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  1. Is 2024 really a tough pill to swallow, when I've become so disinterested in what they are doing at the major league level, I don't even check the score? Might just be me, but I am so numb to the product, it couldn't matter less if this team is competitive in 2023 or 2025.
  2. He's the future, ask @Explosivo. All of these prospects are perfect and will fill every need we have! No failures, I am sure.
  3. Worthless bozo? Dude give me a break. Is it his fault the orioles paid him what he wanted? I am no Davis fanboy by any means, but from 2012-2016 he sure was fun to watch (minus is '14 season in which he batted .196 and ops'd just over .700). And, for what its worth, life is bigger than baseball. He donated 3 million dollars to the University of Maryland Children's Hospital. Good turned bad baseball player? Sure. Worthless bozo? far from it. Pound sand.
  4. Looks like he's enjoying not having any sort of training regimen in his life
  5. Used to watch on a nightly basis. Even when we had our first child who is now three. Now, I'd rather watch baby bum than the product that is on the field. I have no interest and have even thought about cancelling direct TV, as MASN is the only reason I subscribe. I don't know where I will stand if/when things turn around. Casual watcher, die hard, who knows. All I know right now is I have better things to spend my time doing.
  6. The takes keep getting worse and worse. When can we get rid of him?
  7. Sorry, forgot the green font
  8. But how will he pitch with a cue ball the rest of the season and no spider tack?
  9. Think we should send him down to Aberdeen to regain his focus?
  10. Pretty sure I saw that it would have hit 3-4 levels up on the warehouse.
  11. are @NelsonCruuuuuz and @Explosivo the same person? Asking for a friend.
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