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  1. I’ve also had similar thoughts and I believe that we’ll see advertisers of companies who simply can’t afford to promote themselves slow to a halt and also affect the circle of revenue tied into broadcast rights. Tony Romo getting 17 mil to talk football may be a thing of the past and broadcasters getting 7 figure salaries to sit in a studio or a desk will get canned. ESPN specifically was benefiting less and less like you outlined and live sports was the only connector between frustrated sports package paying customers and the college hoops, NBA, NFL games they crave watching live. My main wonder is ‘will this be the event that convinces billionaire owners to shop their assets in an attempt to move them instead of just gauging their value? Will it make the younger Angelos’ hold tighter or think sell? These long term liabilities that you see as a larger risk may just stop being worth it. I’m afraid of this process occurring and before I was confident it wouldn’t. Very good talking point
  2. And maybe still another potential difference in scheduling, 7 inning doubleheaders. When I saw that it made me think back to the split days in the GCL sun.
  3. Britton is a closer?🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I’m going to let Tony sim the O’s season and that’ll be who I follow at the big league level this year. Can’t wait to second guess his moves!
  5. I like the way you think but wouldn’t do it that way. You’re a fast tracker! Confidence is touchy with these younger players and I’d prefer to have a player motivated to prove doubters wrong than one in over his head because they can’t perform. As I see it, that underperformance is adversity to respond to, but early during development I’d want a player to very rarely doubt themselves. Talking to Darell, I can verify that he’s highly motivated and seems like a player who will adjust, improve and take coaching. He’s still so young though so it’s a difficult balance.
  6. I wish I could have seen Carmona once during my time at camp just to build a profile. I didn’t and his name will have to stay circled on my list. That would be a strong infield but I only saw Gunnar at 3rd in drills about 5-10% of the time. Right now Ortiz’ arm is more ready from the hole and with relays so he’d get a SS nod over Darell who practiced at both 2nd and SS. I could see the group batting 2,3,4 in an order however with Ortiz’ hit tool centered between Darell’s on-base skill set and Gunnar’s developing pop.
  7. That’s a good point about season length. I’d also lean towards the Ironbirds to get his climb upwards started this year too. Every single part of me recognizes a need to adjust to the circumstances we’re facing, but when I think about baseball not moving forward it doesn’t make sense. I’m also supposed to write about the minors whenever I can and as much of a priority that’s always been for me, I do realize others have much more important real-life things to worry about. I worry about Darell Hernaiz’ development....that’s me. I have no clue if there will be any opportunity for guys like him to measure themselves against others in this calendar year. That’s hard for me to grasp.
  8. Another perspective and a painful loss even today. He was definitely a great guy and lots of the extended O’s family has a story or a kind word to add in. I’m not surprised you do too. The minor league pitcher I met and couldn’t ID a few weeks back seemed especially frustrated with Hargrove and the desire to cut weight quick. Stephens is down here in Venice and I’ve met his wife and oldest son (pitcher of course)more than once. He’s a great baseball dad and I don’t know who smiled bigger at a spring game when he introduced himself to me. I don’t know if it’s current, but it seemed he was heavily involved in youth baseball, passing down his experience and knowledge.
  9. More or less. That’s what Spring Training has always been about to me. His look back made me think lots of readers would have similar feelings.
  10. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/03/reflecting-on-past-spring-trainings-with-the-orioles.html A good and entertaining read. Roch has been doing his thing for quite a while. For anyone who I’ve discussed Ryan Ripken with, and his overanalyzing of each and every piece of baseball equipment-we see where it came from. What a unique baseball family.
  11. You’re welcome. I’m glad to do it. I’m very hopeful that some of these guys will have a future in an O’s uniform and we get to start watching it happen. Let’s start learning them now.
  12. I didn’t mention Elio Prado, he’s the OF from the Sox, as he’s a definite and there is lots to read/watch about him. I’m still confused at how or why Boston was willing to part with him. The organization seemed motivated and ready to have this pipeline start to produce developable talent. I think the influx could be large. Unfortunately it’s yet another process that this outbreak has slowed. Your estimations have merit, let’s hope that we see some action soon.
