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  1. -Point 1- That's what I was getting at when I said I am just waiting for him to get looped into the podcast in a not so pleasant light. -Point 2- Noted that in the OP. Just thought this was an interesting podcast...didn't mean to offend the people with Orioles blinders on by implying he knows more than "nothing" "not involved with mlb team"
  2. I don't think we are. But, I also believe it's very naive and short sighted to say "he doesn't know anything" and "wasn't involved" without knowing. All of the front office personnel sitting in the same suite in 2017 and no one said a word? Sure.
  3. What you care for and what actually could have happened are two entirely different things as well. Neither of us know, nor will ever know. Reiter had more access to that FO than we ever will. If anyone knows anything, I'd go with him. But, moving on.....
  4. I don't wish to tar him. I support Elias. Just a simple statement that "I'm waiting for information on Elias to come up", is not saying " I hope Elias is dragged into this". Two very different statements.
  5. Episode 3 was released today. 2018 interview with Beltran and Utley. Is it bad I am waiting for the cringeworthy information that Elias was deeply involved? I still find it fascinating that someone that close to the GM walked away scot-free
  6. I don't typically like beating a dead horse with the Orioles to Astros comparison, but Reiter goes in depth and behind the scenes on the aftermath of the cheating scandal. Interviews with Mike Bolsinger (suing the Astros), Mike Trembley, and Mike Lunhow himself just through the first two episodes. Couple of interesting tidbits I've hear thus far include: -Lunhow hired Seattle's advanced scouting director in 2012 and the first thing he told Trembley was that he has all of their signs from the year prior. (This was and probably still is a league wide issue) -Lunhow continued to draft players no one thought fit the pick. (Like many question here) -Lunhow was upset at Reiter for saying the Astros would win the World Series in 2017 on the cover of SI, a full two years prior to when the Astros front office had circled for themselves. That's 8 years after they took over. Let that sink in, if we are on a similar timeline. See you soon 2026. I could go on and on, but no need for me to do that, just go take a listen for yourselves. It's a good follow up to Astroball and greater insight of the behind the scenes action of their FO.
  7. Diaz should already be in the majors, right @Can_of_corn ? ☺️
  8. I agree. Multiple friends and myself believe he sounds a tad like Joe Buck, which I enjoy, because it makes me feel like important baseball is being played, which it typically hasn't.
  9. Not sure if this has been tagged anywhere else, but thought this was pretty cool. Didn't know RoFlo was pushing the O's so hard on MLB Network. Credit to the O's Social Media and Marketing Team for picking this up and running with it.
  10. Welp, Garcia was their #1 prospect up until this year when they signed Dominguez. So, I'd pencil that one in as a loss.
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