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  1. This is from years ago and I look for it online all this time. It looks like the guy who voiced it put it on YouTube a month ago. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/pdAFWuZTiVQ
  2. That is awesome. You had a career! Jeff Tackett had an efficient pop up and throw from what I remember. Congrats on the rings, way to see it through.
  3. For lots of reasons, TB is an organization to follow. My preference is the quality quantity of their depth. It almost seems like they don’t have many organizational type players with little or no future, especially compared to other teams. Everyone gives something, it’s very eye-opening. I don’t know about their system like I do the O’s but they seem to end up with serious and developing talent every single time I look. Also, we need Tork to get that ranking up rapidly!
  4. Boredom has replaced baseball, not ideal for the first week of April. I have no info, no data, no games and even worse no practices to evaluate so i went for what in my mind is the next best thing, re-watching the 2019 seasons. Thanks to @weams I found out that every minor league archived game is available at milb.com. I started with Aberdeen as I knew their season results but wanted to watch the season play out. It took one game for me to learn A LOT about Ryan Conroy. When his spilt is working, A-level hitters are reduced to children flailing at something they think they see! I’m through the first couple series and one was not televised, vs Brooklyn Cyclones (June 16-17) but the development has already been significant. I’m going to watch as much of each team’s season and share what I see with you. I’m bored and coping with being without baseball this way and I’d hope this gets me through the weeks. After the Ironbirds, I’m going up to Delmarva and they also had a good season so I’ve got that to look forward to. Some early thoughts: Let’s start out with 3B Toby Welk and his footwork early on at Aberdeen. It was rough. He’d get to balls, straighten his body to throw across the diamond and send it feet East or West of first base. He ended a few innings with accurate putouts, but started rallies for opponents by not making plays. I was unpleasantly surprised, especially considering I have so much video of him showing smooth and balanced throws from camp. His throwing base is big because he’s big. When he rushes the action, everything is off from the feet up and in my eyes I hadn’t seen that happen until I watched video from June 2019. So let’s give some credit to both Welk and the infield coaches at Aberdeen for clearing this up and rounding off those rough edges. Toby’s bat will move him up, but reducing the potential for defensive flaws can only help. Back to Conroy and his splitter. I watched this pitch drop in the same exact plane time after time and hitters swung directly over it. Ryan would center this offering and didn’t get a decent swing against it in the season’s first game. My notes: ‘Conny is DIFFERENT with this working’. His opponent was one if my favorite non-Oriole pitchers, Hudson Valley (TB) starter Dayveion Whittle. Whit was nasty but Conroy our threw him. Also I have video of Conroy practicing an A-level pickoff move, and he used it in a game....it worked! He had an even better attempt later but the runner was back in time. Base runners were not a serious issue, at least not in this game as Conroy allowed only 2 in his first 6 innings. The season’s first hit was a smoked single through the 2B hole by speedster Jean Carmona who shows elite movement skills. He was on camera while swinging more than once (camera moves and there’s only 1)and he does an excellent job of keeping his head steady through the plane. It helps him stay on the ball and finish off the act of guiding the ball through holes. I hadn’t seen Carmona so I liked this. Catcher Cody Roberts and outfielder Rob Neustrom were finishing off a rehab assignment so Roberts both caught and DH’d to get his bat warm. After showing some legs by beating out an infield single (and earning pickoff throws?), I was keyed on Roberts’ ability to make himself move. He demonstrated elite quickness at passed balls/wild pitches hurling himself backwards out of the crouch to pounce and pivot. I was impressed with this in drills, but blown away at how he makes himself move from the crouch. The organization’s Catching depth chart has so much to show. Infielder Clay Fisher nabbed his first hit of his career, a triple. Conroy finally fatigued in the 7th but fought through an awful inning and only gave up 1. Roberts helps him out by ending a rundown at 3rd by going after the runner with aggression and in my notes I wrote ‘Cody=involved with lots of good results’. Infielder Irving Ortega had a good AB that he turned into an RBI double to add on later. Lefty Yelin Rodriguez came in next and started his appearance off by plunking a batter. Fielding a bunt next he was smooth and had a nice short turn to first for the out. Another relatively easy 1-3 putout and then a K and Yelin was done with only