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  1. I was eager to see the start of him taking on higher competition. Thanks and I’m sorry that I’m incomplete on him. Maybe revisit after 400-500 plate appearances this year...make that maybe 200-300 hopefully. He could easily pop up on a lust or two from where he is, absolutely. I’d like to see him making his best use of the gifts he’s got and then have a framework for evaluation.
  2. Thanks. I guess I should just clarify now-I mean number one offensive prospect. I don’t know today if I can really rank him ahead of Grayson and or DL Hall. Maybe but not today. I’m eager to see them all compete when the season actually starts. Sooner=better.
  3. Hey readers this absolutely stinks. To ease the pain and to put my time and experiences over the last few weeks I’ll try to focus and expand on one thought I’ve had at least once and see where it goes. Again I hope it helps all of us who miss and look forward to baseball. To start with I wrote a long piece about the one thing that makes baseball great, and this period stink-the unknown. Trying to copy it here I erased it so here goes again. After my weeks of tight observation at the Orioles minor league camp there is one player I saw every single day in many drills and situations and can not even approach making a sound judgement on what I just saw. That player is Zach Watson. My notes and video conclude the same thing. Inconsistency is consistent Athleticism is very high level and demonstrated best in short term burst/acceleration. Two-three steps and he’s turning towards a powerful fourth gear. He’s not heavy but he accelerates like a back after a handoff-he can use this in the outfield but his strides are measured there. Pivoting and body positioning in the outfield is his best skill. The word for him tracking flies ‘familiar’. Off the juggs machine he follows and reacts to spin and path so seamlessly it’s awesome to watch. Again, I want to give respect to this. I wrote and sent video to @Tony-OH of him settling under a fly because I was excited by that ability. When he has to throw the ball back it’s not the same athlete, making me think he’s nursing something. This is a guy with a powerful lower half that he knows how to use. A throwing base if I’ve ever seen one despite his slender build. The ball just doesn’t get there and when it does it doesn’t snap. I’ve seen him throw a football with plenty of juice! LSU?! There simply has to be a problem I’m missing. I remember thinking, I’m seeing a guy who simply can’t misplay a fly ball and get can’t throw it to the cutoff man. Inconsistent. At the plate I saw more of the same. Zach uses a pretty large bat and when he barrels it, the path can be high and end up beyond Oriole fences. But reaching and starting off-time gets his whole motion out of alignment in a big way and he needs that level path being a light player with a high weight stick. Swing mechanics he looks wristy a little bit but not in any way does that affect contact consistency. It’s more body positioning issues when he misses. Definitely not out of the ordinary. Developing. In the box he stands close and handles in better than you’d think. He can pull the straight stuff and he can also turn a 3-1 into a swinging k on pitcher’s pitches. I saw good contact and more bad counts. The cage was also not a clear indicator for me. He batted all over the ‘order’ in game situations. He is better meeting the ball at his chest/hip and wrist driving it the other way and although he didn’t do that a ton I saw that as his most natural use of his swing. I liked it. Again, not a ton of evidence. The real Zach Watson was out and showing during baserunning drills. Watson can move and because he’s low to the ground he doesn’t miss space turning at the bags and blowing into top gear between them. This dude can just go and 90 feet is a distance made for his acceleration. I wrote ‘Ryan Ripken... F’ING GET IT WATT!!!! after a drill where the gray legged sprinter picked up the pace and lost his helmet. He is fast, his skills are evident. His deficiencies as far as count maximizing and arm strength seem to be too but again I didn’t see enough to be clear. I guess that’s as close to criticism as I can get. Every other guy I can say what I think. With Watson, who seems not too quiet or too loud and definitely not too overwhelmed, I just can’t. That’s why the lack of games or movement towards games stinks so much. I’m ready to clean slate this guy and give him an evaluation, I know I haven’t included a ton of him day-to-day.....and now I can’t. He’s a big part of the system and I haven’t made a conclusion despite seeing him everyday. Maybe that’s evidence too. What did I miss? What do you think about the evidence and where he’ll end up? I wish I had more to present but that’s my take on Zach Watson.
