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  1. I know this is tongue and cheek, but Curacao has produced some pretty talented players.
  2. What makes you believe over the course of 162 games, he can actually stay healthy to see if there are positive results? That's my question. Second, Means went to Driveline last year around this time and saw his ERA, FIP, and HR/9 (doubled 2019) all rise. Although there was a slight positive trend in H/9, BB/9 and SO/9 for whatever that is worth.
  3. I thought I was the only one that (liked) got them!
  4. Should he be cut? Sure. Would he be working at a car dealership after making 102 million to date, and have earned 178 million after 2037? Doubt it.
  5. In today's rematch from fall of 2019, we have @Sports Guy vs @DirtyBird. Ready, FIGHT!
  6. I’m not disagreeing. The rhetoric gets old when it’s all you read in every thread. Example: Orioles trade for player X player X makes 750,000 player y makes 751,000 is DFA’d OWNERSHIP IS CHEAP. THEY’RE CUTTING PAYROLL.
  7. Literally can't go to a thread without a fight between @Sports Guy vs TBAL. It's great. And every thread turns into about the mistrust of ownership and lack of funds! I LOVE IT In this thread, money spent is an obvious talking point. But not others.
  8. No, but saying you're waiting for them to open the books is silly. Both you and I know that will never happen.
  9. Looks like you'll never give them any benefit of the doubt then. Open the books just to please posters on Orioles Hangout? Nope
  10. Agreed with most of your points. Another huge component of OUR rebuild, was re-entering (not sure if we were ever there or not) the international FA market. This will have a great impact on our long term success and developing the young talent that will take years to reap the rewards. I would say that put us a bit more behind, than your standard rebuild from the ground up.
  11. Perhaps he wants to analyze the different types of turf at opposing stadiums? Or is that more vegetation management?
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