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  1. Good morning from Sarasota. I’m eager to get back to minor league camp but stuck in traffic on the highway on the way. The same thing happened last week. Last night, leaving the stadium I bumped into a guy I’ve been calling since 1987, begging the O’s to trade for Ruben Sierra-broadcaster Stan the Fan. We’ve been trying to meet but I’m at Twin Lakes and he’s at the O’s so he said let’s go to dinner in an hour. So on to eat with some media giants from then and now including Peter Schmuck, Ron Matz and new O’s voice Scott Garceau. After a short prayer and well wishes for Trey Mancini, we reminisced and began talking Birds. Wow do these guys have some stories! All of us with our own perspectives are eager for Orioles success. I got to discuss what I see at Twin Lakes, make a couple points and listen. Now I’m at Twin Lakes joined by @Weams and justD so time to watch some O’s. Be back soon 2:45pm Update- The roster is now different and includes the names of everyone in the organization. However there was only a few players outside doing work and the ‘early camp’ players mostly gone or left early. However we watched starter lefty Alexander Wells show some stuff vs the catchers group in a live setting. @weams and I go back and forth on Wells and it was good to watch him a little. He was working inside half to righties and he hit his spot several times dropping breaking balls in with some precision and causing high foul balls and little other contact. The arms race isn’t just being run at the MLB level so the minor leagues bring in free agents and try out guys and we watched a sinkerballer from the Toronto system named Danny Barnes and he had the low stuff working well. When he went high with a rising fastball, he shocked the hitters into a swinging strike and a late foul pop as a pair of different catchers, Chris Burgess and Harris Yett left frustrated. My notes say that Barnes pitches drop slightly but obviously before a ‘sail’ action away from righties barrel zone. There’s so many more names to know but now maybe I can link Daniel Barnes and low. His number is high, 68-that won’t help. In came broad shouldered righty relief option Jay Flaa to face 3 catchers. He threw some heat and didn’t move it but located it and got one bad swinging strikeout. Lefty Brian Gonzalez finished up the session and he was middle of the road with his work throwing at least two that hit an inside/high slot. He gave up a hit, ended on a k and then took a rest as he was barely warmed up. The grounds crew packed up the field and the Orioles took their bags inside. Some items of note today other than the huge group on paper was the fact that the music had changed and I noticed some upbeat Latin/Caribbean selections mixed in with the country. Also somebody dropped in some Pearl Jam. @justD recognized some Led Zeppelin Kashmir so it’s apparent that the soundtrack has been updated. Appropriately enough, the earliest group stretching this am was all Latin American players-about 8-10 new faces for me. I recognized GCL corner/OF Davis Tavarez the second he turned around. He has a happy, hoppy baseball demeanor and talks a lot. Last year he batted .314 in 86 AB with 16 strikeouts, 11BB 6SBs and 2HR. Tavarez is righty and most of his plate appearances were as a 4-hitter where he hit .255 so he comes to camp like lots of others with work to do. Exciting. There were a handful or two of guys on the bullpen mounds staying with their regular work or showing their stuff to coaches and analysts. We got to turn from the bleachers and see Ok St Cowboys Jake Lyons and Jensen Elliott next to each other in orange 53 jerseys. @weams got to see some players for the first time or the first time in a while and we attempted to hustle together some teamwork of our own to figure out a few faces. An educational environment for all of us. Tomorrow I’ll be back out hoping for more action so I’ll let you know what I see and also what I write or film.
  2. Good morning from Sarasota. I’m eager to get back if minor league camp but stuck in traffic on the highway on the way. The same thing happened last week. Last night, leaving the stadium I bumped into a guy I’ve been calling since 1987, begging the O’s to trade for Ruben Sierra-broadcaster Stan the Fan. We’ve been trying to meet but I’m at Twin Lakes and he’s at the O’s so he said let’s go to dinner in an hour. So on to eat with some media giants from then and now including Peter Schmuck, Ron Matz and new O’s voice Scott Garceau. After a short prayer and well wishes for Trey Mancini, we reminisced and began talking Birds. Wow do these guys have some stories! All of us with our own perspectives are eager for Orioles success. I got to discuss what I see at Twin Lakes, make a couple points and listen. Now I’m at Twin Lakes joined by @Weams and justD so time to watch some O’s. Be back soon
  3. Janvrin is now 1-1 in MLB stolen bases taking his first in a spring training game off a good defensive catcher, TB’s Michael Perez who nailed 33% of base stealers in 2018 and 2019. Mase on base will be a problem once he gets to first. Congrats on steal number one. I hope the O’s fans I told about this guy are ready for an big season. He’s highly focused on improvement every day.