  4. Morning guys. I’ll be on at 11:05 approx to talk about what I got to see at minor league camp the first few days. Maybe a chance to get away from coronavirus talk for a bit.
  5. Hope you enjoyed your limited experience down here and successfully avoided any sickness. I also hope it provided a short escape from the issues back at home. Things will go back to some form of normal but no baseball is wearing on me and it’s only been a few hours. Thanks for the compliment! It was a different type of week and right now my strongest hope is that we’ll be able to look back and see it as a strange footnote on the way back to success. For the time that you wasted or thought you’d be doing something else at least you stayed healthy and saw a little instead of nothing. I was happy to meet you too and just talking back and forth about some O’s stories and players is why joining this extended family was such a positive decision. Next year, let’s hope the SW FL coastal tour is a little more normal!
  6. There are more than hundreds for me. When I was a young child (5?), I locked myself in the bathroom at my doctor’s office trying to avoid a blood test prick. They had to unhinge the door and remove it and had some assistance from a handsome dude who told my mom he was T-Bone and his kids were brats too. When we got the autograph on a prescription pad, my dad translated it to-John Shelby. I remember standing next to the bullpen for Dylan Bundy’s first career start above Delmarva. He was so focused and so ready to seize his career. He was also pretty chatty and friendly. I told him I’d see him at the World Series. He said ‘you’re damn right you will’ as he took his tosses and got sweaty in a second before sprinting towards the mound. My dad took me to wrestling as a kid to the Baltimore Civic Center. I was probably 5 here too and in our aisle, barely visible through the lights was Johnny U. My dad is quiet and deliberate and measured but he basically left me to mess around with the younger Unitases and kids as he met his all-time hero and talked his ear off. I’ve never seen him act that way ever before or again and it made an impression on me more than any story/legend/30 for 30 could. But the reason why I love the O’s so much and never won’t is outfielder Ken Gerhart. If you know me you’ve heard the story of how good he was to me. My old neighbor was a floor manager for Leaf Candies and he was a great guy-I miss his entire family. He would give out Chunkies, take us to the bus stop and let us stay in his car when it was cold plus didn’t yell when my dog ran down to their lawn. One day he took a piece of paper out of the console from his Chevy Monte Carlo and told me to bring it to my mom. It was a free pass for a dugout tour/bullpen party with an Oriole, Cal Ripken. When we went they told us that Cal wasn’t available and I honestly didn’t care, I wanted to see Eddie Murray in person somehow. I didn’t get that either. Gerhart walked in, saw the situation and told my folks he’d have me back to the desk in a few minutes. He held my hand and took me into the batting cage and I saw Larry Sheets in sweats banging out line drives with the biggest bat I’ve ever seen. Then into the trainers room where I saw guys I don’t know being bent and reading the paper and laughing-there was Cal. Finally, he took me to the field and I got to walk out the dugout onto the grass and see the stadium seats go up to the sky. I remember thinking that he was going to come out the same entrance and how special the dugout was. He told me to never stop watching what happens on the field, even in the dugout and bullpen. Then we walked out there, took a ride in the cart around the outfield and my tour was over. Gerhart didn’t play that game and didn’t make an impact on the field but he was so nice and welcoming. That impact, that lack of separating me from the sights and sounds and putting me in a place where I could witness them locked it up for me forever. Baseball was my life and my favorite activity and how I evaluated people and what I loved to learn more about than anything else. Who knows if I would have turned out this way if there was no Ken Gerhart to do his part and pass it on? Ive had so many interactions with O’s players and people they’re connected to but this is the one that shaped me as a baseball fan and O’s guy for life. Great idea for a thread-thanks. I’m having trouble with no baseball.
