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  1. Mountcastle is way better as a hitter than Kjerstad in similar ages and it’s not close. Mountcastle was one of the top hitting prospects out of high school/MVP of Under Armour All American games and dominated way more in HS than Kjerstad. Kjerstad was not rated high out of high school. Mountcastle dominating AAA at the same age Kjerstad was dominating the SEC. No comparison. Also Mountcastle is dominating Major League pitching now and Kjerstad has yet to show he can hit single A pitching. And their ages are not much different. Also go watch both in BP. Mountcastle has way more power. He hits it like 470+ ft in BP and Kjerstad is more like 430+ft. Mountcastle has proven he has been dominant since he was 15 and Kjerstad had 2 great years in college with Aluminum bats.
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