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  1. On 2/7/2020 at 2:30 PM, glenn__davis said:

    It's too early for these sorts of threads and I don't really have anything noteworthy to add.  I just loathe the nickname "GrayRod" and wanted to make sure I didn't have to see it all year like I did for his thread last year.  Here's to hoping for a good (and healthy) year in Frederick.

    ‘His Mama calls him Gray, I’m gonna call him Gray’

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ruzious said:

    Fwiw, my gut feeling is that it's going to be Servideo.  They must have really liked him to pick him even after they just picked a SS.  And he got off to an MVP type start this season before everything shut down. 

    My gut feeling is it’s Gunnar.  When games start up, watch him play for a week.  The organization will have more than several options.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, Ruzious said:

    Best case to me would be Gunnar sticking at SS with his power bat, and Mayo being our 3Bman - especially after Roy's piece on Mayo.  

    We do have some interesting young prospects - a lot more interesting than in past years.  


    A lot!

  4. 29 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Dude, are your Targets/Wal-Marts still stocking cards?  Up here in Northern VA they've been cleaned out for the past month or so.  I really only buy Topps but they don't have anything from any of the other brands, either. 

    Sometimes I get the empty cardboard displays but rarely there’ll be something in them.  Last night I got an Adley chrome rookie and a Luis Robert/Andrew Vaughn Chrome refractor numbered out of 150.  And a DL Hall!! 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Ohfan67 said:

    I’m not particularly happy with the draft. Don’t hate it, but don’t love it. There was evidence that Houston got “too cute” and out smarted themselves a couple of times while drafting and were basically saved by an injury here or there...basically luck with a screwed up pick and with some development.  I think Elias is likely to zig when others zag and make somewhat odd picks on a regular basis. There are a lot of stochastic factors at play with injuries being the obvious one so there’s only so much a GM can do to stack the deck in their favor.  That said I sure hope Elias made data driven decisions Instead of relying on the, in my opinion, extremely meaningless and biased stuff you guys were discussing. Elias was supposedly hired to Use analytics to evaluate and develop players, not worry about slogans on clothes and what not. 

    Again, I respect your opinion.  Thanks for referring to my stuff as meaningless and biased.  I respect your opinion. I’m allowed to not like a certain player based on any reasons I have.  Meaningless or actual.  Just like you.  I respect your opinion and wouldn’t label your justification as meaningless or biased.  I have no bias.  I’ve never seen Martin play, only interviewed several times.  Based on that I was less than impressed.  When I watch guys already in the system I’m almost always impressed.  That’s a lack of a fit right there.  To me.

    If your years of experience watching Martin and interacting with O’s players told you something different, I’d listen.  And I’d be open to learning somethings from another person.  

    I’d hope anyone in a management position does things a bit different than posters on a website.  I got an Austin Martin card in a pack this afternoon and I’d be glad to send it to you free of charge.  


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  6. 8 minutes ago, Ohfan67 said:

    You guys must use a lot of saccharine in your coffee because it’s pouring out onto your keyboards. If this was Jeopardy, this would be “Baseball cliches for $200.”  I sure hope the Orioles didn’t hire Elias and Sid and staff an analytics department to pick “grinders” with the right “attitudes” who “mesh”. 

    Thanks for having a different opinion.  I respect yours too.  Still never had coffee.  Don’t know what saccharine means.  You happy with the draft?

  7. 7 minutes ago, Explosivo said:

    It's more than just the shirt he wore. It's the interviews Martin gave prior and lack of interviews post. There is something missing with the kid. I'm not a scout as most here are not, but there is an intangible that is missing there for me. With Kjerstad, he checks all boxes and I cant wait to see him put up 20-30 bombs in Camden. It's the perfect park for him. He also took on much more varied competition than Martin by playing on the USA team. He saw a ton of different styles of pitching and cranked on all of them. I think the best is truly yet to come with him while Martin, though has a plus hitting tool, does not have meaningful power. Go take a look at his highlights, its single, double city. In college. With a metal bat. He got on base a ton, but that's a piece that does not have the same game winning impact as a bat like Kjerstad. I think we struck gold while also lining up for huge value in the 4th and 5th rounds. Drafting Martin would not accomplish that.

    Besides, Kjerstad is a true blue collar success story.

    I totally agree with your take.  Martin may have the ‘hit tool’ but his attitude (not a criticism)doesn’t seem to vibe with the players I’ve met. I can’t call it focus either but I just never saw him meshing with this group.  It is not a knock on his game or himself as a guy. 
    Kjerstad seems a better fit near the top of the OF depth chart and much more of a grinder. That would place him right into the ranks as a current O’s minor leaguer.  I’d wish Martin all the luck in the world if he wasn’t drafted by the Jays.  

  8. On 6/11/2020 at 11:05 PM, Frobby said:

    1.   The guy has cojones of steel.    He’ll pick the guys he likes no matter what the consensus is on them.   

    2.    He’s not afraid of a small sample size if the analytics support an upward trend.   For example, Kjerstad’s hot month outweighed the strikeout concerns presented the prior two seasons because the O’s projected that his swing changes would have produced a monster season.    

    3.    He won’t reach for a pitcher.     If the guys he thinks are worthy of their draft spot aren’t there when it’s his turn to pick, he’ll wait round after round until he sees a good value.    

    4.   He likes athletic players.     Not Kjerstad so much (though I think he’s pretty athletic, just not as fast as you’d like), but many of his other picks.   

