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  1. I like Tork too, but what you have outlined are Mark Trumbo's 162 game avg. And people were upset at his 3yr-37.5 mil contract. So, if that is the player I am getting with defensive limitations, hard pass.
  2. I agree. I really like Lacy here. The consistency and K/BB ratio are elite, as well as the HR/9.
  3. I think if you're going into this draft knowing you're drafting a bat first prospect, you hope and pray Torkelson is there at #2. Just my opinion.
  4. Other cool spots in Boston. Wife and myself stopped in Game On prior to the game. Place has plexiglass allowing you to watch BP in the tunnel.
  5. Never trust the internet! Damnit
  6. -I just did the same youtube search. There are a total of 11 videos from 4-11 years old. -Same
  7. I've been to many games at Fenway and can't recall a wave, ever.
  8. Agreed. The wave is for fans whose team is terrible and non entertaining.
  9. Why? There hard work and dedication to their craft, took them to a level that allows them to earn what they do in that competitive market. That's like saying, "I've worked my ass off through college and post grad, but shouldn't make anymore than a teacher because that's not fair". Let me first start this by saying, teachers are great. Are teachers underpaid? Maybe. Lets say they make 45k avg per year. They work roughly 2/3 of the year. 45k prorated for the 2/3 is almost 67k for those working months. Choosing a low paying profession is a choice. I was in law enforcement prior to my current position. Was I underpaid for the position? Yes. But, I didn't perform my job for the money. I did it to help people and the community. I assume that is why people become teachers too. These guys were blessed with a special talent and someone is willing to pay them 30 million dollars a year. Would you say no?
  10. I couldn't disagree more. In none of the scenarios listed above, you have handicapped the opposing team by a rule change. Adding a runner to second base immediately changes the game. Do people immediately lose interest in a baseball game after the ninth inning? Do people stop watching a college basketball game after the 40th minute if the score is tied? In my opinion, no. If anything, the stakes become higher because any play could now make or break the final result.
  11. Extra inning changes? I can't think of one thing I would change about extra innings baseball.
  12. There is! MLB and MLPA oficially begin discussions about beginning play sometime in July. But, I am sure this will all go full circle and end up in a COVID-19 argument again.
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