  4. I don’t have a conductor‘s hat, I have an iPhone pointed at the fields. Choo choo!
  5. I appreciate that. It’s not me, it’s him. If you came and watched him play and noted his improvement from months ago, you’d see the same things. There’s no debating he’s a special athlete. I’m proud to let you know, but it’s his skills much much more than my words. There are ups and downs ahead of him, no doubt. If he seizes the future I see ahead of him, O’s fans at the very least will have a good player with a baseball name to root for. I estimate there will be more. The videos I get are meant to help you make your own evaluations. This minor league season will be so much fun I don’t even know how I’m going to concentrate on the big club.
  6. Good morning from Sarasota. I got a late start to this Sunday and am not going to the minor league complex today. It’s a check in day for the remainder of the offensive players and by this afternoon the whole organization will be together. By tomorrow, they’ll be just about through with intakes, physicals and meetings. Plus today is O’s/Yanks right around the corner from my house. I’ll be at Ed Smith stadium soon and it should be crowded with ‘longtime baseball fans’ including a few friends I haven’t seen in a while so I’ll let you know what and who I see. 2:00pm Update- Chris Davis is up now and I’ve been in the house for about an hour. He walked. In my hour I’ve met a nice couple who taught me how to keep score. I’ve never known but in the second inning, Anthony Santander grounded out and she wrote a 4-3. Also I saw Yanks prospect outfielder Estevan Florial hit an RBI double off Kohl Stewart. I’ve always liked Florial. Later, Richie Martin had a double play gifted to him standing at second on a perfect assist from Núñez at third. Martin took his foot off of the bag early and my mind took a nano-second to revert back to Twin Lakes and the first drill I saw with the infielders and coaches about foot placement. Martin can learn on the job too and his game will be raised by a coach at Norfolk or by watching José Iglesias daily in an O’s uniform. Slight migraine. Martin was involved again as Dwight Smith had a runner pegged at second perhaps but his throw was more than a foot high, Martin jumped and no play. Back to the game. 5:45pm Update- I watched the game and it included some great bullpen work as Hunter Harvey started the good before even harder throwing Tanner Scott finished it off to the tune of 101mph. Mixing in Bleier, Armstrong and Sulser showed their experience against the Yankees B squad allowing only one base runner as a group. The highlight for me was outfield prospect Kyle Stowers batting in the 9th with a chance to win the game after a Stevie Wilkerson walk. Unfortunately he didn’t maximize the chances he had during the at-bat and my seat mate @Weams highlighted that he guessed wrong on a slow curve that broke into his hot zone as he stayed standing for strike 3. Another opportunity to learn. And just like Kyle, I’ll be there tomorrow as the entire minor league group is assembled and on campus.
  7. I looked him up on baseballreference.com earlier and you’re right on both counts. He knew some of the lifetime totals and had let me know upon meeting him. All player. Miller is an intelligent baseball mind to pick and another perspective to learn more baseball info from. He compares eras seamlessly but doesn’t knock the new style of the game. It seems like he truly loves the sport and teaching it is his favorite part.
  8. I’m glad I asked. Now we have our answer at least for Jannis.
  9. I respect your optimism. You laid out more than a few ‘ifs’. I’d hope that you’re wrong on all of them and the priority is higher picks in the near term. The talent level is pointed upward and as much as I was really surprised by Rucker and Bailey being shown out, I can understand the rationale. It’s probably not because any position to contend is expected sooner. The rebuild still has to start from the bottom. Flexibility and being realistic aren’t just buzzwords with this new regime, they are keystones. Bailey and Rucker being difference makers in that near term is not realistic. Elias used the word ‘slog’ to describe the outlook for 2020 pitching so if they could a)help and b)be maneuvered than they’d probably have stuck. One out of those two proved to not be enough. I hesitate to call this tanking because it’s not that. Any objective other than high picks in the near term (next two seasons)would be a mistake. Staying the course and prioritizing talent at each and every level could have much better results for a slightly sustained period.