  13. Sorry for the lag in days, coming up with topics is a different challenge but I do kind of look forward to it. To that end, I’d like to welcome @cboemmeljrofficially to the Hangout and urge anyone who reads me to look at his stuff too, especially on he minors. He cares and he gets deep. He’s a team improving addition and would be even better if there were some games to look forward to. I hope for our sake and everybody who follows, supports and covers the O’s we can look forward to that. Looking over some numbers, I remembered that an O’s team official had mentioned to me that late March was a target date for organizing players who had been in the Dominican Summer League last year of arrive stateside. I think it was the 27th. But it made me wonder who would or could form the framework of this year’s Gulf Coast League Orioles squad as he’d mentioned 20+ players will be making the milestone journey to the US. I decided to look at some profiles for players who have shown something as far as development or stood out for one reason or another. 1B James Rolle- At 6-4 230, he’s a pretty big lefty who had trouble with left handed pitching (3-18)but otherwise did ok with a .283 average/.341 on base in his debut. He also had only 3 errors at 1st in 230 innings so that stood out to me. Batting sixth and playing regularly he hit 5 home runs and struck out 36 times to mix with only 7 walks. Call it a .793 OPS over 113 ABs and that’s his start. SS Noelberth Romero- Romero came over in the Andrew Cashner deal and split his 2019 between the Red Sox organization where he played in 30 games and the Orioles, with 28. Overall he hit .273 with a .340 on base in 216 ABs adding in 18BB and 32k. Also he went 4-6 in steals, interesting enough. What stood out to me is that Romero is listed as a SS which would make sense given his lack of size (listed at 145), yet 47 of his 57 games and over 75% of his chances were at 3rd base. I wrote SS because that’s what the team’s site says. Also 18 years old so consider me intrigued to see him get into Gulf League Games. CF Kevin Infante- At age 19, the Cuban outfielder had a very solid debut batting .298 over 225AB, mostly batting second. Infante had 18 extra base hits, 11 steals, 22 RBI and 94 total bases as an everyday player. On-base at .365 he could do even better if he switched some of his 40 strikeouts to walks, although he managed 18 of them too so he’s laid a nice foundation for GCL at bats. Infante had only 2 errors in over 500 innings in the outfield with 7 assists and a range factor of 2.25. CF Stiven Acevedo Acevedo is a 6-4 outfielder whose .250 debut batting average includes a .236 vs righties. He scored 36 times in 61 games mostly batting second as a 17 year old so some leeway is expected due to youth. 11 extra base hits, 4 steals and a 55:24 K to walk ratio shows he’s not innover is head. Let’s see how some better stuff in a better would affect him at the plate. He made 7 errors in his 470 outfield innings, but had 9 assists and 3 double plays so he made a few guys pay for wanting an extra base. RF Isaac Bellony- Bellony had 230 debut at bats mostly batting 3rd last season and batted .239. The low average doesn’t paint the true picture however as he stole some bases (6-13), hit a few homers (6) and turned 21 XBH into a solid 42 RBI. Bellony also walked 34 times so his 60 Ks hurt a bit less. 14 doubles, a triple and over 40 runs scored makes me think he’ll be part of an outfield I get to see in person. Probably in right. 1B Josue Cruz- Cruz is listed as a LF, but played 48 of 65 games at 1B last year so that’s my call. It makes sense as he’s both tall and lefty, by the way 5 errors in 372 chances at first says he can stay there. Cruz hit .260 with 10 HR batting 5th in the order so maybe he’ll stay there too and present a strong power foundation. Against left handed pitching he had 9 walks, 12 strikeouts in 27 at bats and ended up .259 so looks like he’s bringing some good hitter qualities to the table. Improvement from his debut to year 2, Cruz brings that too. In 2018 he had 178 AB and finished with no HR, 7 XBH and 93K:13BB. Last year he brought everything up significantly, finishing his 237 AB season with a .253 average, 11 HR, 29 XBH and 40 walks with his 94K. Much better! Let’s see him scooping throws over at first whenever baseball gets started again. LF Juan De La Rosa- Debuted with the Mets in 2017 and has played outfield only, not center. 6-3, 207 lbs at age 21 so he’s a veteran as far as experience, age and build compared to his league mates. Improved his average each season; .250, .254, .284. Improved steals each season as well; 2, 9, 15. His best season was last year where he turned 176 AB into 16XBH, 6 HR, 31 RBI, 36 Runs and .810 OPS. Juan handled cleanup responsibilities well, batting .350 out of the 4 hole. SS Erinson Placencia- He was 17 last year and stands 6-1, 170. Batting mostly 6th the righty finished with a .345 average and a smoking .500 on base thanks to his 25 walks outweighing his 19K’s. Throw in his 22-84 hits/AB and 22 runs and 34 total bases and you have a nice, small sample .905 OPS from a middle infielder. 2-4 steals can be better with more coaching and picking better opportunities. C Wilkin Grullon- He’s the catcher who stood out to me the most and I got to see him at camp-catching several bullpens and in the cage once, looking darn good lining singles into mid left field. He’s ‘stocky’ at 6-0 220 and makes a wide target. Footwork and quick twitch athleticism is not his game as much as solid bat skills seem to be. In 2018 he debuted to a .206 average in 68 ABs before improving last year to a .287 average in 100 more AB. He walked 17 times, had a .386 on-base and 12 of his 51 hits went for extra bases. Wilkin got to lefties to the tune of .317 and most of his plate appearances were as a cleanup hitter where he hit .270. Im a supporter of his direct competition Hector Lucero whose best split after a .158 debut was 3-10 with 5RBI with a man on 3rd. Catching isn’t as strong as outfield overall at this point. Speaking of outfield specifically, I’m looking forward to seeing both Ricky Castro and Frank Toletino play there this year as they didn’t contribute much last season. Castro definitely looks like a ball player both in his uniform and shagging flies with ease in the field. I’ll look at some of the arms over the next few days.