  7. I’m confident that you’re not too far off. Thanks immensely for your support and questions/suggestions. We’ll just have to put them all on hold and not think about the Orioles minor leagues (yea right)for a few weeks or so. Sometime very soon we can start to forget about this and go back to watching the players develop and move upwards.
  8. I will definitely be ready, I was just getting warm waiting for games. I don’t take the opportunity for granted and now is a good example of why I shouldn’t. There is no way around it, the spring 2020 part of the rebuild has had a variety of stories, none of them really that good. I wonder how it will appear when we look back years from now. I have learned a lot from the Hangout extended family and truly just want to keep going and continuing that process. Sorry about Allegiant. We’ll watch some players together soon instead of today and tomorrow. Maybe one day they’ll sponsor a championship Orioles team....
  9. You’re welcome. No hard feelings in any way and I didn’t remember disagreeing with you.....it’s all feedback. I’m glad you liked reading and I’m looking at it as a very brief and unwelcome chance to spend each morning with my dog like he wants. I’m going to figure out some way to keep posting during the time off. A problem is I really emptied the notebook every day anticipating games and a season starting in early April for so much more info that now I won’t get and be able to convey. Thanks for the support.
  10. Good morning from soap and sanitizer devoid Sarasota. Unfortunately the O’s facilities at both Ed Smith Stadium and Buck O’Neill Baseball Complex at Twin Lakes are closed to media access indefinitely starting today. It just stinks. I have plenty of thoughts and none are overly positive. So maybe it’s not today where I’ll best be able to organize them. I fully understand and accept the high levels of concern and responsibility is crucial. I was able to learn a lot, hopefully if you read these you did too. I will find a way to keep it going through the hiatus-you can have no doubt. It’s baseball and the baseball calendar doesn’t stop-it’s actually one of the best parts, so I’ll stay ready to jump back soon. There was plenty to see and observe so the time was far from empty. Thanks to the O’s and @Tony-OH especially for a great opportunity. We’ll see what happens with the minor league calendar in respect to their season starting but I’ll do my best to stay on top of things.
  11. I’m aware that a)I didn’t finish the notebook for this date and b)the O’s complex is closed. I’m pretty upset but I’ll be ok. I feel very bad for the development process that has slowed to a stop in some ways. No competition means less opportunities to be seen or evaluated. ‘on the day that MLB cancelled spring training games, I talked with JC Escarra about playing in a big league game that evening. He never got that chance to hit the late inning double he was going to pull down the right field line. How many times will he get to show his stuff for O’s skipper Brandon Hyde? Next year, it could be someone else. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe Andrew Daschbach would be the choice. The irony is significant because as Escarra was sending soft toss balls to the wall there was one injured slugger in the cage with him, setting him up. Daschbach’ That’s something that I thought about yesterday and I will have to focus on my memories of 2020 camp for now. I’ll be ready for access as soon as it comes back and extended spring, GCL and the minor league season especially. I’m open to discuss some of the players I saw and maybe that will ease the sting of no baseball in my life for a bit. Ouch
  12. That stinks. I was looking forward to watching some newer players and coaches with you. Maybe it will pass soon and we can be ready. Sorry for the lost cash too but it would have been worth it. I’ll keep my eye on the complex as long as it’s open.