  10. It’s brisk and sunny this morning at the Minor League complex and the neon green Nanday Parakeets are circling the fields. There are pitchers on the exercise bike and ball and players exiting to start their day around 9:30. It will warm up but I see some guys sorry they’re wearing short sleeves right about now. I’ll be around trying to take notes and get video for you guys but I do have a radio interview on Pressbox Live at 11:11. I’ll be back soon 5:30pm Update- Sorry for the long delay, there was some significant stuff going on until late in the afternoon and I stayed as long as I could. Today was a day with a few fans and a few more players/staff present too. One pitcher went on a mound to get his work in this morning, starter Brenan Hanifee. He faced the catchers group and there was no contact to be had. One foul tip resulted in one sore right palm. That was it as Hanifee had his ‘wiffle ball stuff’ with a little slider working but a change up that hit the plate’s back edge more than it hit a bat. Good sign. Other arms had a bullpen session and I got some video to review and post. Mickey Jannis’ uncle Nick was there and I talked to him about Mickey’s arsenal and recent history. I always wondered about knucklers and if they fatigue differently. Nick confirmed that I was right and Mickey starts to get tired at 90 pitches and can go much longer if he’s on. Mickey tossed the ball to his nephew who can throw 50 as a 9year old lefty and I went to watch defense. On the way in I saw infield coach Tim DeJohn alone with infielder Darell Hernaiz doing some defensive footwork so I asked what was I seeing. Coach told me that Hernaiz fields ‘too narrow’ on occasion and a wider base will enable Darell to speed up the fielding process and eliminate any possibility of posture mistakes. Seeing this, and learning about it so I can tell you is exactly why I’m doing this. I love this stuff and being a witness to the process of baseball education. Not every baseball guy is thrilled by this but I am. Coach DJ gets pumped up from the teaching too. Fans are going to like him. Over my shoulder I see the offense coming back on the field and Head of Player Development Matt Blood was taking the idea of being hands on a little further. Blood was at the front of one of the lines doing stretches and leg warm ups and it makes sense that he needs to be limber, he is the best qb in camp and that’s saying something. There are some throwers but he shows them all that accuracy counts. Then out of this they started baserunning drills. I’ll let you know when he stops improving. I did not get a shot of Zach Watson running but he has a quicker than fast first few steps and honestly gets to a speed where it’s almost like he’s on a skateboard. Outfielder Robert Neustrom and catcher Maverick Handley also really accelerate down the third base line. Next was an outfield to the plate relay drill where the infielders get to catch, turn and fire a throw to home. A thrilling play in real life and a great play to watch in practice too. So far infielder Joey Ortiz has been the best. Hernaiz caught one in short center, turned and hit the mitt with a one-bounce rocket that brought out a ‘dang Darell’ from an instructor. Today however the champ was Gunnar, his didn’t hit the ground once. After that it was Baysox infielder Willy Yahn who does something good every day and Toby Welk. Welk went from one bad throw to 3-4 absolute missles plateward. Coaching and taking to coaching. Welk also got a sales pitch walking right into the batting cage which was out of place for me. He was ok with it. To end my day at camp, I had another chance to talk to pitching consultant and former MLB reliever Dyar Miller again. We talked pitches, broadcasters and old St Louis Cardinals. This guy is helping the pitchers review grips and film but still is more than happy to talk Musial and Bob Gibson with someone not lucky enough to have seen them. Miller has been part of 12 organizations and swears by Tony LaRussa as a baseball mind. Being around his level of baseball brilliance is a privilege and anyone can learn things from just one chat. I recommend it.
  11. I don’t know this....it sounds like something I would have had!
  12. It’s definitely a priority for the season so I’ll be sure to let everybody know. That sounds like a good idea and something to look forward to, thanks.
  13. With this system and the 2020 season these teams could have I think it’s a great idea for fans. The whole organization is laid out in Maryland and Virginia. Most people are jealous of Floridians because our climate but for Birdwatchers being local pays off that way.
  14. Thanks for the support. It’s been fun and educational. This is my first time here at all this year. I’ve never been to minor league camp so I have more in common with some of the new coaches than the players. The coaches the O’s hire are now younger than me, I’m 41 so that’s also an indicator of their growth mentality. Last year I started with the GCL. This year the plan is to do the same and have an eye on extended spring training and then most every minor league game on video from FL. I actually hope to travel up the coast if possible during the season and maybe do an affiliate tour or see a couple teams on the road-to see how the stuff they started here or earlier is showing through in tough competition as I’m confident that there will be lots of elements worth pointing out once things get started. I look forward to watching as cleanup hitting Andrew Daschbach and his selective swing do a series to a nice 5-8 with 6 RBI and a sweep and I get to tell you about it.
  15. Just found out for you. Not yet, they’ll be coming to fill out the GCL roster in early April. They’ve notified the players, fans will know close to but probably after they arrive. I’ll do my best to find out more for you as we get closer. It is in the plans for this season to move Dominican league talent stateside.