  14. Gotcha. I’d vote for Velazquez for several reasons too. Hope there’s a season so we get to find out....
  15. While looking at lists and wondering about topics that aren’t worth discussing I started looking at a few players and wondering where they’d begin the 2020 season. A guy I’ve watched from the Gulf Coast League’s outset is infielder Darell Hernaiz. Not only do I like him, he’s got a great attitude and personality, I’m very impressed with him as a player and especially one with only a handful of games played as a professional. My videos have shown that he’s a quick and athletic mover with spring from his feet and power behind his growing upper body. Bat and glove work is impressive on the daily and his outlook is happy. The coaches and his teammates challenge him and it ups his performance. Drill, game situation, warm-ups, cage, etc....Darell ‘Barrel’ Hernaiz fits in so well for someone not even 20 that it’s already a credit to the O’s front office for finding a moldable piece of baseball clay. But which affiliate should pencil him into their opening day lineup and how do we find that answer? Hernaiz again has only played one season as a pro and each of his 99 At-bats were against rookie league arms. He hit .263 and popped a pair of homers to go with a pair of doubles. Added in 20 runs, 5-5 steals and 17 walks and it’s a nice debut. Stats say he should move on up and let someone else start their climb from Sarasota upward. Also I’ve watched his body change somewhat significantly and show results in the short term. When I saw him initially in July of 2019 he looked every bit of his listed 165 lbs. Wiry, wristy but strong is how I’d describe his frame. This spring, he’s thicker across his shoulders and his hips. Not big, just slight mass where there was none. Forearms are bigger and more evident and his contact louder with the ball ending up straighter or farther away. Not a complicated observation but something to note as he’s already making significant and apparent progress early on in his development. I’d bet he’s up to around 178-180 range right now and working out everyday while eating a ton to ensure more lbs. What about his competition at potentially Aberdeen or Delmarva? And what position should he play? Is he a shortstop or a second baseman? I’m going to say that I saw him show elements of both, but I’d put his skill set/bat combo at second. Also, he’s born within the same few weeks as Gunnar Henderson and Gun gets first dibs at SS if I’m picking spots. If both Darell and Gunnar aren’t on the same affiliate and Hernaiz is a SS where he lands I’m ok with it, but my preference is wherever the club thinks he’d end up on a big league diamond is where he should get chances in the minors. Yet another deciding factor. To me, not seeing much of Jean Carmona at camp, he’s not much of a factor either, hopefully I’m completely wrong. But Joey Ortiz and his skill set+college level dominance IS a factor and the Ortiz vs Hernaiz battle starting in earnest can work out well for all involved. Ortiz is on the IronBirds right now, listed as SS as is Jean Carmona. There’s one 2B and that’s Alexis Torres. Torres has pedigree being a 5th round choice, but his draft was in 2016 and he’s made not much progress since then. So perhaps Darell can slot into that grouping as an infielder. Delmarva would represent a significant jump after only 99 pro at-bats and they have Adam Hall listed as SS today backed up by Andrew Fregia and Ryne Ogren at 2B. Hall’s the starter and heavy AB guy but that’s not an uncrackable rotation for someone bumped up from a level below....maybe Carmona? Clay Fisher batted .217 at Aberdeen in his pro debut with a Strikeout:Walk ratio of 45:7 so perhaps not the guy to shuttle up and make room for a higher pick with pedigree like Darell. Then there’s Carlos Baez who’s about to be in his 6th year in the organization and truly has showed me he’s ready to move up from rookie league for good. So, does Darell play 2B at Aberdeen or 2B/SS at the GCL one more round as he turns 19 in early August? Now that I’ve laid out some circumstances behind the decision I’d love to know what you think and why. If I’m choosing, I’d find a way to reward his start and his skills with a spot at Aberdeen. Delmarva soon, but not week 1 of the minor league season. I’d expect some adversity and some improvement similar to his debut . I’m most confident in the constant improvement and Darrel being a highly motivated athlete maximizing his chances. He did what he was supposed to do in year one and also showed up ready to compete in spring of year 2 with focus and a team first attitude. Also, he’s got a chip on his shoulder thinking the 5th round was too late for him. I know the calendar is unorthodox but where does he play?