  13. Good morning from sunny Sarasota. I’m about to leave for the Orioles minor leaguer complex. The action has been going on a bit later so I’ll try and start later and stay later to see more of what’s happening. More corona virus cancelled events on the radio and TV are all starting to blend together. Hopefully some grounder or relay drills can provide some escape. One thing I forgot to add from my notes yesterday that I saw when I was reviewing -Willy Yahn’s batting gloves=dirt from the batters box. I’ll be there in a little bit and will be sharing what I see. 10:30am Update- Checked in at the minor league complex and have been here for three songs so far-Twist and Shout, Talk About It (disco version) and I Ran So Far Away. The actual news is that there are two large groups of offensive players stretching and I have almost all of them memorized. As of now I’m above 75% so let’s see if I have them all down by the time I leave. The orange jerseys with the names-big help! 11:00am Update- I just asked a couple of players at the cage what the rundown is for today and 1B JC Escarra told me he’s going to Ft Myers for tonight’s O’s/Twins game, with a smile of course. I was curious about the process so I asked him about it. He’s glad to share. The bus leaves for night games from here at 1:00. He was notified the night before. Escarra seems like it’s becoming old hat to him as he’s been up for more than one game but I can tell that he at least looks forward to making an impression. Cornerman and sometimes outfielder Andrew Daschbach tossed him underhanded throws, Escarra was driving them loudly straight one by one. It seems the organization’s hitting program has helped him immensely. His contact is consistent, on barrel and loud. He’s also reached base by single in a MLB spring game. Progress. Watching some cage work for the hitters, lefty outfielder Shane Fontana who devastated the GCL for a few weeks looks like his swing has even more of an uppercut twinge but his contact is line-driveish. Outfielder Kyle Stowers would benefit from taking his cage performance to the batter’s box. Catcher Martin Cervenka has a level stroke, not too rushed and his contact is forward and hits the same zone on the back of the net. Even better news, I’m watching these swings without realizing how much I’ve memorized them, from about 60-70 feet away as they’re at an outdoor cage not accessible to me. 3:15pm Update- I usually don’t check my phone often at camp but it seems that there has been some happenings as far as cancellations and postponements in the last few hours. Understandable. The O’s staff built a rudimentary plastic fence directly in front of me while I was there too. Things are being restricted. I did however see a couple of items worth mentioning however. Not a ton. Pitcher Matthias Dietz worked in a simulated game situation to hitters. His right handed release was frustrating to righties and his breaking stuff wasn’t tight or sharp but if you were righty you didn’t get a great look. Lefties figured him out quickly however and he gave up some clean contact. Here’s infielder Angelo Mora catching up: There were drills on all fields, not too much throwing from pitchers as a group and cage-work to wrap up the day relatively early. I have footage of some drills to go through and a couple of notes to review and I’ll have them up this evening. My sense is that things are about to get weird which breaks my heart because these guys have been grinding and they need the reps to be ready......for something. Development being stunted or thwarted in any way is not ideal. I’ll be there to cover as much as I can. Today there just wasn’t a ton. Infielder Carlos Baez is back with some shoulders and I haven’t seen him since July. He was the loudest player on the rookie league team and didn’t get regular chances but I really liked him. Even getting one at-bat a week and not maximizing it he showed so much swagger! He leads with his voice and I absolutely was intrigued by his personality. This is a great example of the ‘Bae’ that I remember: The dugout yeller has brought back some pop too and I saw he and Gunnar discussing batted ball distance behind a cage. Out of nowhere guy?
  14. I’m curious to a large degree about the DSL group coming over this year and focusing on age is just one aspect. This is really just the first part of a multi-year push for international talent so I’m not stuck on 2020. It will serve as a better template for the future, but I cannot get over how much they won when I expected them to win. There was maybe one instance where I just thought ‘they didn’t execute’ or ‘they were caught off guard’. That’s what I’ll remember about the group and yes, I’m even more curious to see who gets the full season opportunity. We’ll be able to know and not guess in a few weeks.
  15. Good perspective. Also appropriate that they won in such dominating fashion. This year the ages will be more in line with the other teams. We’ll see how they perform for Alan Mills and company.