one base runner. Carmona led off the bottom 8 and this guy just sailed around the bases ending up standing at 3rd with no throw. He is so fast on the bases, minor league camera operators be warned. Cody Roberts does something positive again and knocks Carmona in, Ironbirds are up. Righty Marlon Constante came in and ‘grabs save chance by the horns’ helping the Birds win their opener, 2-1. Nice W! The next contest featured lefty Kevin Macgee, yet another arm I hadn’t seen. He throws a good solid curve to LHB’s to move to a better count and tries to put heat up for a finisher. He got their catcher, Embry to try and beat him for the K. Toby Welk made a great play ranging to his left on a slow bouncer to finish the first. He stepped ahead of SS Joey Ortiz and in an organized manner, gathered and fired across for the out. Improvement. Johnny Rizer hit his first pitch seen for his first pro hit and I like his aggressiveness at the plate. Maybe not a lead off hitter but definitely an offensive performer. Cody Roberts had a single off a 2-2 count and he’s forcing me to notice his contributions. Catcher Luke Ringofer threw out his opposite number trying to steal and a sign was missed, this guy was out by 3.5-5 feet....not close. Next up was Welk’s first hit, a single over the mound off a 2-2 change. After Macgee’s short stint in came Moise Nolasco who I’d seen extensively in the GCL. There were problems on the bases when he came in, and he reduced them by one with a pickoff of his own. Next however came an RBI triple before Nolasco got an out to end the frame. He was unflappable and consistent with his delivery just like I remember. This game didn’t end well because the next pitcher, lefty Jason Montville wasn’t on his stuff. He showed some athleticism and a well placed 1-2 slider under a RHB’s wrist to get a swinging K but was hittable and not fooling batters. He popped off the mound with haste trying to field a grounder and end the inning but he gave up runs and it was late. Montville is someone who I liked at the GCL but I didn’t realize he was there as a demotion and this particular performance may have started that ball rolling down a level. He’s not in baseball as of today. So a split in the first 2 games. Next up is Tri Cities, the HOU affiliate. I got to watch lots of the big guy, 6-7 righty Leonardo Rodriguez who looks like a 7-footer up on the mound. LRod showed me some reasons for concern, most notably a lack of lower body athleticism and no out pitch. If he could generate torque with his butt/legs he could be absolutely devastating but he doesn’t do that well, at least not in this outing. When his pitches snap and hit their spots, it’s his legs doing the work but it didn’t happen enough. I wrote ‘better feet/legs would put some power/putaway in his stretch’. He’s so tall and long-legged that a slight mis-movement throws off a complicated process and the pitch sails. The other starter, named Manny Ramirez impressed me not with overall stuff but he sat at 94 and got 3-4 extra mph when he needed to. Swinging AJ’s we’re his strength and he threw it straight but he can add juice when he needs to. My thought: ‘bullpen arm’. He struck Welk out on 3 pitches, not one of them worth offering at. Rodriguez gets out of a self induced jam in the 3rd due to Joey Ortiz’ hyper quick reaction to a grounder starting a tight 6-4-3 turn that the ump got right. Now is a good time to talk about Ortiz’ ability to make quick movements. His throws have steam and his body is behind them in one powerful stride. His pivots and transfers show flawless placement and precision. He beats out double plays. He takes extra bases. This is a player who doesn’t appear fast or quick-twitchy but when the ball is in play his speed matches it, and it shows at every opportunity. To me, that’s exciting. I cannot wait to watch his campaign with this perspective. Everything that everyone tells me is how his offense separates him and I won’t argue. But it seems he’s more of a total ball player than I’ve suspected. That’s a damn good sign for his future. He even has a bit of a jump in his throw for the extra steam and it makes a difference. There was more Leonardo letdown as he let guys on and made errors trying to pick them off. Walk, pickoff error, wild pitch=a run. Next inning Rizer smacked a double that looked gone off the bat. Righty Juan Echevarria started off the next frame and promptly gave up a run, the score is 3-1. A quick rally included Welk laying down an A+ bunt w 2 runners on and he reached forcing an error that scored a run. This bunt was perfectly placed and nobody was ready for it. Nice call skip! Next up was corner Juan Montes who hit a 2-RBI single and the Birds take the lead heading into the 9th! Echevarria couldn’t contain the Tri-City bats and big righty Felix Bautista came into the 9th with the bases loaded. 3 outs later the Ironbirds were winners and Bautista locked up the save. Good game. I’ll have more observations later and hope that you are finding some way to enjoy some baseball instead of none. At least now I have games to look forward to.
