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  1. Wieters is the reason I comes before E
  2. Is the rum black and then spiced? Or, spiced with black spices?
  3. It appears @now has been drinking too much of this Kraken.
  4. By in game power, do you mean a drag bunt down the first base line that goes 65' versus a push bunt down the third base line that goes 40'?
  5. Even this reads "hey, we see some damage. Don't use your arm for a couple months and we'll see how it goes." That bodes far better for a guy trying to make it to the big leagues, than having precautionary surgery for his partially torn UCL, when he was starting to make a bit of a name for himself.
  6. What do you want him to say? He's 25 y/o trying to make a MLB roster for the first time in his career. A significant arm injury doesn't bode well for his future, seeing he'd be 27 after a full lost year due to rehab.
  7. This is a pretty widely used phrase. Where you are in your delivery when separating from the glove. Sitting back and driving. Where you are when the plan foot lands. Where your upper half and arm are, at release point. Many things go into being "on time".
  8. Per 2018 pricing, you were able to get a 12oz domestic draft for $4 at OPACY. If you were to drink 20 of these 12oz drafts (impressive), you're talking $80. This equates to $2/HR. Federal minimum wage is $7.25 and Maryland $10.10. Something doesn't add up.
  9. Like the Jimmy's Famous Seafood Stand, Nats Park just got?
  10. Don't think this is true. I have signed up through Harford County as a Pre-Registered for 1C (Bottom of the list as I am 31 with no health conditions). Latest I have received through the county is they are currently expecting those 65-74 in 1B to receive their first vaccine 6 weeks at the soonest and possibly in upwards of 13 weeks. They also put a hypothetical of "increased shipments" reducing the timeframe. Even then, 1C pre-registered people will not begin receiving notification for scheduling until late march. I wish you were right. But, I think it is wishful thinking. When Will I Be Chosen? Harford County has 17,000 people age 75+ and 24,000 age 65-74. Limited vaccine supplies are why only 9% of Harford Countians have received a vaccine as of February 1st. Things will speed up when the drug companies and federal government speed up delivery. · Worst case: If things do not speed up then the average 75+ year old will wait 6 weeks and the longest wait for a 75+year-old to get a first dose will be 13 weeks. · More likely: Shipments are expected to increase so that each week the supply increases by 10%. In that case, the longest wait for a 75+ year old to get a first dose will be 8 weeks and the average would be 4 weeks. In this case, group 1C would start to see invitations in late March.
  11. But what about Chris Davis?
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