  16. Good morning from Sarasota. It’s cloudy, chilly and I’m wearing a hooded sweatshirt to start the morning. There’s a large group of pitchers out stretching, I’ve counted 25 and they’re all new faces. I see reliever Johnathan Pendergast who I celebrated the GCL clinching win with back in July. I think his dad was happier and gave me a high five that still stings. I see Adam Stauffer-he looks thicker with muscle a little bit. I see a few guys that I recognize and know by stats but can’t place the name to them. Give me a day of watching. Most of the early camp group I’ve been watching isn’t even here today, I can tell by the cars in the lot. There’s more catchers to check out too. I’m going to make my way around and see what I can see. Be back soon. 12:00 pm Update- I’ve waited over half a year to see reliever Nick Roth throw and today my wait is over. He’s here along with a bunch of new hurlers. I’m taking pictures and trying to memorize guys as they warm up and go to fielding practice. I see tall righty Morgan McSweeney, taller righty Dallas Lichter, tallest righty Leandro Rodriguez. Lefty fire baller Dalton Stambaugh is here with his heat. Low working lefty Zach Matson on the end of the bullpen mounds along with righties Shelton Perkins, Hector Guance and dozens more. The early camp’s position players checked in about an hour ago around 11 and have normal work in the afternoon. The coaches and some developmental staff are all out watching the new guys move and there’s plenty of smiles early on as ball players hop back into their routine. It feels like a beginning. 5:00pmUpdate- There was an afternoon session with both old and just checked in guys mixed together. A lot of minor league ball players, coaches and instructors are here and the rest of the offense arrives next week. There are also quite a few fans and the mood is relaxed but now aimed towards a goal as they finalize their organizational group in Sarasota. A lot of pitchers did long toss, a handful of them hit the mounds afterwards and at that point my pen ran out of ink. So my notes are minimal. Again there were people who had no clue about who any of the players in front of them were. I told a guy why he needs to follow and support Brenan Hanifee and Toby Welk. I told another family that their son could learn from watching Willy Yahn and Cadyn Grenier. That looks like it’ll be an everyday thing. After the mounds there was a exit velocity contest intertwined with a one-pitch BP home run contest. If you like sports at all, watching these will give you your fix. The winners were both JCE’s. Young Cornerman Jean Carlos Encarnacion won to left field and his uppercut is helping him lots. Slightly older Lefty corner JC Escarra won to right field and the cheers were loud enough that they interrupted Warrant’s Sweet Cherry Pie. .At some point, I will have a discussion with the DJ. Brett Cumberland May have hit them to right faster but not farther than big Escarra who likes the 💪🏼 emoji and pose. The catchers then went to another field and that group swelled by about 5-7. They were back to the flat palm mitt to bring the bal up to their chest quickly and softly. They also affixed a timer to the glove to time themselves. Serious faces and focus under baseball caps is slowly starting to replace the eager smiles and relaxed postures of 2 weeks ago. The climb upward is starting in earnest and I see small elements of competition. Players are in a good mood though and I sense it’s because baseball isn’t just their life, it’s their job and now they get to show his well they do it. After not working for over a year I can understand that desire. Starter Josh Rogers and I talked about the baseballs on a paved path between fields. I told him I feel bad throwing them back in the bucket for them to use because they’re dented or scuffed or damp. He acknowledged but said clean, brand new baseballs are actually worse and much harder to grip. The hitters get a little advantage with the camp balls (mostly recycled from 2019 MLB Spring Training, NY-Penn League 2019 or MLB ‘Practice’ balls) but he said ‘if a guy pops one of these out, he’s a strong hitter’. Also Grayson Rodriguez was ready to chat as he clipped his resistance band in right in front of me. He said he’s ready to start ‘real baseball stuff’ and ‘make some noise’. Ok. He seems like a guy who’s prepped for the season. Toby Welk helped me figure out a couple of faces and pointed to outfielder Doran Turchin. ‘And the one who looks like Trout, that’s Turch’. He does look strikingly like the Angels number 27 in person. I took pictures of players and will match up tonight online. I have a feeling that the direction they’re moving as a group will become more clear as the days go. However, I also have a feeling that it’s toward success. It will be a little while before the guys in front of me are ready for major league competition (not you Michael Baumann) but they’re nearing ready for minor league level improvement. That’s getting the Orioles closer. I’m here (in Sarasota) to tell you and film for you the steps taken in that process and this ‘gathering’ isn’t a big one but it’s a milestone marker. There’s a few stars, a couple of regulars a bust or two and an out-of-nowhere stud who nobody has ever thought of in this group. The time to fill those roles is coming and the talent will help it happen. To me that is so much progress already. But it also leaves even more room to get to first in the East, then the AL and eventually the sport. If it starts at then I’m there at that bottom and you should be too, hungry to follow the stories and success much more than the stats as they climb levels. Tomorrow morning I’ll be on Stan the Fan’s Saturday radio show in the 10am hour. To shock you all I’ll be talking about the Hangout and also the minor league system and what I’ve seen. If you’re awake and available give a listen in to my old buddy who I used to call after 1980’s O’s games and maybe learn a new guy or two. Here’s some clips of the action in front of me today:
  17. I haven’t seen him yet. Today’s pitchers out to stretch were a much bigger group. Maybe they’ll have a new roster when guys are all checked in by next week with updates like that.