  5. Of course, I would be surprised too. There are positive signs in his profile to be sure but skipping all of A does seem like a filing or pre-roster arranging situation. I’m looking everyday and trying to find out what I can. I’m also just about out of video to look at from camp so if you’re in any way looking for something to watch O’s minors related from 2020
  6. Definitely a sad and significant loss to the Ed Smith family. I hope his voice is echoing in heaven.
  7. Great question. I played all four years at my high school and was varsity 3 of them. We were not that strong but well coached in fundamentals which I absolutely loved- and we beat a couple Baltimore Co squads full of peers while taking more losses than we’d want. I was very Rey Ordonez-ish in that batting me 9th was a sound strategy but hitting ground balls near me was not. I would take grounders all day after school and go home to throw tennis balls off my garage for hops. Most of the time I played second and went 0-3. A walk would be an immense accomplishment. There weren’t many. The highlight was practicing and playing with people who were my friends and being part of a team.
  8. This isn’t my stat, I did think he had some top quality starts though....I was at his second best vs TOR. I liked Daniel and I hate the Jays so me and my dad were pumped! In no way surprised that he had some garbage starts to mix in though. And there you have the story of Daniel Cabrera.
  9. I like the Dan LeBatard show and they’ve barely missed a beat being quarantined at their own houses. Is that the new way? Fancy, expensive studios are always a waste of resources to me, regardless of who fits the bill, network or sponsors. I forgot where I read it, but ESPN/Disney has already had to convince itself that there’s no content coming around the corner and they’ve strategized by emptying out their 1980’s/1990’s half assed sports movies file. The next step down will be downsizing and or job loss. It’s around the corner.
  10. If 87 is that good, I think good ol Daniel Cabrera had a pair of them to add to the list.
  11. There has been some roster movement in the last few days as far as the milb team websites. Bowie has added catcher Daniel Fajardo and former GCL infielders Carlos Baez and Josue Herrera are listed on their roster as well. Frederick only has one 3B, Patrick Dorrian and the Ironbirds have only one as well, Trevor Putzig. Delmarva has JC Encarnacion and Toby Welk listed. I don’t think anything is set, nor does it need to be as the sport has no opening in sight but I’m seeing some movement. For several weeks, Brett Cumberland was the only catcher listed at Bowie. Overall, the Ironbirds and especially Shorebirds look outstanding on paper....again. But this year’s Keys could be much improved as a team.
  12. It looks like there are the beginnings of roster shuffling going on throughout the organization as transactions aren’t being reported or posted but websites are being updated and some players have changed teams that way despite not playing. There are a few examples, I’d think it’s best to let team and league websites update and then I’ll be able to confirm. But it seems that the GCL roster will have a few new arms from the organization’s Dominican Summer League teams. Maybe more than a few depending on the draft and roster restrictions for this strange 2020 season. Last week I looked at some offensive players who could come stateside and compete so today we’ll check some pitchers. Keep in mind that almost all sample sizes are small and finding video is nearly impossible... Orlando Fulgencio- His stats don’t appear to be world beating, Orlando had an ok age 19 debut with way too many walks, 27 in 48 innings. Everything else looks solid-he earned a win and a save in his 14 appearances, with 5 of them being starts. A 3.38 ERA and .214 average against works for me. A look at his splits as far starter (21 innings) vs reliever (27)doesn’t clear things up. He walked hitters at a similar rate but was easier to square up as a reliever .235 vs .187 yet struck hitters out at a higher rate; 26 to 16 as a starter. He’ll be 20 in the first week of September so it’d be great to see him excel in some type of defined role as his career moves forward. Claudio Galva- Galva is a 23 year old lefty who has played since 2016 and started zero times in 2019. Somehow he ended up with 10 decisions to add to his 4-7 in save chances so that made me take a look further. He went 5-5 with a 1.13 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP so he handled his competition well as lefties hit .182 off him and righties struck out 35 times in 39 innings. This might be a guy who can skip the GCL as he had his best season yet at 23 and has the 3 years of DSL ball in the Blue Jays system under his belt. Kelvin LaRoche- LaRoche excelled in his debut season at age 20 and his counting stats were shiny. 