  16. My mistake. I’m usually not The O’s SS will hopefully be Iglesias for just about every inning of every game. Without knowing the season’s specifics, in a normal year I’d say Iglesias comes to the plate 525 times at least. His presence means that Martin can fully marinate in AAA and not have to sit.
  17. I think a year from now there will be a large percentage increase in his believers. It looks like you’re early on lots of guys. Hall doesn’t jump out at me in person but his stats are clean and his fundamentals are even cleaner. BRob is a fair comp. In terms of athleticism they’re not tiers apart. BRob got to top speed quicker but Hall’s fastest pace is higher than Roberts’. That’s very fast. His bends, pivots, transfers and steps show me a person who is very in tune with the speed of baseball. Like Grenier, nothing in the field gets him out of rhythm so he’s transferring his athletic gifts in a significant way. I didn’t need to see a ton to realize this. I think it’s more than past time for Hall’s lack of high level amateur experience to skew his prospect ranking and he should be evaluated on the here and now. Pesky is apt, skilled is more appropriate. Provided there’s some type of season, Hall will use his gifts and rise in rank this year.
  18. I’d guess an infield of Mountcastle, Bannon, Martin and perhaps Valaika would be backed up by a middle infielder who doesn’t make the final cut (rank the springs of Herrera, Urena, Urias?). Not a bad offensive group. Not a super defensive group. Maybe not that far off from the mlb club except for Iglesias’ unmatched glove and R Nunez’ pop. Could Martin and Bannon be the ‘kind-of near future’ versions of those two? Bannon impressed me in games with his power and ability to drive the ball and then back at minor league camp just belting bombs at cage sessions. He can hit a bit so he represents upside. I don’t know what’s an evaluator for the O’s as they make these calls. We’ll see if/how/when they’re forced to make roster decisions
  19. I have Velazquez on O’s and Martin penciled in for a full season of ABs at Norfolk. Who knows? We have nothing to go on and can only wait....
  20. I do too. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to mix wheels with some bat skills a semblance of on-base mentality. The prototype of a lot of baseball-specific roles is changing. Look at Adley and his foot speed, bouncy legs and hops. That’s a modern day backstop. If anyone in the Minors has some young-Springer type numbers we can look at Hall but he has less punch, slightly more speed. K:BB ratio leaves something to be desired but a)he’s young and b)he can get on base. Seeing all the BRob all over spring training has me longing for 12 pitch at-bats that end up in walks and then steals.....
  21. Or, maybe there’s a shift in lead off qualifications/skills. High on base yes, but pitches seen no? Not too many ‘walk’ guys and of that small subset none are burners on the bases. Of the speed guys I’d try and squeeze pitch recognition skills out of Janvrin and Sparks. They just assaulted the GCL once on first and dictated so much action from that point. Watching some old clips of games from previous seasons it is astounding how little base stealing is a part of today’s run production. Taking a base a fair percentage of the time changes how defenders act. I’m all for that.
