha ha ha. I’m not forcing anyone to adopt any positions. I’m a realist expressing my opinion, no different than anyone else. We bought a lemon, it happens, and the franchise needs to place its hopes and dreams on others now ( barring some drastic change that we haven’t seen in a year).
  5. Glenn, I’m sorry if the proverbial “we” hurt your feelings, it really wasn’t meant for you. The “we” is referring to the members on the board hoping Kjerstad will somehow show up like Prince Charming and turn this pumpkin of a franchise around when there is no indication right now that will ever happen.
  6. Well he obviously wasn’t that close. Some mild work has caused a several month set back …. at best. Until he comes back and shows he is capable he is a non factor and should be dropped from prospect lists. We need to start leaning towards moving on to actual players
  7. Not silly at all. He has done nothing a professional ball player would do since COVID with no indications of that changing. You guys need to update your expectations. Heston is not an answer at this point and may never be unless something changes. They had no problem drafting Cowser this year because Elias sees the same thing. I hope he recovers and has a productive life/career but at this point there is absolutely no reason to expect that will ever happen. Time to move on to the guys actually playing ball.
  8. Because after a year there are zero indications that his situation has improved or changed at all. After 1 year Tommy John guys would be deep into rehab and starting baseball activities again. Like I said until something changes you need to assume he is out of the O’s picture.
  9. I personally think the chances Heston comes back at this point is less than 50%. He is currently starring at losing his first 2 years of professional ball and if he still isn’t able to go next spring you might as well count him out of Orioles future plans unless something miraculous happens. He will be 23 in February (yes still young) but hasn’t picked up a bat or faced pitching in 2 years. If he is able to go full speed next spring the O’s probably wouldn’t see him before 2024 or 2025 when he is 26. At this point they should drop him from the O’s prospect list until he returns to baseball
  10. Just think of the corner outfielder we can draft next year with our high pick to sooth your frustrations.
  11. Just think about drafting the second best college corner outfielder with our top pick next year.
  12. Actually I think most of us would rather watch Bowie at this point
  13. I don’t think there is a switch to flip. We are committed to producing our own talent no matter how long it takes. With this being the case I don’t think we will be consistently good until 4-5 years from now when the international scene can produce MLB level talent.
  14. I totally agree with this. We have all of our hopes and dreams on 3 players and if Adley ends being Matt Weiters, and Hall and Rodriguez struggle against MLB hitters (which is a very real possibility) this franchise will struggle get to .500 with so little high end talent coming behind them.
  15. Respectable? Respectable would a .500 team and I don’t think we will be there yet. Elias is slow rolling this. Adley, Hall, Rodriguez will all be rookies next year (hopefully) and typically even great rookies have meh seasons. I expect the O’s to be about as good as last year (.417 or about 67 wins). 2023 is a year we might actually be respectable depending on who the O’s keep or trade(Means, Mancini) and the AL east (Yankees realize they are old and over paid, Tampa trades away all their good players for twice as many good younger players, Boston is going through one of their first or las
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