  18. Thanks. I’m glad to be in their environment and watch the steps that lead to bigger steps.
  19. Yep. I think most of the guys know what I’m trying to report on and they’re ok with me being there. It’s to express how much hunger and optimism there is, I see plenty. The players and staff have a work environment going on and progress is being made. I’m happy to not interrupt and have a front row seat and just as glad to share it with Hangout readers.
  20. I started wondering that today as I sat in traffic for the first time since moving to Sarasota in 2015. Is it taking me 90 minutes to drive 7 miles because of a crazy case of a virus? It was an accident but it made me think about the physical contact and potential for infection. I haven’t seen anything that would indicate that’s a concern. I have seen lots of hugs, high-fives and handshakes as teammates are reunited. I’m confident that the athletic and training staff and the medical team has a plan for such a large group working together. Quite a quick change from one of Hyde’s first pressers where he said through his own coughs that if a guy is sick we’re sending him home.
  21. Thanks. They’ve been great and everybody there is hungry for more including me. This group is making my job enjoyable and validating why I wanted to do it. Good set of circumstances...
  22. No, thank you for getting me warmed up before I get to camp. Good problem to have as far as the infield overload?
  23. I’ve been told that today is a different schedule than normal at the team’s complex at Twin Lakes. The morning session is for recently checked in pitchers and catchers to meet staff, get physicals and go over their coming season. There is a half day (am session) for the early camp guys and they’ll be back for fieldwork around 1. I’ll be there around then and maybe can squeeze in enough to see to go to the O’s game on the way home. The organization has been so overwhelmingly open-they tell me things like this so I don’t drive out to see nothing. The access and information is out of this world, but we work together and they would rather me not waste my time. If that’s not an indicator of a new way of doing business then maybe you need to examine previous media policies and relationships. It is hot here today, already approaching 80 before 10am so it’s definitely baseball weather in Sarasota. I’ll have a report with stuff in it sometime this afternoon but just finished a response to Frobby as far as who is ranked too high/too low overall in the system. Preview-I mention Gunnar. 5:00pmUpdate- Today was definitely light work but there were drills and even some media there to see the guys including new MASN broadcaster Melanie Newman. I met a pair of guys who do a podcast and they seemed curious so they got the executive tour and some player info. It’s my job to let people know about the progress in the O’s system but these guys knew a bit already and have talked to player development head Matt Blood and came away impressed. I filled in some gaps, complained about how much country music I now know and we got to watch some weighted ball BP and a guy or two on a mound including knuckleballer Mickey Jannis-this time I know it’s him. The new group of pitchers/catchers is extensive and now it’s back to square one for me as far as ID’ing them. I asked a coach for assistance, he asked me for the same help and I told him I’ll let him know when I learn. Lots and lots of newness. The group is bigger and tomorrow they’ll be together on the field doing more baseball activities. Another coach told me to look forward to extensive defensive drills then, but not today. Now I can tell you some more about the podcaster, his name is Joe and his partner was a younger guy, Ryan. Joe is a Yankees supporter and seemed like someone who didn’t hate the O’s but respects the changes and sees them from a non-Orange and Black perspective. Definitely an educated baseball guy and knew his stuff. Sometime soon they’ll have me on and I can tell more people about the positive changes in the minor leagues. Until then, check out the Balancing Sports Podcast, @BalancingP on Twitter. I will always be happy to share what I think with any fan of any team but one thing that I actually mentioned above rang even truer after talking with them. They had tried to contact several teams in FL about doing a camp tour and they got one response that basically said ‘Come on down and check us out-majors and minors’. It was from the Orioles. Out of all the things we can measure and evaluate, openness and availability has not been a hallmark of this organization. That’s long-standing but it’s also seemingly over. Joe and Ryan are an example and the O’s have something they’d like to show off. Why not?