  16. Back to typical Sarasota, it’s about 75 and sunny at 10am as I walk into the Orioles minor league. complex. There’s action on all fields. Pitcher Ryan Conroy pitching to outfielder Chris Cespedes in a cage. Bullpen mounds occupied by righties Morgan McSweeney, Hector Guance and Tyler Herb. A simulated game on another field with lefty Cameron Bishop firing off a mound to field a bunt from outfielder Jaylen Ferguson. Turn to another field and it’s starter Zac Lowther (looking sharp)facing live batters. Catcher Maverick Handley is at-bat....backwards K. Infielder Andrew Fregia walks into the box wearing a vest to measure his swing data and Lowther is switched out for the now-warm Tyler Herb. Adley Rutschman steps in to replace the catcher and work with Herb. Today things are moving and improvement is happening as scheduled. Some drills and all action in every available spot. This is what I wanted to see. Yet another field and McSweeney is gassed up throwing heat to corner JC Encarnacion, grunting like John McEnroe with every release. The long hair and exaggerated hip turn adds to the mound presence. Briefly, on the way in and on TV getting ready the sports discussions centered around Coronavirus and potentially cancelled events. Last night at the Orioles game there was a ceremony to honor the 2019 GCL champ Orioles. Their playoffs did not happen because of Hurricane Dorian in August of 2019, they were cancelled. But I’m so proud of the team and they deserved recognition for their shiny 38-15 but also for setting the course forward for a few years of O’s development from the bottom up. This foundation got their credit, plus a banner. Talking to some players, they’re proud but still miffed at missing the chance to prove they were the best. They were. Catcher Chris Burgess liked the recognition and admitted that team was pretty damn good but wanted to win a series to lock it down. I hope there’s a way to not cancel these events. 12pmUpdate- I saw a large group go inside but infield and outfield drills with a defensive slant continued. I watched the outfielders do a charge grounders and ‘pop up into a throw position’ and also some of the juggs machines with increased speeds shooting grounders at infielders on field and on the side in groups, shortstops specifically. If you want a guy who has caught my eye out of nowhere and is urging me to pay attention by his actions, it would be SS Irving Ortega who looks to be a large guy for an infield position but is so smooth with the up and down. His glove leads his infield actions and he’s not going to accelerate the action. I like it. The drill I watched was won by 2B Andrew Fregia as he had great focus and watched the ball out of the machine like a hitter looking at a pitcher’s hand. Focused! There was so much to see today that my head was spinning. I hope I got some good video for you and a few more players/drills were introduced. I talked to second year 3B Toby Welk at the fence for a while as he’s slowed by a slightly sore quad. He’s very ready for this year and especially focused too as he knows it’s a crucial one for his future. Orioles fans should familiarize themselves with Toby and his story. They’d love him and have another player to root for. I saw so much defense drills but it still wasn’t enough. The gloves from early camp are hot and the new arrivals, especially Irvin Ortega and Angelo Mora are mistake free and sharp with backhands, forehands and shorthops. I like watching them and 2B Carlos Baez who caught my eye (and ear) this past GCL season. Here are my notes: -of Frank Tolentino has some holes in his swing but less than last year. -of Trevor Kehe lined a sharp single off starter Tucker Baca and I remembered the sound of Kehe’s contact well. He swings with a controlled surge and uppercut. His GCL homer I saw was a no-doubter. -Joey Ortiz stepped in next, worked to a 1-1 and then lined a loud tater to left-center off a flat fastball. Joey! -Tyler Joiner—HUUUUGE 12-to-6 break. -Infielder Andrew Fregia shows deadeye stare to juggs machine as the grounders come out....he’s looking for spin/bounce potential and maintaining his stance.
  17. It was nice to watch some of the future mixed with the current version of the Orioles with you. I hope to travel up and see some minors games in person this season so catch up with you at one that counts.
  18. Him and Cody Carroll coming through out of the pen. Love watching the positional battles as the roster starts to come into form. Tate looked solid tonight, all contact weak and right into the ground.
  19. I would have recognized that name when he said it. Said he tried to throw 94 past everybody and it worked for a year.
  20. You too guy. Can’t wait to talk minor league progression upwards with you starting this season. And a neat coincidence that we got to a game where the GCL Champs were honored.
