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    I think the rebuild or “talkathon” needs to be looked at in a different light. First of all comparing the Astros rebuild to ours simply isn’t fair. Elias and Luhnow introduced analytics at a much broader level than had ever been done before. This gave the Astros a distinctive edge for several years in both analyzing players and fine tuning their skills. Houston was already involved in the international market, Luhnow and company simply refined and advanced it. Also Houston got super lucky with several players playing above their ability level. Elias is basically starting from scratch in Baltimore. All of the young talent filtering into the majors now was acquired by the previous regime and really all of them are deeply flawed players that we really wish wasn’t true. Elias is trying to fine tune players skills on flawed players all while trying to build the system to maximize a players ability around them. It’s actually a very difficult job. Not to mention the Orioles had zero contact with international prospects for almost a decade. That system has been constructed from the ground up and once running at full steam it will still take a minimum of 4 years for those players to make it to the majors. The kicker is if all of this goes right it doesn’t give us a competitive advantage like it did the Astros, it simply makes the team competitive again and on the same playing field as all the other franchises. Which I think would feel like a major win at this time, but we might have a different tune in 5 years when the team is still .500.
  2. I can’t believe he had the nuts to question the direction of the rebuild. Chris just sit at the end of the bench, be quiet and cash your checks. Don’t worry about the rebuild, just worry about yourself..... lord knows there is plenty there to keep you busy. If anything his presence on the team is hampering the rebuild. He is Roger Dorn from Major League except Dorn finally got it at the end.
  3. Davis: I’m a MLB baseball player Everyone else: The problem is you’re not any good
  4. Oh and by the way this “Draft League” idea seems kinda dumb. It’s kinda like an Arizona fall league but for guys who aren’t drafted yet. I give it a coin flip that it will succeed. That being said I’m sure they are thrilled the #1 attendance Carolina League team will be part of it, maybe even anchor it.
  5. Oh and by the way this “Draft League” idea seems kinda dumb. It’s kinda like an Arizona fall league but for guys who aren’t drafted yet. I give it a coin flip that it will succeed. That being said I’m sure they are thrilled the #1 attendance Carolina League team will be part of it, maybe even anchor it.
  6. It seemed funny to me that MLB announced the 5 Draft league teams with a caveat that they were in negotiations for a sixth team. I think the Orioles were trying everything they could to get Frederick into the Draft league just so they wouldn’t let the Nationals swoop in and gobble up the Keys. I think the orioles missed an excellent opportunity here. Norfolk although reasonably close to Baltimore by most AAA standards is a bit of a hike for as much as the O’s use it and it is closer to the Nationals anyway. Everyone knows the Nats were looking to upgrade from Fresno and move on from Hagerstown. The O’s should have negotiated the Nats to have Norfolk and upgraded one of the MD affiliate stadiums to fit AAA. That way the O’s lock down MD while surrendering VA which wasn’t a good fit anyhow. Unfortunately this would have taken some adults to be present in the room so alas this plan had no shot.
  7. I voted for Chris. Every team has had a Glen Davis situation where they traded young prospects for an established player that didn’t work out, look no further than Seattle with Bedard. But really no team has ever paid top dollar for this many years for one of the worst players in mlb history. I mean in addition to his many feats the last few years (mlb record hitless streak, 4th lowest WAR of all time....) Chris managed to tie JD Martinez for the lowest WAR last year in just 52 ABs. Just think of what he could have done with a whole season. We are watching history right before our eyes and need to appreciate it for what it is.
  8. And this unwillingness to take a chance will slow the Orioles down from pulling out of this death spiral rebuild.
  9. I’m pretty sure weren’t in flip mode when signed those guys. But rather overpay to win now mode ( except for Roberts who was an ownership favorite). So let me get this straight CoC, you are against taking on contracts of good players to enjoy now and flip later for prospects when the time is right?
  10. Because he is highly effective late inning lefty and they are hard to find. Why is there something wrong with resigning a really good player that has done a lot for you and has a lot left in the tank?? Would you guys prefer us to purposely field the worst team we can but still reserve the right to complain about it. Building through the draft is very hit or miss and there are many more misses. The international guys won’t be in the MLB for 5 more years or so. So you can sign quality guys enjoy them while you can and then flip them for prospects when their value is high. The Oakland A’s do this all the time and so do the Rays. For whatever reason we are unwilling to do it. I vote for being able to watch a better baseball product while reserving hope for a better trade return when the time is right and not when we are desperate.
  11. It would be filling a hole with a high quality player that you all incessantly complain about while reserving the right to trade him in the future on the high for some real prospects. Sounds like a win for me. Unless you guys like to complain and find ways for the O’s to save $$$$ for nothing.
  12. The fact of matter is there isn’t a lot of pitching talent on the team this year and there probably won’t be much next year either. The O’s have given away far more pitching talent than we have ever acquired via trade or free agency. It has always been and will continue to be very frustrating to me to watch guys that we had in our system punish us for years while we fail to effectively replace them.
  13. Ah Ah of course I do. And we would have one less reason to complain about our poor pitching while still being able to trade him for something more than the non usable players we got from NY. He is worth more than NY is paying him right now so yes it would have been a savings with a potential of a much better trade return.
  14. That’s why you resign him at a savings instead of trading on the low
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