  24. Thanks for the compliment and the assignment. This is a good question. First glance, Welk at 30 seems a rank too low. There’s lots of times you watch him and think about how close he is and other times where you are reminded that he’s not but the good outweighs the bad. He feels like a cornerman in the field and isn’t a perfect athlete there but his contact and power make him a player more than his glove skills. When he gets it and drives it, Welk can ding cars in the parking lot with a good uppercut. He’s also in the middle of a physical transformation where he’s converting weight with stronger muscle. I’m optimistic but feel even stronger that he’ll outperform a rank like that. Same exact feelings for Joey Ortiz, not ranked by consensus. Bat speed, a cannon of an arm and accuracy to mix in with good overall ability on the field. His mistake count is very low and I’d bet he has some good offensive streaks that give him clean counting stats at the end. I’d speculatively start him higher than most and let him sink or swim through April. But unranked is too low for someone with his baseball ability. That’s obvious. Really, my list of future O’s STARTS with Gunnar so him at anything below 5 is way off. Every single thing I see screams starter and more. He’s so young but shows so many positives and is a special prospect capable of being an even more decorated big leaguer. I’m all in. All. Ive been on Baumanm since marked improvement in 2017 and I have no reason to doubt myself now. In fact, watching him go about his business, I’d put him in the class of Hall and Grayson not because of stuff on their level (not too far off) but because he was good, became much better and is nearing readiness. Your list has him at 7 with a 13,9 and 7. For me he’s fringe top 5 so not drastic. Rom at 14 is a shade off but nobody having him near a top 10 is more then a shade off. Rankers of Rom, talk to me after 2020 and Frobby you deserve some credit for being on the train early. I’m sorry but the things I like about Hays are not the things that raise prospect profiles and I continue to be surprised at what folks seem to see in him. Outfield ‘go get it’ skills can only make a player good at defense, not offense and I’m not optimistic. If a part of my brain thought his health/playing style would lend him to making 550 PA’s each season maybe I’d be ok with him as high as 5(!) But I don’t, and a single digit next to him is not accurate. I’ll take someone else’s upside over him. Like most of these ranked too high picks, I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see him have a great season or few atop the batting order and running down flies downtown. Pop is 23, that’s high to me too considering I haven’t seen him and he may not be healthy. Fangraphs has Alex Wells at 24 and that’s probably too low, but the consensus has him at 13, in my mind too high. I like him a lot but his skill set will be challenged, he’ll have to respond and even if that goes according to plan he may be a low walk guy and not much else. The new AAA baseballs he’ll be pitching to contact with won’t help. As far as Sedlock he won’t be on my top 30 either and it says less about him and more about other players in the system with more upside . His story is awesome and his stuff is far from awful post injury but other players have more intrigue to me and I’m more curious about their futures. Finally it’s a question of readiness vs potential when I look at early camp attendees Hernaiz (16 consensus) and Stowers (18). I see a good future for both guys and good players emerging down the road but it could be a bit. They have both shown well at camp and impressed me, but could other guys ranked behind them help the organization significantly, and sooner? I say yes so maybe, maybe switch them with a pair of early 20’s guys such as Bannon-who has demonstrated plenty to me, especially pop abs perhaps Zimm or McKenna who could do good things in orange and black sooner. Now I’m grasping a bit so I hope I have laid out a decent reply for you. Im trying to see every single item at camp so call it scouting, observing, speculating....whatever. But the one takeaway is hunger mixed with better overall players than previous groups. Overall that’s such a positive change that it’s hard to see how drastic it is without showing up every single day and seeing it. Gunnar is my number one O’s prospect and has been for a bit. Says nothing about Adley who is a flat out stud and only in need of big-league like experience. Or the pitchers who I see as rotation leading aces. But he’s a show and his skills are louder than a heavy metal concert. Just impossible to not see. I wish everyone could watch everyday-I’m trying my best to go through my phone, find the ideal videos to convey it and let you evaluate. Good question!
  25. There are reasons to be both excited and optimistic about Drew. When you watch him go about his business and look at his stuff you feel good. Then look at his youth and you feel that much better. He does have stuff that bears in on lefties with get-up and that’s just a part of the package. I have confidence he’ll be building off performances like Kannapolis this season and makes his name known more in 2020.
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