  21. I searched online extensively and couldn’t figure it or match a pic to re-ring a bell. Right-handed pitcher who is at least 6-2 but probably 6-4 looks like the wrestler Goldberg. Big and broad and also tall.
  22. Good morning from Sarasota. As I checked in this morning and picked up a roster for Hangout poster @Legend_Of_Joey, I noticed the photographers and their cameras set up. It’s picture day at the Orioles Twin Lakes complex and that can only help as far as ID’ing each and every player. I haven’t talked to anyone about the schedule for today but the parking lot is full and the field crews have cages on all the fields and are finishing as they set up outside net cages and finalize the mounds. To me it looks like there will be lots going on and I’m glad to be here for all of it. I have been sent notice about the team/MLB policy as far as proximity to players and staff due to corona virus concerns so it may be difficult to interact and get solid shots/videos. I’ll still be able to observe plenty of action. The players should be exiting any minute now so I’ll check out the day and be back soon. 4:30pm Update- Busy day out at the complex and yes, @Legend_Of_Joey and I were able to connect and watch baseball action. Every big name was there and there was a simulated game, at least a few innings after lunch. The vans rolling in and out, fans watching and cheering, the players’ intensity growing, coaches instructing; it’s finally a real camp! I have notes, some video, a cool story about meeting an O’s farmhand from my youth and an important current employee too but now I have to go and play with my dog. Probably my best bet for coordinating this info and organizing it will happen at the O’s game but I might be distracted. It starts in 2 hours and I plan on being there. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love seeing kids start to appreciate the game and a family that had come from Texas to watch Grayson (wouldn’t you?) got a gift for their boy Tatum from Daniel Fajardo. I also can’t begin to tell you how good of a guy Fajardo is. Maybe my picture can, but what a start to Tatum’s day! 6:00pmUpdate- I tried in vain to remember and used google to help me but couldn’t recall the name of the former O’s minors pitcher I met. He talked about Ponson, Steve Bechler and his own reliance on a 94mph fastball. He had a beautiful wife and family and probably didn’t notice his gleam as he walked down the pavement getting closer to the fields he used to throw on. I did point out his smirk, and he finished my thought, with initials as the pitchers marched out for PFP. He sighed. The hugely important employee I met was Director of Education in Player Development Anaíma Garcia as I thought she was a reporter taking notes on my level. I was mistaken, she’s a recent hire and is in sponge mode learning her new players and her own responsibilities. Alway watching with a note pad and writing, she seems like she’s taking in a lot but not overwhelmed. The latest example of the O’s hiring people who are hungry and ready to grow. All this in addition to Keys catcher Daniel Fajardo giving away a bat. Minor league camp is just a great place to be and take in the sport. Now I’ll have to give to the action I saw in note form or I’ll never make the O’s game....I tried for a while to look up the pitchers name/ pic -rookie level outfielder Lamar Sparks was dressed and looks considerably larger than last summer. Big shoulders, filling out the jersey -starter Dean Kremer looked to be a little more fluid and quicker with his legs in his delivery and especially initiating the motion than I’d seen him at the outset of big league camp. Maybe warming up? Looked limber. Curve came out slow but he was working on it, it was working for him -Adley Rutschman was back and in a rotation of catchers getting regular work/use as I predicted. He didn’t get a hit in the sim action I saw, but caught DL Hall, made good solid contact to right and threw out a runner at second -starter Michael Baumann was really solid and had every pitch available in sim action. He got outfielder Kyle Stowers on hip level heat swinging. I was happy to see Stowers turn on a hitter’s pitch, it was just 95+. Next up corner JC Escarra, he took the count to 3 balls and did his thing, eyeing a high pitch all the way back to the glove as he dropped the bat walking to first. -I noticed the umpire giving Cody Sedlock the corners with breaking stuff when he didn’t hit actually them, and not rewarding him with strikes when he did, Blue=mid-season form. Also Cody had the change working as hitters swung through his stuff early twice. He was up before Kyle Bradish who I didn’t focus on but really looked clean and string with stuff the 4-5 pitches I saw.
