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  1. I was looking at it from a per game projection. 12 is 1/5 of 60. 2 Hr projects out to 10 through the course of the year. 2.7 multiplier to get your 162 average.
  2. He's batting .190 with a .250 OBP. Hardly impressive for a guy that would be on pace to hit 27 home runs. Also, he's been often injured. So, a low OBP, 15-20 HR, soon to be 28 year old, no thanks.
  3. You know what they say about Chris when he starts going the other way..... He's heating up!
  4. Even with all of the rule modifications, he does know we're not on 60', 9-10 diamonds, right?
  5. "The orioles have the winning run, just 60 feet away" I like Scott as a radio personality. But, boy is he a blunder machine.
  6. Classy. Serious question. What in your right mind, while posting this, did you think "this is a good thing to post" lol
  7. Wasn't the thought that Gunnar would move to third base if needed, not second?
  8. Need what you are drinking. 17 wins
  9. They still deliver milk to our house in Northern Harford county. Kilby Creamery. Glass bottles and all!
  10. I believe David Hess is the perfect pitcher for the KBO.
  11. Crazy to think how someone like Huff could hit for the cycle just two years prior with such poor running analytics.
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