  22. This is so awesome. Thanks for posting this. I am loving the music at the stadium and in/out of breaks!!!!!
  23. Trying to come up with ideas to write or organize thoughts when there’s no action is tough. I feel like a manager in the late stages of a close game, searching for a spark. What or who can start that rally? That made me think of this question; If I have the entire organization at my disposal who’s the one hitter I’d want leading off my inning to start a rally and get to first? I’ve got anecdotal evidence, stats and some thoughts to help me come up with this and I have a hunch right now before I even start looking at numbers. I’ll say at the end if my hunch was right. I’m at baseballreference.com and have sorted by On-base. I see a bunch of catchers (know anyone who thinks the catcher depth chart is better than others?) and not too many high game or PA totals, but 4 and 5 are rookie league catchers Harris Yett at .417 and Chris Burgess .412. The first guy who came to the plate more than 200 times and exceeds the magic 40% is Brett Cumberland and his 230 PA, 31 BB and .404 on-base. He hit .257 too and I think that’s the floor for him. Cumberland doesn’t work counts or get comfortable in the box either so that’s a profile of a guy eager to get things going and be on base or not. Corner Trevor Putzig is another bat I trust and he shows up on this list too. His plate appearances were mostly at rookie league but he had 140 of them, batted .278 and was on-base at .403, good for 10th in the organization. Also 23BB to 28 K so off to a good foundation there too. I’m not surprised to see a couple guys I vouch for often show up here. By the way, another catcher, Luke Ringhofer is 14th (barely played though) and Chance Sisco is 16th with a .388. 17th and 18th on the list have me stroking my chin and thinking as they’re Toby Welk and Adam Hall, a pair of guys who I have faith in and have watched a bit over the past few weeks. Welk is young, but in his 240 PA’s he got to first at a .388 clip. Also he grounded into a double play only twice so showing a smidge of bat control. 19 XBH pretty solid, 50K:20BB needs work. Adam Hall was hit by a pitch 22 times and stole 33 times in 42 chances. Please make that connection. He also had a .385 on-base overall in 534 PA’s and 78 runs scored, behind only Mason McCoy and Ryan Mountcastle in the minors. That’s a guy getting to first and making things happen when he gets there. 183 total bases too, not a bad campaign by any stretch and a few impressive numbers emerge to enhance his profile. Sometimes Norfolk, sometimes Orioles outfielder Mason Williams checked in with a nice looking .371 on-base in his 494 PA’s and I’ve seen him get hits off more than one style of pitcher this spring. That stands out a bit too, but he’s not a minor league guy to me anymore. Young infielder Darell Hernaiz checks in with a clean .371 but he only played in 29 games and I can’t endorse him everywhere. Although 5 SBs, no caught mean maybe a pinch runner. The real answer should probably be Mason McCoy. He fits the profile, he’s somewhat aggressive but can take 4 balls if need be (44 times in 596 PA isn’t a good percentage) and he hit .290 getting on base at a .345 clip. Also and especially, he’s shown me excellent bat skills and executed 2 hit-and-runs right in front of my face. Waiting with his hands back and driving the ball into a recently vacated 2B hole is how you get me to notice you and he did it perfectly when he got the sign. Mountcastle batted .312, walked never and was on-base at .344. He won his league player of the year at 22 and had over 80 RBI and runs so love him or hate him but he’d be a damn good candidate to get a hit or do some damage if not necessarily one to sit at 3-1 and eye one in. These guys are offensive players I trust, and as we’re around .341 on the list going down, we approach the organization’s top 50 threshold. Familiar names like Adley Rutschman appear-he’s .351. AA speedster OF Cole Billingsley and his .349 look nice behind a .280 average too. Infielder Joey Ortiz is down around here too, checking in at .345 to accompany a too low for him .241 average. But he also only grounded into two double plays in 229 PA’s and mixed in 30 BBs with his 37 K’s. So not a bad start, but he’s not my bat in the clutch today. Rylan Bannon, who has impressed me this spring with power, distance and exit velocity put together some work to get to his .345 on-base. 553 PA’s is a full season but the guy had 47 XBH including 11 HR. He walked 50 times too all the while tattooing lefties to an OPS over 1.000 at two levels combined. A chance meeting with a TB farmhand days after the Machado trade made me recall pitcher Dayveon Whittle (currently at Hudson Valley and an old roomy of Rylan) who told me that Bannon is ‘all uppercut but fans will love him’ I’d love to choose a lefty slugger who made a very positive impression on me, JC Escarra who can walk it like he talks it, but checked in with a surprisingly low .325 on base despite his solid walk total, 52. But his 104-448 leads to a .235 average and I’m taking too much of a chance. Maybe if I only got one pitch. And I’m open to him changing my mind in 2020 but I think my guy is going to be someone else. My hunch was Cumberland but after reviewing what I wrote, he’s going to lose out to Adam Hall in a very close decision. I trust both, and in most situations I’d choose a lefty but Hall is my ignitor. Cumberland is listed as a switch hitter but I’ve only seen him in a righty box one BP rotation so he’s a lefty to me and I’d consider his bat/on-base skill set as a true weapon. I wonder how other GMs evaluate it. Hall and his speed intrigue me and walking needs to be a skill he adds to his developing arsenal as it can only add to the damage he can do. I trust his ability to get to first or drive a pitch and be more than he is today so he’s my choice. Hallsy-You’re Up!!!