  23. Good morning from Sarasota. I’m eager to get back if minor league camp but stuck in traffic on the highway on the way. The same thing happened last week. Last night, leaving the stadium I bumped into a guy I’ve been calling since 1987, begging the O’s to trade for Ruben Sierra-broadcaster Stan the Fan. We’ve been trying to meet but I’m at Twin Lakes and he’s at the O’s so he said let’s go to dinner in an hour. So on to eat with some media giants from then and now including Peter Schmuck, Ron Matz and new O’s voice Scott Garceau. After a short prayer and well wishes for Trey Mancini, we reminisced and began talking Birds. Wow do these guys have some stories! All of us with our own perspectives are eager for Orioles success. I got to discuss what I see at Twin Lakes, make a couple points and listen. Now I’m at Twin Lakes joined by @Weams and justD so time to watch some O’s. Be back soon 2:45pm Update- The roster is now different and includes the names of everyone in the organization. However there was only a few players outside doing work and the ‘early camp’ players mostly gone or left early. However we watched starter lefty Alexander Wells show some stuff vs the catchers group in a live setting. @weams and I go back and forth on Wells and it was good to watch him a little. He was working inside half to righties and he hit his spot several times dropping breaking balls in with some precision and causing high foul balls and little other contact. The arms race isn’t just being run at the MLB level so the minor leagues bring in free agents and try out guys and we watched a sinkerballer from the Toronto system named Danny Barnes and he had the low stuff working well. When he went high with a rising fastball, he shocked the hitters into a swinging strike and a late foul pop as a pair of different catchers, Chris Burgess and Harris Yett left frustrated. My notes say that Barnes pitches drop slightly but obviously before a ‘sail’ action away from righties barrel zone. There’s so many more names to know but now maybe I can link Daniel Barnes and low. His number is high, 68-that won’t help. In came broad shouldered righty relief option Jay Flaa to face 3 catchers. He threw some heat and didn’t move it but located it and got one bad swinging strikeout. Lefty Brian Gonzalez finished up the session and he was middle of the road with his work throwing at least two that hit an inside/high slot. He gave up a hit, ended on a k and then took a rest as he was barely warmed up. The grounds crew packed up the field and the Orioles took their bags inside. Some items of note today other than the huge group on paper was the fact that the music had changed and I noticed some upbeat Latin/Caribbean selections mixed in with the country. Also somebody dropped in some Pearl Jam. @justD recognized some Led Zeppelin Cashmere so it’s apparent that the soundtrack has been updated. Appropriately enough, the earliest group stretching this am was all Latin American players-about 8-10 new faces for me. I recognized GCL corner/OF Davis Tavarez the second he turned around. He has a happy, hoppy baseball demeanor and talks a lot. Last year he batted .314 in 86 AB with 16 strikeouts, 11BB 6SBs and 2HR. Tavarez is righty and most of his plate appearances were as a 4-hitter where he hit .255 so he comes to camp like lots of others with work to do. Exciting. There were a handful or two of guys on the bullpen mounds staying with their regular work or showing their stuff to coaches and analysts. We got to turn from the bleachers and see Ok St Cowboys Jake Lyons and Jensen Elliott next to each other in orange 53 jerseys. @weams got to see some players for the first time or the first time in a while and we attempted to hustle together some teamwork of our own to figure out a few faces. An educational environment for all of us. Tomorrow I’ll be back out hoping for more action so I’ll let you know what I see and also what I write or film.
  24. That In this brief showing he was having solid down action and maybe the sail was his slider. It seemed like the best tool in his arsenal was setting guys eye level down and having them unprepared for rising stuff. If the Orioles are fortunate, maybe he found that out pitch, so perhaps Chris Holt and company can prepare him for situational usage. Maybe a specialist with this role (he went vs all RHB)
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