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  1. To me, this is a BIG risk for Tampa. How many top prospects never met their potential in the majors? For a small market team like us, this deal has the potential to be incredibly smart or can wreck your franchise for the next decade. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  2. I think you have to listen to any offer that comes across the table. Doesn't mean you are actively shopping him, but you also can't turn down a deal that is too good to pass up. If Means brings you back 2 Topp 100 starting pitching prospects that are close to major league ready, and another lottery ticket further down the road, THEN you can have an actual discussion about moving him. Same goes for Mullins and Sulser.
  3. Obviously, based on skill level, we have more room to cut withoutit hurting. Very noticeable that only two of our DFAs got claimed. That said, figured we would hold onto Ellis too
  4. 723 OPS and 1.9 WAR/162. Think he struggles initially, then goes on a tear only to slump again at the end of the season as pitchers make adjustments against him again. All this will make him better in year 2 and beyond.
  5. Did anyone read the blurb on MLB.com that said we were prepared to pay Jud Fabian a 3M signing bonus if he got to us at pick 41, but was taken one slot before us by the Red Sox at 40? Sounds like he is going to go back to Florida. Very interesting to hear about this type of news so far after the draft.
  6. Dodgers going after Danny Duffy per MLB Trade Rumors.
  7. All I know is if I was an OF in our system who was older and/or not producing, I would really be worried about getting released within the month.
  8. I think we should do an Orioles drinking game. Every time we draft an OF, everyone had to do a shot.
  9. I swear to God Elias is scared of taking starting pitching. Pretty soon we are going to have a farm full of outfielders and middle infielders.
  10. Bet there will be a LOT of scouts there on the off chance we move him at the deadline.
  11. I remember one time reading an article that when the Astros were rebuilding, they were king of the "back fields", and were aware of all kinds of young prospects that were way under the radar. Based on the last 3 years of trades, seems like Elias has carried that over (with Perez's help) in asking for this young International signees that are well off the beaten path of coverage.
  12. It would be nice to know we would take whatever savings we get and reinvest it into pitching, but don't think that's going to happen based on how the season is going. Would imagine we get a couple of 18 year old international kids back who Perez liked a year or two ago.
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