  24. The bigger names in the Orioles prospect mix at pitcher really do profile as top of the rotation guys. DL Hall, Grayson Rodriguez, and Mike Baumann have stuff and ability and need only higher level success to keep their significant momentum rolling. Other names like Blaine Knight, Brenan Hanifee, Cody Sedlock and Kyle Bradish have faced adversity, limited exposure, injury or some mixture of them yet still all can be placed at or near top of the rotation status if things break right for them. No pun intended. Two other guys shape up as potentially useful and the thing they have in common is their names bring about thoughts of Texas, even though neither are from there. Tall, slender righty Dallas Litscher and beefier righty Houston Roth both handled short season pretty well and Litscher who is every bit of 6 foot 8 was rewarded with a spot in the Delmarva rotation down the stretch. Litscher’s performance at both levels is an easy comparison, 7 games and 6 starts at both Aberdeen (36.1 IP) and Delmarva (34). It seems simple, he’s not a multi pitch or angle guy so he’s going to use leg leverage out of the windup because he’s so tall and stay in advantageous counts maybe finish guys off with rising or high heat (tall) or swinging at his pitch if it’s set up well, especially righties. He has a curve and it’s more of a count evener than a finisher. It seemed to be effective at low-A as righties hit him to a .167, but the release point or lack of deception didn’t fool them at Delmarva where he gave up 11ER and was hit to the tune of .316 by righties. Big difference and the stats reflect it. If you look at the logs, of his Shorebird apprearances the first 3 were solid, the last few is where the damage to his promising stat line was done. Not a ton going on, but one thing stood out a little. He’s very tall and very skinny and used to be less skinny. Old videos of him he had a bit more weight on his frame and he looks slower. Now he’s on the slim side, and the leg movement is more of a balanced motion and less stiff. Maybe he’ll find that juice he had early on in 2019. By the way he’s from Arizona. The other guy with the Texas name is Houston Roth and although he doesn’t have a big mix as far as useful offerings, he can set guys up with moxie and finish them off too, going for K’s with a nasty cut. Roth did not get to leave Aberdeen and his stat line there was consistent. 2-5 innings per appearance, there were 10-and only once was the broad shouldered Ole Miss Rebel allowed to surpass 65 pitches. 8 of his 13 walks came in two bad appearances and the other 8 were darn good. His stat line was a WHIP of 1.01 and 5ER in 31.2 IP with 39K. Low A hitters aren’t a problem. When I watched him, and I saw him a little bit more than Dallas I saw a guy who can mix it up with speeds but doesn’t want to waste pitches and avoid the strike zone. He goes for the K but doesn’t have rocket stuff and I’d say he locates better than he moves. Houston is burly and looks like he’s capable of adding maybe 8-12 solid lbs to an already big frame, sizing him up around 235 as a fully developed pro. He’s got the lower body and height to support it- maybe a mph helps his mix or just his heat. He was effective statistically as a reliever and a starter too so he’s shown he can get results in multiple roles. Again, like all other prospects I was so eager to get an eye on these guys in more ways than I saw them. I’ll focus on these two because of their common start in Aberdeen and the Texas name thing. Also, there’s a Lamar in Texas and a Lamar I was counting the days until seeing at camp too. Outfielder Lamar Sparks missed all of 2018 with a shoulder but he was able to show speed, if not strike zone mastery, sandwiched around that lost year as he went 11-14 in steals in his rookie 2017 and 14-19 in 2019. I saw him in 2019 and was astounded at his athletic balance and stride length once he gets into acceleration. He lengthens and flies in a fluid pace but isn’t going so fast you don’t even notice until he’s two bases away. His speed, like Janvrin’s is a full-out weapon. When he checked in last week and I saw him with a similar frame as last August, but slightly bigger/wider shoulders I was pleasantly surprised. I remember thinking, is there even room in Baltimore for another Lamar? I wanted to watch him leadoff righty. By the way, if it matters Sparks actually IS from Texas, but his town is called 7 Lakes and there’s not an Oriole with that name.
  25. I can understand your perspective too. I want to leave open every possibility that he was not utilizing his best throws and maybe be hurt. I did not see a 60 arm on display. That’s why this no games thing just interrupts us...
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