3-2 with a 2.83, .205 average against and 1.08 WHIP is excellent. A strikeout rate of 4.38/9 is substandard however and he registered only 31 in his 63.2 innings. To me his profile absolutely screams for being measured against better competition so I’d have him as a starter on my GCL squad. I’d be eager to see what his skill set consists of and how does he use it/adjust. I don’t doubt he can pitch and perform per inning, let’s see him have to get through newer lineups. If he pitches to contact and gets fly balls regularly than at least I’d know that after a GCL season. Carlos Del Rosario- Maybe someone to get excited about here as he had a great debut in his first year at age 20 and brings a large frame at 6-5, 225. Carlos is a righty who registered a 2-1 record with 60k’s in 48 innings (11.17k per 9). Hitters hit him to a .186 average in 17 appearances. That’s darn good. Every single stat he put up was significantly better as a starter but WHIP was 1.10 compared to 1.86 in relief, significantly better. Now add in the fact he hit 10(!) batters and had 4 wild pitches and we see that he can harness his stuff even better going forward. I’d prefer that to happen here in Sarasota if possible. Pablo Falconett- Now this is a guy whose profile gets me going. He’s a thick 6-2 220lb righty who will turn 20 around Halloween and has 2 years, or 57.2 innings of experience over 35 games-no starts. In 2019, his walk rate/9 and WHIP were a low 1.07 so I’m in already. For his career, he’s 1-4 with a 2.34 ERA and 5-7 in saves. 70 K, a .203 average against and 1.02 WHIP so guys have not figured him out. Look further and we’ll see that lefties did a bit and in his 11 innings against them, he had a 6.35 ERA and a .288 avg against so he’s got room for growth too. He’s in my GCL pen and I’m bringing him in for high leverage situations. Jesus Chavez- Chavez’ profile isn’t particularly noteworthy, but all of his 14 appearances were starts and he’s lefty so why not investigate? 2-4 and 3.16 ERA is a strong debut and he’s 18. 68 innings of 1.26 WHIP and .253 against is less strong but he handled lefties with skill. He only walked one lefty and had a .93 ERA VS LHB. Collectively they hit .226 off him, that’s the good part. Righties took him deep 4 times and his ERA vs them was a more normal 3.53 so I’d want to watch him work to see where I’d slot him in a rotation. Hector Lopez- An arm I’m somewhat optimistic about here as he’s a righty who righties can not figure out at least in his debut season. That’s intriguing to me. Lopez is 6-1, 170 and is 18 from Panama. His debut season went well as he finished 13 appearances (all starts) with a shiny 2.05 ERA, .195 average against and 1.14 WHIP with 51k’s/23BB. Look at the splits and it gets better. He had 23 free passes overall, and over half of them were thrown to lefties in only 14.1 innings. If he can work on that specific control than he’s a more complete starter and closer to his arm side success. If you were righty and batted against him you hit .133 and probably struck out. Andry Mercedes- Very small sample size here with only 10.1 innings in his debut. 17/2 K to walk might make you remember his name. Mercedes is a tall left handed Venezuelan who won’t turn 20 until December. The conclusion is is that there is not immense talent as far as pitching forcing the organization to make decisions coming up from the DSL as of today. I’d say that the O’s have a bit better offense than pitching at this particular level right now. There are however, reasons to have optimism and foundations for some players to work on to improve their skills and standing much like normal seasons. They’re not ready to substantially add to the quickly increasing A-level talent pool as those rosters to me have started to look much better, although there have been some names already across. 19 year old Cesar Angomas comes to mind, he was in camp so I got to see him throw and he had no US experience previously. The next few years of international classes need to be big priorities for the Orioles and according to team officials they will be.
  13. I agree, there’s a lot to be seen per play and I don’t need the audio reinforcement in NFL. A better example might be vapid and boring ESPN accessory Trey Wingo. He didn’t exactly have the network held hostage but his contact negotiations went long as he was doing the media version of holding out over some of January and February. He got his details exactly like he wanted. Also, since he’s been back he’s been basically asleep at the wheel-disgusting. As much as I joke, they threw it to him last week and he just wasn’t there. At some point, this has to be seen as a less than fully effective use of resources. This should clearly be that point. Now, maybe execs will be more inclined to let these overpaid vets who have already made the majority of their ‘contribituons’ walk. Maybe, they’ll be ready to employ people who influence some thought in their viewers instead of paying the freight for a resume built on reading highlights written by someone else. I know this sounds like my angry inner producer coming out, but it’s not. Nobody is healing the sick or solving complicated equations here, I just see a bettter use of these resources than paying a face to read a script timed to some video. I can talk with extensive experience here and I just don’t see what these people are bringing to the table for the sums they’re paid.
  14. Let’s see how their advertisers hang on and how many of them can. Who knows how the heads of companies like Outdoor World or Progressive or Gilette see the future of their names/logos needing to be on TV. Consider the massive purge of subscribers and it may be a doomsday scenario for them. Will it trickle down to talent? My guess is it has to. Peyton Manning can also claim the ability to move attention towards a product much better than a highly paid broadcaster who never took a snap. How many games have you watched because Mike Tirico is calling it?
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