    5.   He’s not afraid of drafting hitters with unorthodox mechanics.




    Number 4 is a personal favorite.  Baseball IS a sport and his picks ooze athletic ability.  When it translates to the field consistently there will be some explosion on display.  This recent class even has some SB ability....

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  9. I’m happy with this guy, his power from his legs/lower half is such a developable skill.....if they can’t have Torkelson’s. Strangely, the most games on SEC Channel when I watched was Arkansas so I’ve seen him hit a few times already.  He’s a bopper.  
    More than that I saw A Martin as a less than ideal fit for this group.  


    It’s so far from who these guys will be that it’s all speculation anyway.  Mostly, there’s even more excitement for who they’ll pull with the next two.  I don’t want to wait until tomorrow...

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  10. 1 hour ago, DocJJ said:

    Yippee!!!  That would make me so happy!!!

    Looking at our list of prospects, I don't see a lot of impact position players.   There's Rutschman who's a grade A.  Then I see some grade B guys like Mountcastle and Yusniel Diaz.   Then I don't see a whole lot beyond that....

    Gunnar Henderson the 2nd round pick in 2019 is a top level guy.  Hopefully he gets on the field and has a chance to start demonstrating it.  
    There’s other members of the 2019 draft class who should rise on prospect lists too.  I think adding A Martin to this mix and depth chart would be a strong start to the 2020 amateur talent collecting.  I’ll second your yippee!!!

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  11. 1 hour ago, weams said:

    @Eric-OH is not a fan. 

    No, there seem to be lots of guys with  power who have upper and lower body working together better than Jordan.

    Having never seen any of them in person makes my analysis as much a crapshoot as anyone.  His video looks like a decent athlete who can grow into more control of his frame but has a great power punch to build off.  Not the best up and down fluidity and posture in the field, legs seem bulkish but he’s just so young.

    Averaging what I’ve seen/read has him closer to the 100th best player than someone who I’d put in the O’s range.  
    I don’t know if he’s a nucleus piece type player, but there’s no reason to dismiss it.  He’s well known for a reason. There is an organization who is ready for a risk/reward player like Blaze and it could work out.  I’d opt for less risk

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  12. 6 minutes ago, scOtt said:

    I just guessed about Eric. Forgot about Luke... 😛

    Wishful thinking I’m sure.  Thanks for the thought.  I’m pumped for the draft and reading lots of what posters put up, but I’m not one of the 5......

    I have been talking with lots of the players and the draft is something that excites them too. My informal poll tells me the guys kinda want Gonzalez.  
    The weird season/schedule hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for the rebuild and adding more talented ballplayers.  And as much as I’d love to work with Luke at the site and watching games, he’s in a position where his acumen can help the O’s and that’s the top priority.  
    When we get back to action, I’ll be set up somewhere where I can focus on the minors and what’s happening on player development.  Until then, let’s add some new top-tier talent. 👊🏻 We’re only a few hours away!

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  13. I have the 1987 Topps Reds Leaders card that shocks me every time I see that 80!  Bill Gullickson led in wins with 15.  Davis was an amazing player, he did something athletic and out of the ordinary regularly.  


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  14. I found a decent example of different angles to come at drafted players while looking at mymlbdraft.com.  This one with the same prospect.

     They’ve got University of Miami pitcher Slade Cecconi mocked to the O’s in the initial competitive balance round at pick 30.  The O’s drafted him in 2018 in the 38th round.

    Now he’d be hearing a totally different sales pitch as far as where the rebuild is from the very same people who tried to acquire his services a couple of drafts back.  As a job landscape, Sampson is saying that employment for someone like him is now more readily available to get and hold then it is with the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, etc.  It’s true today, and when the major league contracts expire, maybe even more.  That’s not fast track or posturing, that’s available depth chart positions in high(er) places.  Sell the opportunity and hopefully more of the organizational depth becomes like Toby Welk and his draft class.  Targeted and maximized talent identification. 

    Cecconi would be intriguing in that now, he probably couldn’t do better opportunity wise and he’d get paid so much more to do it.  I wonder if he’s good enough to be picked in that slot.

  15. 1 hour ago, hoosiers said:

    I just saw City Slickers on cable for the first time in many years.  It used to be a favorite that I owned.

    Hopefully, the release date is both the best and worst day for the these players.  The worst as the day brings an emphatic end to their major league dreams (at least for most of them), but perhaps the best because the players accept the reality and move on to the best parts of their lives ahead of them.

    I remember only seeing Jomar Reyes and BenB in recent years watching the three to six games I saw a year between Aberdeen and DelMarva.  I know Tony has been down on Reyes for a while.   Jomar was a big, younger prospect who looked the part in the batter's box.  I mostly remember these guys for how nice they were to my kids seeking their autographs and Jomar was as pleasant as anyone - especially when I told my kids he was highly rated and they bugged him for four autos between them.  

    Ben Breazeale started his professional career out-hitting his seventh round draft position in 2017 by putting up .895 OPS at Aberdeen.  He came crashing down to earth the next year at DelMarva with a .675 OPS and was worse last year repeating DelMarva with a .586 OPS.  Last year he did get to 12 games at Frederick though with the worse OPS of his career.

    I likely saw the other guys, but don't really remember them. 

    They all put on the orange and black and gave it their best shot.  

    Every best wish for these guys in their future endeavors.  

    Hope you’re right.  The orange and black part is why we care and always will.  Not hard to think this could be painful and extremely beneficial for them as men.  

    City Slickers puts it all in perspective!

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